The 26 Best LinkedIn Scraping Tools For 2024 [Free & Paid]

Manually collecting data from LinkedIn profiles is time-consuming.

It’s way easier to use a LinkedIn scraping tool instead.

linkedin scraping tools

There are plenty of free and paid options whether you’re on a budget or willing to invest

Here you will find the 26 best LinkedIn scrapers that will help you streamline your lead generation efforts in 2024.

Some are focused only on scraping data. Others are linkedin automations tools that also have scraping in their features.

Let’s dive in.

What Are the Best LinkedIn Scraping Tools?

Here are the best LinkedIn scraping tools:

  1. Evaboot
  2. Phantombuster
  3. Wiza
  4. Skrapp
  5. GetProspect
  6. TexAu
  7. Captain Data
  8. Findymail
  9. Prospeo
  10. Scrupp
  11. Lix
  13. Derrick-App
  14. Linked Helper
  15. LaGrowthMachine
  16. Dux-Soup
  17. Octopus CRM
  18. Lemlist
  19. MeetAlfred
  20. Dripify
  21. Brightdata
  22. Expandi
  23. Zopto
  24. Waalaxy
  25. Skylead
  26. Surfe

1. Evaboot

Evaboot is a LinkedIn sales navigator scraping tool that allow you to export leads and get emails from Sales Navigator.

That way you get a ready-for-outreach excel file in just one click.

Export Sales Navigator leads with Evaboot
Works onLinkedIn Sales Navigator

Main Features:

  • Export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Export company profiles
  • Export linkedin profile urls
  • Clean the data (emojis, capital letters, typos…)
  • Detect false positives in your search results
  • Find professional emails
  • Verify emails

linkedin scraping tool evaboot feature
Easy to use You need a Sales Navigator account
Export 2500 leads per dayNo API yet
Built-in email finder and verifier
Identify Open Profiles

Pricing Tiers:

  • $29 per month for 500 credits
  • $49 per month for 1500 credits
  • $99 per month for 4000 credits
evaboot linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review evaboot

“Evaboot has been a gamechanger for us”

Evaboot has been one of those tools we could not imagine not having now. Being able to quickly and easily extract lists of not only profile url but also associated metadata is vital for our outreach campaign message generation. As long as they keep the pricing fair we will continue to use it.

4.6/5 (73 votes)
capterra review evaboot

“Handy tool fo LinkedIn”

The overall experience is very satisfactory as it saves a lot of time and helps in reducing reduntancy. The tool also does the job of checking the validation of the profile so reduces the manual labor required to check post scraping.

4.9/5 (13 votes)

2. Phantombuster

Phantombuster is a generalist scraping platform that covers a lot LinkedIn use cases.

phantombuster linkedin scraping tool

They also extract data from other social medias like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter

Main Features:

  • Export LinkedIn searches
  • Scrape linkedin profiles
  • Send connection requests
  • Send messages
  • Enrich LinkedIn profiles
  • Connect to other social platform
  • Can give data in JSON
phantombuster linkedin scraper features
A lot of automations availableHard to use
Connect to other platformsRisk of getting flagged by LinkedIn
Integrated email finderPricing is a bit unclear

Pricing Tiers:

  • $69/month for 5 phantoms
  • $159/month for 15 phantoms
  • $439/month for 50 phantoms

phantombuster linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review phantombuster

“Lead generation made simpler”

The best part that I like about PhantomBuster is the lead generation part. It’s straightforward to export sales navigator leads to Excel sheets. One can even customize the Excel sheet as per need.

4.2/5 (41 votes)
capterra review phantombuster

“Great data scraping tool”

Pros: Phantombuster has become one of my primary data extortion tools. Buying contact lists is an expensive and uncertain route to go. Building your own is more time consuming but you know who is ending up on your list. Once I started using it I also found value in social media scraping and even yellow pages look-ups. Cons: No real cons except that you do need to be particularly careful when extracting data from LinkedIn. Take their warnings and limits seriously. You can push the limits if you wish but I recommend playing within the lines.


3. Wiza

Wiza allows you to export leads from Sales Navigator, LinkedIn and Recruiter.

