How to Reach Out to Someone on LinkedIn? [2024 Guide]

LinkedIn is the supreme king of professional networks, boasting a colossal membership of 800 million professionals globally.

Imagine this:

A digital realm ripe for job search, seizing new opportunities, and skyrocketing one’s career path.

But here’s the million-dollar question:

How do you slide into a LinkedIn connection’s inbox like a pro?

It’s a maze:

  • What should you say in that first message?

  • How do you leave an impression without being rejected or ghosted?

Breathe easy – we’ve got you in our sights.

Armed with the freshest insights and savvy, this guide is here to help you level up your LinkedIn Outreach and unlock the secrets of:

  1. How to reach out to someone on LinkedIn
  2. What not to do when reaching out to someone on LinkedIn
  3. Following up: A key component of LinkedIn Outreach
  4. How to use LinkedIn search engines to find people to reach out to
linkedin outreach guide for better results

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be navigating the high seas of LinkedIn outreach strategies with the grace of a skilled captain, whether you’re seeking employment, guidance, clients, or collaboration.

It’s time to expand your professional circle with poise and purpose!

How To Reach Out To Someone On Linkedin?

Ever tried to stretch a handshake across the digital divide of LinkedIn?

It starts with hitting that ‘connect button’ and crafting a LinkedIn connection request with a note.

example of a linkedin connection request with a message

It’s your golden ticket to slide into their professional world and tap into new opportunities.

But let’s face it: not all connection requests are crafted equally.

Pondering how to make yours pop and land that leads to ‘Accept‘?

Here’s the deal: The RABT formula.

  1. Give a reason for outreach
  2. Ask a question to qualify
  3. Backup with data
  4. Tease a solution
a formula for writing effective linkedin connection invitation messages - rabt reason, ask, backup, tease

This will become your secret sauce to connection requests that pack a punch.

Let’s unpack this formula and work its magic.

1. Give a reason for outreach

Hit the ground running by serving up a solid reason for reaching out.

This initial hook is where you lay down the groundwork of ‘why you?’.

Could it be a recent post they shared in one of the LinkedIn groups you follow, or a mutual connection suggesting you reach out?

linkedin outreach introduction message example

Consider dropping a line about:

  • A shared contact or a warm referral
  • A common thread or shared experiences
  • An insightful piece they’ve posted
  • Recent baby-step or giant leap in their professional space

Steer clear from the banal “I’m building my network” or “your field is interesting to me” lines.

cleanshot at @ x

Instead, mention your shared interest in digital marketing or that you both are passionate about growing meaningful connections.

2. Ask a question to qualify

Next up, spark a dialogue with a question that cuts to the heart of their professional passion.

Pinpoint a query that’s open, pertinent, and respectful. Maybe fire off something like:

  • Their recipe for a recent success or challenge
  • Insights on an industry trend they’re riding
  • An overview of their current professional plate
  • Their take on an industry pain point or golden opportunity
an example of a linkedin message to ask about industry trends and get response

Avoid the “yes or no” trap, questions that corner, or ones that nose-dive into the personal zone.

You’re not here to interrogate or pry. Instead, demonstrate that you value their viewpoint and are keen to learn a trick.

3. Backup with data

Strengthen your question by backing it with solid data weaponry.

Here, you flex your expertise and niche knowledge. Whip out a data point that’s factual, relevant, and frankly, kind of amazing.


  • A statistic or research finding that supports your request
  • Case studies or testimonials as proof of your prowess
  • A blog post or video where you showcase your know-how
  • Praises that add luster to your professional reputation
backup with data your linkedin outreach messages for better results

Ditch the fluff, the guesswork, and the tall tales for heaven’s sake. These are confidence killers.

You want to prove that your questions are grounded in reality and experience.

4. Tease a solution

Bring them home by offering them a perfect solution.

Here’s where you show what you’re bringing to the table.

Solutions should be pertinent, precise, and tempting. Offer something like:

  • A free resource or tool that could be their saving grace
  • A pro-tip or insight that could jazz up their status quo
  • An enlightening webinar or podcast that could inspire with fresh ideas
  • A chat or a call to deep-dive into what makes them tick

talk about your service as a perfect solution for your connection on linkedin

Avoid the hard sell, the desperate pitch, or the bold demand.

That’s the fastest way to be dead to them on arrival. Show that you have an ace up your sleeve, something genuine and intriguing.

What Not to Do When Reaching Out To Someone on LinkedIn

Armed with the RABT formula and ready to send those LinkedIn connection request messages?

Hold up. Let’s slam the brakes on and talk about what not to do when you’re knocking on the virtual doors of LinkedIn users.

how not to write a linkedin outreach message

The things that make the difference between a hit and a ghosted inbox.

