How to Master Linkedin Sales Prospecting?

LinkedIn is the biggest B2B database you can find and allow to easily make contact with any decision maker 📧

There is so much possibilities that it can be hard to know where to start

It’s better to begin with best practices in mind so you don’t waist your first weeks of prospecting doing the basic errors 🤦‍♂️

If you’re looking for LinkedIn sales prospecting tools and tips you can start using to get results from today…

You are in the right place 🎉

Here is everything to know to start your prospecting journey on LinkedIn

5 Best Practices for LinkedIn Sales Prospecting

  1. How to target leads on LinkedIn?
  2. How to write personalized LinkedIn messages?
  3. What are the best LinkedIn Automation Tool?
  4. PRO TIP: Publish Content to increase acceptance rate

Target the right audience

On LinkedIn, you can target people based on two things:

  • Who they are (the information on their profiles)
  • What they do (comments, groups)

1 – Target people based on WHO they ARE

LinkedIn Basic provide a basic set of filters you can search your prospect with, but if you need to be really precise, you must get a LinkedIn Sales Navigator license

(and they don’t pay me to say that 😂)

LinkedIn Basic search won’t let you be really precise.

LinkedIn has absolutely no interest into transforming the basic search engine into a high performing tool because…

They want to buy the premium ⭐

linkedin sales prospecting with sales navigator

They got a monopoly on B2B Data, so we don’t really have the choice actually…

We explain everything in our complete sales navigator tutorial but basically you target people on:

  • job title
  • location
  • keywords in profile
  • industry
  • company size
  • seniority level
  • and many more…

Your mission is to recreate your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with these filters

2. Target people based on WHAT they DO

You don’t need a Sales Navigator to target these people (even if it is easier with it)

You can extract group members with a tool called Phantom Buster

Look for a group with the LinkedIn search engine

search group linkedin

  • Join the group
  • Copy paste the URL into Phantom Buster
  • Launch the extraction

extract group members linkedin

A few minutes later, you get all the group members into a CSV!

Then you can a message to this audience:


I saw that you are also a member of <group_name>. I just joined it because I’m also really interested in <group_subject>

Commenting a Linkedin post is a also a great sign of interest

If you see a post in your niche with a lot of comments, you just need to copy paste the URL and put in Phantom Buster to extract people who commented it

insert linkedin group url

Then you can a message to this audience:


I noticed that you commented the post of <name> about <name. I also follow him I really love his content…

So I guess you’re trying to figure out how to <subject_of_the_post> ?

Attending to a Linkedin event is an explicit sign of interest

You can totally leverage that to break the ice with the attendees!

search for linkedin events

Look in PhantomBuster for the “LinkedIn Event Guests Exporter”, copy-paste your URL and launch the extraction!

PS: You need to click on “Attend” to get access to the list of attendees.

insert linkedin event url

Then you can a message to this audience like:


I noticed that you will attend to <event_name> the <event_date>….

How to write personalized LinkedIn messages?

We’ve just seen that you could break the ice with:

  • groups
  • events
  • comments

Here are some other techniques

1. Insert personalized Images in your LinkedIn messages

I recently discovered a tool called that allow to add personalized messages inside LinkedIn messages

People often react to it in a good way and they appreciate the extra effort put into message.

Plus, they see your face so they know who they are talking to 😎

insert personalized images in linkedIn messages

2. Ask a specific question

Send a message (or a voice message) on something you’ve seen on the news.

For that you can use the Sales Navigator Homepage.

Capture d’écran 2021-07-21 à 11.08.28.png

3. React on a achievement

“Just watched your interview on [Podcast]. Great stuff! Particularly enjoyed [relevant personalization]”

4. Leverage a referral

“[Common connection] suggested we should get in touch. She mentioned your fierce battles with email deliverability and spam filters.

5. React on a post

“Just read your post about [Topic], very inspiring. Could you tell me more about X? I’d love to understand a bit more your strategy”

This is really easy with Sales Navigator because you get alerts every time one of your prospect share a post.

Capture d’écran 2021-07-21 à 11.07.38.png

6. A referral to a conference

“I’ve seen we’ve both attended to the [ConferenceName], what an amazing conference it was! I particularly loved when [your favorite part], I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on this!”

7. A request for feedback to someone who engage on your post

“Thanks for your like on my post about [Topic]. I’d love to hear your thoughts about [Content you published]”

What are the best LinkedIn Automation Tool?

Ok so your LinkedIn Profile is optimized

Your audiences are ready.

Now it’s time to shoot! 🔫

In an ideal world, every message to your prospects would be ultra-personalized.

In the real world though, we have not enough time.

But there’s still a way to reach out to your prospects in a unique way at scale in your LinkedIn prospecting strategy.

And that is: LinkedIn & Email Automation tools

There is plenty of tools out there

I highly recommend LaGrowthMachine.

That’s the tool we use at Evaboot and we absolutely love it.

linkedin automation tool

Here why:

  • The automations run on your computer, not in the cloud. So it is muuuuch less likely to be detected by LinkedIn. This is much safer for your LinkedIn account.
  • You can run multichannel sequences (LinkedIn, email, twitter) that increase reply rate by 32%
  • There is an email finder integrated, so you don’t have to pay another tool to find emails
  • The interface is really intuitive and visual

You can obviously personalized your messages with custom variables:

linkedin custom variables messages

The killer stack we recommend to use to prospect on LinkedIn is this:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Raw data): 64,99$
  • Evaboot (Data extraction, cleaning and filtering): from 19$
  • LaGrowthMachine (Email Finder + Automation): from 95$

That way you can:

  • Build your lead list with Sales Navigator
  • Extract them and clean them with Evaboot
  • User personalized multichannel sequences to contact them with LGM

5. Publish Contents to increase acceptance Rate

If you already know the person sending you an invitation on Linkedin, you are obviously much more likely to accept

That’s why brand & personal awareness can help you increase your acceptance rate on LinkedIn.

For example, every time someone signup to Evaboot, I add them on LinkedIn. Results: 68% acceptance rate

For the outbound campaign, the acceptance rate is at 40%

You can see here the importance of timing and relationship.

So what’s the link with LinkedIn posts?

Well, each time you make a post, LinkedIn will show it to:

  • First, people in your personal network
  • Your 2nd circle if you had some success
  • 3rd circle if it goes viral

publish linkedin posts

If your LinkedIn post reaches thousands of people every time, you’ll be likely to reach the people you will invite in your future outbound campaign.

They may be like : “oh this face looks familiar” and accept your request.

So if you want to transform LinkedIn prospecting into one of your main channel of acquisition, be sure to post great content as well.

That’s will help your prospecting efforts!

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