You can also get emails from Sales Navigator and Recruiter using this tool.

wiza linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter

Main Features:

  • Creation of email lists from LinkedIn searches.
  • Linkedin profile scraper
  • Real-time LinkedIn data access via API.
  • Integration with CRM systems for seamless data management.
  • Offers a mix of free and paid plans to accommodate various needs.
wiza linkedin scraper features
See Wiza Alternatives

Pricing Tiers:

  • Free Tier: Offers 20 emails and 5 phone numbers per month at no cost.
  • Email Tier ($99/month): Unlimited emails, with a charge of $0.35 per phone number and a 10k/month export limit.
  • Email + Phone Tier ($199/month): Provides unlimited emails and phone numbers, also with a 10k/month export limit.
wiza linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review wiza

“Accurate data for the win”

Wiza has been a game changer for me/my team. The accuracy of contact info saves so much time & so many headaches. Have used plenty prospecting tools that have led me to bounced emails & wrong numbers. You can trust Wiza won’t just take a guess at a contact’s info. Super happy with their data. Credits don’t roll over if you pause/stop your license. So you either use it or lose it in a month.

4.4/5 (62 votes)
capterra review wiza

“Simple to use tool for scraping prospect contact info.”

Pros: One button integration of the information and transfer to crm like hubspot. Cons: I would like wiza to calculate the % of verified emails. Not just the count.

4.6/5 (20 votes)

4. Skrapp

Skrapp is a scraper tool, B2B email finder and outreach tool that is designed to help professionals with email marketing and outreach campaigns.

It uses public data to find verified professional email addresses, reducing the time spent on email research

skrapp linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

Main Features:

  • Find emails from any website
  • Find emails from LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn scraping
  • Email verification
skrapp linkedin scraper features

Pricing Tiers:

  • 1,000 emails /month: $49
  • 5,000 emails /month: $99
  • 20,000 emails /month: $199
  • 50,000 emails /month: $299
skrapp linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review skrapp

“One of the best email finder” is a powerful email scraper. It finds emails really quick with accurate results. The UI is simple and easy to use. Not only email, it also has the feature to find company details of a prospect. It also provides REST APIs which helps us to integrate it with applications very easily.

3.9/5 (102 votes)
capterra review skrapp

“A tool with bang for your buck”

Pros: Skrapp is very easy to use thanks to the user interface, it is fast, and it delivers good data for the price it has. Cons: The API via LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not agreed by LinkedIn and got the LinkedIn account blocked.

4.6/5 (56 votes)

5. GetProspect

GetProspect is a lead generation tool that offers a Chrome extension for extracting emails and profiles from LinkedIn in bulk.

With a large B2B database of over 200 million contacts, it enables users to quickly collect a substantial base of business email addresses, freeing up time for crafting compelling outreach content.

getprospect linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

Main Features:

  • LinkedIn scraping
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraping
  • Email Finder
  • Email Verifier
  • Google Sheet Integration
getprospect linkedin scraper feature

Pricing Tiers:

  • 1,000 emails /month: $49
  • 5,000 emails /month: $99
  • 20,000 emails /month: $199
  • 50,000 emails /month: $399
getprospect linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review getprospect

“Good value for emails lead generation”

If you want to do lead generation for only emails, getprospect is great tool for quickly searching for industry and profiles for email address. You can easily port to hubspot and do your marketing thing

4.0/5 (38 votes)
capterra review getprospect

“Great tool to organize your work and contact new leads”

Pros: The most critical for me is its ability to manage ny prospects, their contact emails and its easy integration with my way of working. Cons: Time to dig out emails is a bit high and sometimes causes time loss. Please address it

4.5/5 (91 votes)

6. TexAu

TexAu allows you to connect automations together, build powerful workflows, grab the data or generate leads in minutes.

texau linkedin scraping tool

Like Phantombuster, they are a generalist scraping platform, but they have a lot of LinkedIn automations and scraping features.

Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

Main Features:

  • Export search and lists
  • Export group members
  • Export event attendees
  • Export posts commenters and likers

texau linkedin scraper feature
A lot of automations availableLong to set up
Integrations with many email findersHard to use
It can be used on desktop or cloudPricing by hour
Possibility to add proxies

Pricing Tiers:

  • Starter: $29 /month
  • Growth: $79 /month
  • Agency: $199 /month
texau linkedin scraper pricing
See TexAu Alternatives


g2 review texau

“Powerful automations to boost your business growth”

We use TexAu to extract, process, and filter data with just a few clicks of the mouse. TexAu is a powerful automation tool for marketers, sales people, and everyone in between. With the help of data processing and extraction magic, you can automatically extract data from any list or text and start using it for your own use case.