Here’s the trifecta of what you should sidestep at all costs:

  1. Non-personalized bulk messages
  2. Asking for a meeting right away
  3. Super long messages

1. Non-Personalized Bulk Messages

Ever get that blah, bland copy-and-paste job in your inbox?

That’s the cardinal sin of LinkedIn outreach. It screams, “I didn’t even bother to look at your profile picture!”

always personalize your linkedin outreach messages

Let me drop a truth bomb: LinkedIn says personalized messages score a 50% better response rate.

So ditch automation and craft those messages with care!

  • Include their name, something that proves you paid attention to their work experience or recent LinkedIn posts,
  • Show them exactly how you’re going to make a difference for them.

Remember, personalized isn’t just polite – it’s powerful!

2. Asking for a Meeting Right Away

Popping the meeting question out of the blue?

That’s like proposing marriage on a first date. Slow down there, turbo!

cleanshot at @ x

It’s a one-way ticket to the ignore pile.

You’re coming on strong—offering zero value with a side of “Hey, take a gamble on me.”

3. Super Long Messages

The novella in the inbox?

It’s a no-go. We’re all fighting against the clock and waning attention spans, even more so on the LinkedIn battleground.

The massive monologue about your stellar self or epic enterprise?

cleanshot at @ x

Studies show the Goldilocks zone of message length is a tweet-sized 50 to 125 words.

Keep it tight and light. Give them the good stuff in nibbles.

Structure is your friend — bulleted lists, short paragraphs, breezy lines.

Make that message scannable as a supermarket barcode and have a winner.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Outreach

Before you even think about reaching out to someone, your LinkedIn profile has to scream “perfection”.

Think of it this way: your LinkedIn profile it’s your digital handshake, brand billboard, and virtual eye contact.

Your profile picture must exude professionalism and warmth, and it’s essential when you’re on a job search or seeking meaningful connections.

Ready to amp up your LinkedIn game?

Here are three killer tips to supercharge your profile:

  1. Use a professional profile photo
  2. Create a compelling headline and summary
  3. Showcase your expertise

1. Use a professional profile photo

Your profile snap is your silent ambassador, which builds or destroys trust.

LinkedIn spills the beans: slap a photo on your profile and watch your views and messages rise.

But we’re talking professional-grade mugshots here.

cleanshot at @ x

Clear, updated, and approachable.

And attire?

Make sure it matches your playfield:

  • Lawyers think classic suit and tie.
  • Creatives, let your flag fly, but keep it pro.

2. Create a compelling headline and summary

Zoom in on your headline and summary—your prime real estate to snag attention and pique curiosity.

Make your headline snappy, tight, and on the money. Sum up your essence, your craft, and your unique hook.

Keywords are your undercover agents here, cheesing it up on search results.

best example of linkedin headline for credibility and trust and successful outreach

Imagine swapping “SEO Writer” for “SEO Writer – Decade of Dominance in LinkedIn Outreach Mastery”.

Drop the value bomb and flaunt those wins. Finish by sweet-talking your reader into action.

Maybe something like this: “Wanna see how I transform LinkedIn outreach? Drop a message or hit my website.”

3. Showcase your expertise

Final power move?

Flaunt that know-how.

You gotta show you’re the boss, the go-to guru who gets stuff done.

1. Strut your stuff in the Featured section – articles, videos, etc.

how to write a linkedin about section description

2. Write job descriptions. These are bragging sheets about your skills, duties, and crowning moments.

it is always important to have job descriptions on linedin mentioning the tasks you have accomplished

3. Get testimonials highlighting your work ethic, stellar accomplishments, and the big, juicy impact you’ve made.

linkedin profile recommendations are important for your profile credibility

Letting your expertise lead the dance builds that sweet trust and credibility with your connections and beams a giant neon sign saying:

“Pick me! I’ve got this.”

Following Up: A Key Component of LinkedIn Outreach

Effective follow-up is the often overlooked key to success in LinkedIn outreach.

Think about it:

Without that crucial nudge, that second attempt to reach out, connections can go cold faster than coffee on a Monday morning.

But here’s the catch: Not all follow-ups are created equal.

bad example of linkedin follow up messages

Some are as welcome as a telemarketer during dinner, while others…

can be the magic that propels a conversation forward, building rapport and skyrocketing your response rates.

So, how can you ensure your LinkedIn follow-ups are less ‘ugh…’ and more ‘aha!’?

Sit tight. I’m about to spill the beans on three foolproof follow-up strategies that won’t leave you seen-zoned on LinkedIn:

  1. Always add value
  2. Use multiple formats
  3. Use multiple channels

1. Always add value

Okay, the golden rule of thumb:

Never – and I mean, NEVER – resend that same old message.

It’s the express lane to ‘Ignoredville’.

