How To Convert Sales Navigator URLs To LinkedIn URLs?

You have extracted Sales Navigator URLs or you have Sales Navigator URL’s in your CRM, but you need LinkedIn URLs to do prospecting?

No problem.

Here are 3 solutions for you if you use Sales Navigator to generate leads and want LinkedIn URLs.

3 Ways To Convert Sales Navigator URL into LinkedIn URL

3 techniques convert Sales Navigator URLs to LinkedIn URLs:

  1. Copy-paste the unique ID from URL
  2. Use a Google Sheet formula
  3. Use Evaboot LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper

1. Copy-paste the unique ID from URL

It’s actually really easy to convert a Sales Navigator URL to a LinkedIn URL manually.

It’s basically a copy-paste.

Step #1: copy-paste the code between “lead/” and the first comma.

convert sales navigator url to linkedin url 2

Step #2: write “” and paste the code you copied after that.

convert sales navigator url code


You have just converted a Sales Navigator URL into a LinkedIn URL in 10 seconds.

For the accounts, the process is pretty much the same.

Copy and paste the unique ID in the URL.

convert sales navigator company url to linkedin url

Then paste this ID after “”

linkedin url company page conversion

This approach works if you only have a few Sales Navigator URL to convert.

What about if you have hundreds of them?

Answer in next part…

2. Use a Google Sheet formula

If you have hundreds of Sales Navigator URLs to convert, you can use a Google Sheet formula to convert them all at once.

Here is a Google Sheet formula you can copy-paste (just edit the cell if necessary, here it’s A1)

This formula works exactly the same in Excel and Google Sheet.


Step #1: Create a Google Sheet or Excel file and add your LinkedIn Sales Navigator URLs in the first column.

convert sales navigator urls to linkedin url google sheet formula

Step #2: Copy-paste the Google Sheet formula in the 2nd and apply the formula to all the cells of the columns clicking and dragging.

sales navigator url conversion google sheet

To convert company page URLs, you can use this formula instead:


This process is more efficient than the manual one.

But what if I told you that you could do even better?

More in the next part…

3. Use Evaboot LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper

Some tools can automatically convert Sales Navigator URLs to LinkedIn URLs while they are scraping your Sales Navigator searches.

two types of linkedin urls

This is the case of Evaboot. One of the best tools to export Sales Navigator leads into CSV files.

Evaboot automatically provides two types of LinkedIn URLs:

You can see that both URLs lead to the same profile.

The custom URL can be changed by the owner of the LinkedIn account, but the one with the unique ID doesn’t change.

That is why it’s better to store the “Unique ID URL” in your CRM.

linkedin sales navigator scraper chrome extension 2

When you install the Evaboot Chrome extension, you will get a new button “Extract with Evaboot” directly integrated to the Sales Navigator interface.

This button allows you to extract all the info available on LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

  • Job position
  • Number of connections
  • Company Name
  • Company website
  • Number of employees in the company
  • And 20 more data points

BONUS: if you are also looking for emails, you can add them to your CSV file with just one click from Evaboot. A really easy way to build lead lists for your LinkedIn prospecting campaigns.

Just click on “Find Emails” when your extraction is finished and Evaboot will find and verify professional emails for all the prospects in your list.

find email from linkedin urls


There are 3 ways to convert Sales Navigator URLs into LinkedIn URLs:

  1. Manually
  2. With a Google Sheet/Excel formula
  3. With Evaboot

The technique you choose depends on the numbers of URLs you have to convert and how often you need to do this operation.

Select the one that better fits your needs!

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