4.3/5 (57 votes)
capterra review texau

“Marketing Automation On Steroids ⚡️”

Pros: User friendly, completes boring tasks in seconds. The desktops version is the killer feature it does not require a proxy. Cons: Tutorial should have been more easy to understand and in-depth keeping a layman or no-code guy can also understand.

4.0/5 (19 votes)

7. Captain Data

Captain Data is a no-code platform that extracts, aggregates, and integrates data. It allows sales and ops teams to create automated workflows and save time.

captain data linkedin scraping tool

They are a generalist automation platform that offers a lot of different scrapers including some for LinkedIn.

captain data linkedin scraper features
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter

Main Features:

  • export LinkedIn lead lists
  • export group members
  • export event attendees
  • export post commenters and likers
  • connect different scraper
  • connect to email finder
  • connect to your CRM

Pricing Tiers:

Captain Data is expensive compared to other tools in the market. The tool is made for Sales Ops team with budget.

  • Growth: $399 /month
  • Enterprise: $2500 /month
captain data linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review captain data

“Super flexible product, super reactive team !”

I like Captain Data’s reactivity, and the product’s many different features for data scraping from various sources (Gmaps, Sales Nav, etc). As soon as I have a question, they answer very quiclky and support me in the best possible way. They also value customer’s feedback and use it on a daily basis to make product fixes and improvements !

4.3/5 (33 votes)
capterra review captain data

“Amazing for Marketing Campaigns”

Pros: The extraction is simplified. This tool accelerates in our digitalization process. Cons: There is not enough power in an account.

5/5 (16 votes)

8. Findymail

Findymail is a powerful B2B email finder that is designed to automate and streamline the process of finding verified professional email addresses.

Findymail uses a proprietary algorithm to automatically export leads from platforms like Sales Navigator and Apollo, enrich them with accurate B2B emails, and clean your lists in seconds

findy linkedin scraping tool
Works onSales Navigator, Apollo

Main Features:

  • Appolo scraping
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraping
  • Email Finder
  • Email Verifier
  • Data Cleaning
findymail linkedin scraper features

Pricing Tiers:

  • 1000 emails /month: $49
  • 5000 emails /month: $99
  • 20,000 emails /month: $249
findymail linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review findymail

“Findymail : Your B2B solution to reach out efficiently”

A company inbox on average receives hundreds of email everyday which are difficult to skim and thus gets ignored. Findymail helps find the email of top executives in the target company to get across your message to the people that matter and increase business for your firm.

4.7/5 (23 votes)
capterra review findymail

“Findymail Review”

Pros: Findymail allows you to scrape LinkedIn for emails with pretty high accuracy. Just a no brained for cold emailers. Cons: Sometimes, findymail doesn’t scrape a ton of the data. For example, out of an 1,000 person list, sometimes it only gets 300 or so emails.

4.9/5 (7 votes)

9. Prospeo

Prospeo is a linkedin scraping and email finding tool designed for efficient business outreach. It provides verified email addresses, enabling users to scale their operations.

prospeo phantombuster alternative for linkedin
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

The tool offers email finding from names, domains, and LinkedIn profiles, along with email verification for high accuracy.

It’s known for its user-friendly interface, bulk processing capabilities, and Chrome extension for seamless integration with web browsing and LinkedIn.

Main Features:

  • Email Finder: Discover emails using names and companies.
  • Domain Search: Find emails associated with domains or companies.
  • LinkedIn Email Finder: Extract and verify emails from LinkedIn profiles.
  • Email Verifier: Check deliverability of email addresses.
  • Chrome Extension: Find and verify emails directly in the browser.
prospeo linkedin scraper features

Pricing Tiers:

  1. Free Plan: $0/month for 75 credits.
  2. Starter Plan: $39/month for 1,000 credits.
  3. Growth Plan: $99/month for 5,000 credits.
  4. Pro Plan: $199/month for 20,000 credits.
  5. Business Plan: $369/month for 50,000 credits.
prospeo linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review prospeo

“Best quality emails”

The quality of the emails is best in class. Have tried many tools but none of them actually got a better rate of valid emails. My bounce rate in the campaigns in below 0.2%, which is unheard of with other alternatives.