Wanna know the secret sauce?

Always sprinkle new values on every message.

linkedin follow up message example that gets response

Let me break it down:

  • Share a new resource that speaks directly to their current pinpoint

  • Drop a hot tip that might revolutionize their workflow

  • Show off a case study that screams success and could sway them your way

  • Whip out an exclusive offer that makes ignoring you financially painful

By infusing each message with undeniable value, you’re not just another ping in the inbox.

You’re a beacon of hope in their LinkedIn sea.

2. Use multiple formats

Time to mix it up!

Don’t just hammer away at the keyboard. Turn to the rich tapestry of multimedia to breathe life into your messages.

LinkedIn says video messages are the superheroes of the inbox, raking in responses like a magnet. And voice messages?

be creative and use other types of follow-up messages like voice messages or videos

Trust me, it’s like adding HD to a dull TV – a total game-changer. They’re the personal touch that could make your message resonate like a personal call.

Get creative:

  • Use video to let your smile and charm do the heavy lifting
  • Let your voice carry the nuances that text can’t convey

3. Use multiple channels

Finally, don’t invest everything in LinkedIn.

Your prospects are playing the field – scrolling through emails and tweets and maybe even checking their texts.

What if I told you there’s power in being everywhere?

Not creepy, but in an ‘I’m here for you’ way.

Use the right tool for the right job:

  • Email for the heftier stuff, like official proposals
  • Twitter for public shoutouts that show you’re in the know
  • Phone calls for a heart-to-heart that seals the deal.
  • SMS for those ‘I need you now’ moments

By going omnichannel, you’re not just another LinkedIn notification. You’re an omnipresent force in their professional life.

Follow these tips, and your LinkedIn outreach will be as smooth as your favorite jazz tune.

How to Use LinkedIn Search Engines To Find People To Reach Out To

Is the time important for your job search?

If yes, don’t throw away precious moments and engage with folks who couldn’t care less about what you’re peddling.

You’re looking for those who could be the hiring manager or mutual connection you need, or turn into your golden leads, customers, or next star employee.

But there is one question: How do you zero in on quality LinkedIn members?

Good news!

I’ll give you three best search engines; think of them as your digital bloodhounds:

  1. LinkedIn Free Search Engine
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  3. LinkedIn Recruiter

Here we go!

1. Linkedin Free Search Engine

LinkedIn is the ultimate free search engine; anyone can take it for a spin.

Search for possible candidates by typing keywords, or even those trendy hashtags.

Say you’re after “SEO gurus”?

how to use linkedin search bar to find right people

Simply punch that in.

Moreover, you can harness advanced LinkedIn filters.

The little treasure maps on the search result page let you sift through connections, company names, and more.

But, heads up!

The freebie search won’t let you reel in the big fish; it’s limited in results, filters, and monthly searches.

Continue reading, as you might want to upgrade your LinkedIn membership to something more gourmet, like Sales Navigator or Recruiter.

2. Linkedin Sales Navigator

Let’s chat about LinkedIn Premium’s Sales Navigator, your second artery to the heart of LinkedIn searches.

The perks?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator advanced filters pinpoint your dream prospects—those you could practically serenade to sealing the deal.

Imagine fine-tuning your hunt focusing on industry, degree connections, job functions, and more.

linkedin sales navigator filters for effectively searching right people

Sales Navigator is no mirage; it’s a real-deal tool that can boost your batting average, pump up your response rates, and level up your networking game.

This is the perfect tool for finding new opportunities in sales or your career path.

3. LinkedIn Recruiter

Last but not least—is the LinkedIn Recruiter.

This one’s for the recruiters and the headhunters in the trenches, with features that can hook you up with the right talent and job seekers.

Think of it as your personal candidate concierge service.

With Recruiter, sift through prospects faster than a talent show jury, using filters for skills, credentials, worldliness, and availability.


Alright, you’ve made it through this complete guide, and what a journey it has been!

Let’s recap what we’ve unpacked so far:

  • The RABT Formula – this is your ticket to crafting catchy LinkedIn messages.

  • The best “Don’ts” when reaching out to someone on LinkedIn. Like sending messages that scream, “I didn’t bother to learn your name.”

  • The rules of transforming your LinkedIn profile into a gold mine!

  • The gentle art of the follow-up messages, where you’re not just touching base but offering real value.

  • And let’s not forget LinkedIn free searches, Sales Navigator, or LinkedIn Recruiter, you now know how to zone in on potential contacts like a digital Sherlock Holmes.
the best guide to reach out to someone on linkedin

So, what’s the holdup?

Send out those LinkedIn vibes and gain the edge in your career or business endeavors!


This content was partly written by AI (ChatGPT 4), I added my own perspective, fact-checked it, and made sure it is helpful for you.

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