4.8/5 (2 votes)
capterra review prospeo

“Best email finder for Europe”

Pros: – This is the best performer in our email cascade for european emails- The email verification system is also top notch, if Prospeo says the email is valid, no need to pass it through Zerobounce or Neverbounce. Cons: I would like to see more integrations from their part, but you can always use the api

5/5 (1 votes)

10. Scrupp

Scrupp is a LinkedIn and Sales Navigator scraping tool, designed for efficient lead extraction and email finding. It offers one-click export of leads from Sales Navigator, ensuring clean lists suitable for email campaigns and CRM integration.

scrupp linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

The tool is celebrated for its speed, ability to scrape locked profiles, and unlimited pages scraping capability.

Main Features:

  • Lead Extraction: From LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.
  • Email Finder: Finds professional, verified email addresses.
  • Unlimited Scraping: No limit on the number of pages for scraping.
  • Data Enrichment: Provides clean, usable data lists.
scrupp linkedin scraper features

Pricing Tiers:

  • Starter: $39/month for 10,000 Credits.
  • Growth: $59/month for 20,000 Credits.
  • Professional: $99/month for 80,000 Credits.
scrupp linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review scrupp

“User friendly linkedin scraper” is the most amazing project management tool I have ever used. It is incredibly easy to use and has all the features. also makes it easy to collaborate with my team members and share files. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a powerful and easy-to-use project management tool.

4.7/5 (8 votes)
capterra review scrupp

“More than just a nice to have”

Pros: That your monthly credits rollover. If things get busy in business, you lose nothing and you’re able to extract data with almost ridiculous good accuracy. Cons: My Scrupp plan used to troll me a bit at the beginning and I had to use my code over and over again to reactivate my membership

4.5/5 (2 votes)

11. Lix

Lix is a tool for extracting LinkedIn profile data, offering a range of features to help users gather and manage contact information efficiently.

lix linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

It emphasizes validated email extraction, providing accuracy and effectiveness in lead generation.

Main Features:

  • LinkedIn Data Extraction: For profiles and contact information.
  • Validated Emails: Ensures accuracy in email extraction.
  • Credit Rollover: Monthly credits rollover and expire after a year.
  • API Access: For programmatically accessing profile data.
lix linkedin scraper features

Pricing Tiers:

  • Starter: $0/month – 50 credits.
  • Leads Plan: Custom pricing – email credits vary.
  • Data Plus Plan: Custom pricing – tailored for data mining.
lix linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review lix

“No better tool for exporting LinkedIn data”

There is only one other service that gives me access to the same level of data, but it requires a really fiddly setup (which is quite fragile). Lix is just really quick and easy to use and the data is spot on.

4.3/5 (7 votes)
capterra review lix

“Lix by the people for the people”

Pros: I love the the export data, helps me reach the right people. Easy to understand and use.Cons: Trying to get my company to make the switch, probably due to them not recognising the name or brand

4.6/5 (22 votes)

12., also known as Lyne, is an AI-powered tool designed to facilitate sales personalization at scale for high-volume senders. It automates the time-consuming process of researching accounts and contacts, allowing users to generate unique personalized insights that would typically require hours of human research.

Lyne leverages AI and Machine Learning to uncover information that the average sales rep wouldn’t be able to find, providing users with a competitive edge. linkedin scraping tool
Works onSales Navigator

Main Features:

  • LinkedIn scraping
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraping
  • Write cold emails with AI
  • Enrichment API
lyne ai linkedin scraper features

Pricing Tiers:

  • 2,000 emails /month: $39
  • 5,000 emails /month: $89
  • 20,000 emails /month: $189
  • Unlimited: $497 linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review lyne

“Awesome tool for outreach”

The level of personalisation and the quality of the AI copy. It’s a huge time saver for us. In the past we’ve used a virtual assistent to do the research. It took a long time and cost a lot of money. Now with Lyne we can quickly set-up outreach campaigns and do a lot of testing what works best.

4.6/5 (56 votes)
capterra review lyne

“Amazing Software – saves me a ton of time!”

Pros: This is an awesome platform that saves me from having to hire and train first-line writers! Cons: I was skeptical about the quality and takes some getting used to but once you know what to look for it becomes easy to use and very effective!

4.8/5 (64 votes)

13. Derrick App

Derrick App it’s also a LinkedIn extractor. But connected to Google-Sheet. It allows you to manage all your LinkedIn data enrichment operations directly from Google Sheet.

With Derrick App you can:

  1. Export LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches into Google sheet
  2. Find the LinkedIn profiles URLs from Full Names + Company Names
  3. Export LinkedIn profiles data from profile URLs

Super useful in you want to simplify your lead enrichment process. You need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator to use the Google Sheet login.

derrick app linkedin scraping tool
Works onSales Navigator

Main Features:

  • Export sales navigator searches and list
  • Find LinkedIn profiles from full name and company name
  • Export data from specific LinkedIn URLs
  • Find emails
  • Verify emails
derrick app linkedin scraper feature

Pricing Tiers:

  • 200 data enrich /month: 0€
  • 200 data enrich + 800 emails /month: €9
  • 4000 data enrich /month: €9
  • 4000 data enrich + 800 emails /month: €15
derrick app linkedin scraper pricing


capterra review derrick app

“Scraping tool easy to use”

Pros: Derrick is really easy to onboard, I learnt using it very quickly. Cons: I would love to be able to integrate the feature with Hubspot.

5/5 (2 votes)

14. Linked Helper

Linked Helper is one of the oldest LinkedIn automation tool on the market.

Their main goal is to offer automations but, you can also scrape data from LinkedIn using it.

linked helper linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter

Main Features:

  • Scrape Linkedin
  • Send connection request
  • Send LinkedIn messages
  • Send InMails
  • A large choice of action like invitation to events, endorsement etc…
  • Proxies
  • Multi-account management
  • Connect to Zapier
linked helper linkedin scraper features
Safest tool on the marketDoesn’t run when PC is turned off
Simulates clicks like a real humanDoesn’t allow using emojis in messages
Large choices of actionsUX is a bit complicated
Possibility to connect proxies

Pricing Tiers:

  • 14 days free trial
  • $15/month for the standard plan
  • $45/month for the advanced plan
linked helper linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review linked helper

“Complete and complex”

It is a very complete application that helps automate and manage commercial tasks and/or recruitment through LinkedIn. It can be very useful for certain tasks or roles.

4.4/5 (121 votes)
capterra review linkedin helper

“Great and cheap app for automating your LinkedIn Sales Strategy”

The versatility of LinkedHelper is great. Cons: It would be great to have the possibility of doing A/B Testing and to send emails through

4.9/5 (117 votes)

15. LaGrowthMachine

LaGrowthMachine is a sales automation tool that helps sales teams and recruiters to benefit from the most advanced growth techniques, without any technical skills.

The main goal of the tool is to automate LinkedIn messages and connection requests sending, but you can also export LinkedIn searches with it.

lagrowthmachine linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

Main Features:

  • Scrape Linkedin
  • LinkedIn messaging automation
  • Cold email automation
  • Twitter automation
  • Voice message automation
  • API
  • CRM Sync
  • Integrated email enrichment
  • Sequence templates
  • Shared Inbox
  • Webhooks
lagrowthmachine linkedin scraper features
One of the safest LinkedIn automation toolDon’t run when PC is turned off on Desktop mode
Robust, always workingHigh-end pricing
Easily visualize your sequences
Solid API
Synchronize with HubSpot and Pipedrive

Pricing Tiers:

  • €60 per month for rigid templates and no email enrichment
  • €120 per month unlimited email enrichment and API
  • €180 per month for CRM sync and custom workflows
lagrowthmachine linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review lagrowthmachine

“The all-in-one engagement solution”

You can choose to combine various channels of engagement such as email, Linkedin and Twitter or mix them up. Unlike many competitors the various channels are not added to the sequence as tasks but fully automated.You can even automate sending Linkedin voicenotes with a touch of AI to personalise the “Hey [prospect name]” at scale. Love it

4.8/5 (43 votes)
capterra review lagrowthmachine

“Great tool to organize your work and contact new leads”

It has been a very good experience so far and has resulted in good deals.I like the friendly approach from all team. Ease of useUI/UXResponsiveness of the team. Love the Ability to see what has been opened, read, clicked.

4.9/5 (38 votes)

16. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is also present on the market for a really long time now. It’s a LinkedIn automation tool whose main goal is to create automated LinkedIn prospecting sequences.

However, they also offer the possibility to extract data from various places on LinkedIn.

dux soup linkedin scraping tool
TypeLinkedIn outreach tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter

Main Features:

  • Export LinkedIn searches
  • Visit profiles
  • Send connection requests
  • Send LinkedIn messages
  • Send follow-ups
CheapDoesn’t run when browser is closed on the desktop version
Offers an APINo built-in safety system
Good customer support
Possibility to get sessions with experts for the setup

Pricing Tiers:

  • $14.99/month for basic LinkedIn automation
  • $55.00/month for all features
  • $99/month for Cloud automations
dux soup linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review duxsoup

“Automated LinkedIn network building & brand awareness – if a little clunky”

The ease of importing lists, especially combined with Sales Nav, for a steady growth of connections. Even if you change the content of a Funnel, the queued activity isn’t edited.

4.3/5 (74 votes)
capterra review duxsoup

“I highly recommend Dux Soup”

Pros: The automation of drip campaigns and the follows ups it has helped my business out tremendously and saves me a lot of time. Cons: I am good with everything other than having to keep the browser up and running.

4.0/5 (14 votes)

17. Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is a LinkedIn automation tool designed to streamline prospecting efforts and grow businesses. It is used by thousands of LinkedIn users worldwide.

octopus crm linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

Main Features:

  • Scrape Linkedin
  • Auto connect
  • Auto messages
  • Auto profile visits
  • Auto endorsement
  • Bypass LinkedIn connection request limit
  • Connect with Zapier and HubSpot
octopus crm linkedin scraper features
Bypass LinkedIn connection requestNeeds to have the browser opened
A lot of possible actionsDoesn’t extract emails and phones
Bulk messages to 1st degree connections

Pricing Tiers:

  • $9.99/month for the Basic plan
  • $14.99/month for the Pro plan
  • $21.99/month for the Advanced plan
  • $39.99/month for the Unlimited plan
octopus crm linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review octopus crm

“Useful for contacting people on LinkedIn”

Was somewhat useful for contacting people on LinkedIn. Poor cancellation policy. I didn’t use the product all year, then when it renewed by mistake I asked for a refund and was rejected. Running a SaaS myself, I would never take people’s money like this.

4.4/5 (115 votes)
capterra review octopus crm

“A MUST HAVE tool”

Pros: I love how you can manage your messaging on several different levels to make each message you send personal and relevant. Cons: The set up can be somewhat confusing – the language can be.

4.6/5 (270 votes)

18. Lemlist

Lemlist is a powerful cold email software and outreach automation tool that is designed to help businesses grow.

It is known for its ability to personalize cold email outreach campaigns at scale, which can significantly increase response rates.

lemlist linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

Main Features:

  • Scrape Linkedin
  • Send cold emails
  • Send follow-ups
  • Send connection requests
  • Send LinkedIn messages
  • Email warmup tool

lemlist linkedin scraper features
Really solid at cold email LinkedIn actions sometimes bug
Email warmup
Integrates to CRMs
Great onboarding and content

Pricing Tiers:

  • $39/month for email sender
  • $69/month for email sender + email warmer
  • $99/month for email sender + warmer + linkedin automation
  • $159/month for complete solution
lemlist linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review lemlist

“A cold mailing tool”

It is pretty easy to build your campaigns. You can follow your performances. And the very good plus is its linking with our CRM Hubspot.

4.4/5 (219 votes)
capterra review lemlist

“Lemlist – Cold Emailing Solution “

A great solution to engage inactive leads. Pros: -Easy to Use -Several features -Integration with LinkedIn -Data Base. Cons: -Email limitation by day -Report not easy to use

4.6/5 (375 votes)

19. MeetAlfred

Meet Alfred is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps businesses automate and grow their lead generation efforts. It allows users to send hundreds of personalized follow-up messages every day on LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter, completely on autopilot.

It also offers features to manage team efficiency and productivity, and it saves time by automating tedious manual tasks

meetalfred linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

MeetAlfred (ex-Leonard) is a powerful multichannel cold outreach tool with tons of integrations. It’s also one of the oldest LinkedIn automation tool on the market. It also offers a built-in LinkedIn CRM.

Tool TypeMultichannel Outreach Tool
Automation TypeCloud Based

Main Features:

  • Scrape Linkedin
  • Send LinkedIn Messages
  • Send Emails
  • Send Twitter DM
  • Send Instagram Messages
  • Send Facebook Messages
  • Combine all that in multichannel sequences
  • Schedule LinkedIn post
  • LinkedIn CRM

meet alfred linkedin scraper features
Automate LinkedIn outbound & inbound actionsPersonal plan doesn’t support Sales Navigator
A lot of channels availableIt can be overwhelming for beginners
Message template library
Connect to Zapier
Built-in Linkedin CRM

Pricing Tiers:

  • $49/month for basic linkedin automations
  • $79/month for all LinkedIn automation
  • $599/month for agencies
meet alfred linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review meet alfred

“Helpful tool for lead generation, recruiting, and automating the process”

MeetAlfred is an easy-to-use tool to help find leads or potential employees on Linkedin. You can search by term or paste a search url from Linkedin to help find people and then set up sequences for reaching out and following up.

2.4/5 (17 votes)
capterra review meet alfred

“Handy tool fo LinkedIn”

Pros: The interface is easy to use and setup is quick. Cons: It has a ton of bugs and always stops working. It doesn’t synch to your linkedin correctly and the support staff is one of the worst I encountered. Sometimes they go up to 4 days without responding to any request. It really feels like a scam but sometimes it works and is worth it. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who has little time to manage, since the tool is so bugged it takes a lot of your time.

2.8/5 (13 votes)

20. Dripify

Dripify is a LinkedIn automation tool designed to help businesses grow by automating their LinkedIn outreach. It allows users to send personalized messages, connection requests, and follow-ups to their LinkedIn contacts.

It offers various features such as LinkedIn profile visits, auto endorsements, smart invites, and more.

dripify linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

Main Features:

  • Linkedin scraping
  • Drip campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Team management
  • Data export
  • Shared Inbox
  • A/B Testing
  • Extra Safety Algorithm
dripify linkedin scraper features
Really safeSometimes problem with data export
Simple UXCan’t modify a campaign when it’s launched
Lots of learning material
A/B Testing

Pricing Tiers:

  • $59/month for Basic Plan
  • $79/month for Pro Plan
  • $99/month for Advanced Plan
dripify linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review dripify

“Excellent service for optimizing LinkedIn outreach.”

I like that it’s easy to use and allows me to run multiple campaigns. One aspect that needs improvement is that I’ve tried to reach out to the company for more options, but it’s too difficult because they don’t even appear on LinkedIn.

4.5/5 (207 votes)
capterra review dripify

“Amazing tool for prospecting!”

Pros: That I can crate personalized sequences and even attach images. Cons: The only thing that I don’t like is that it doesn’t have integrations with CRMs like HubSpot or salesforce.

4.7/5 (216 votes)

21. BrightData

BrightData, formerly known as Luminati, is a leading web data platform that provides businesses with structured data from websites.

It offers award-winning proxy networks, powerful web scrapers, and ready-to-use datasets for download. Bright Data’s products include datasets, scraping solutions, and proxy networks.

The platform is designed to serve various use cases such as eCommerce, social media, SERP & SEO, Ad Tech, and market research.

brightdata linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn

Main Features:

  • LinkedIn scraping
  • Web Scraping
  • Google SERP data collection
  • Custom Proxies
  • Personalize your scraper
  • Auto-completion of Captcha securities
phantombuster linkedin scraper features

Pricing Tiers:

For specific needs Pay as you go: $20 /G

brightdata linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review brightdata

“Extremely useful tool for economic research”

I use Bright Data to collect data on employment in Israeli high-tech. The database covers a large portion of the employees in the industry, is frequently updated, and is straightforward to access. The support team is very responsive and extremely helpful.

4.6/5 (179 votes)
capterra review brightdata

“Easy to use Proxy Zones for Google and Website Scraping”

Pros: I like the proxy manager the most. I am using this in setting up ports for our google scraping solution. Cons: I can’t think of anything. We have had issues with DataCenter before due to incorrect geo-targetting but it was resolved pretty fast.

4.8/5 (64 votes)

22. Expandi

Expandi is a LinkedIn automation tool that is designed to help users enhance their outreach efforts on LinkedIn. It allows users to send personalized invites, messages, and InMails, and also supports email outreach.

The tool is equipped with features such as image and GIF personalization, smart sequences, and integrations with other tools through Zapier, Integromat, or a custom-made webhook.

Expandi also provides educational resources to help users become more proficient in LinkedIn outreach.

expandi linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter

Main Features:

  • LinkedIn scraping
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraping
  • LinkedIn Recruiting scraping
  • LinkedIn automation
  • InMail automation
  • Personalize images and GIF
expandi linkedin scraper features

Pricing Tiers:

One plan of $99 per month per seat.

expandi linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review expandi

“Solid Boost to My LinkedIn Marketing in Just a Few Weeks”

Expandi has really stepped up my LinkedIn sales game in a short span of time. The cool thing about it is the variety of campaigns you can run. It lets you get creative and engage with leads in different ways.

4.0/5 (77 votes)
capterra review expandi

“Expandi Rocks!”

Pros: Overall a complete tool with great UI and knowledgebase. Customer Service is top notch and personalization is at another level. Cons: Wish they had more trigger functionality to move data to/from webhooks.

4.4/5 (31 votes)

23. Zopto

Zopto is a powerful multichannel outreach using LinkedIn messages, InMails and emails to get you more prospects. They also integrate with GPT so you can use AI to write personalize messages templates.

zopto linkedin automation tool
Tool TypeMultichannel outreach tool
Automation TypeCloud Based

Main Features:

  • Scrape Linkedin
  • Send connection request
  • Send LinkedIn Messages
  • Send InMails
  • Send emails
  • Send LinkedIn message requests
  • Send Twitter messages
  • Use GPT to write messages
  • Data cleaning
  • CRM integration

zopto linkedin scraper features
A lot of workflow actions availableCan’t modify a campaign once it’s launched
Run when PC is offNo free trial
Integrates to CRMsExpensive
Database filtering system

Pricing Tiers:

  • $157/month for Basic
  • $237/month for Pro
  • Volume Discount Pricing for team & agencies
zopto linkedin pricing


g2 review zopto

“A smart tool, easy to use!”

What do you like best about Zopto? Lots of options: like posts, email invites, the possibility to use sequences, stats, etc.

4.5/5 (62 votes)
capterra review zopto

“Zopto lead generation review “

Pros: Easy to launch a campaign and to run several campaigns across several users – and to create leads at scale. Cons: No analytics – no right-to-left writing (does not support Hebrew)

4.4/5 (65 votes)

24. Waalaxy

Waalaxy (ex-Prospectin) is another French multichannel outreach tool. They started by being a LinkedIn messaging automation tool and then added cold emails in their sequences.

Tool TypeMultichannel outreach tool
Automation TypeCloud Based

Main Features:

  • Scrape Linkedin
  • Send connection request
  • Send LinkedIn messages
  • Send emails
  • Integrate email finder
  • Shared inbox
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • CRM sync
  • Integrates with Recruiter and Sales Navigator

waalaxy linkedin scraper features
Generous free trialNo custom sequence. Only Templates.
Inbox management systemRisk of getting flagged by LinkedIn
Integrated email finder
CRM sync
Bypass LinkedIn connection request limitation

Pricing Tiers:

  • $112/month for Linkedin automation
  • $160/month for Linkedin + Email automation
waalaxy linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review waalaxy

“A Game-Changer in B2B Lead Generation”

Waalaxy seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn, making it a powerful extension of your LinkedIn profile. This integration allows you to access your LinkedIn contacts, view profiles, and send connection requests and messages directly through the platform. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools, saving you valuable time and effort.

4.6/5 (430 votes)
capterra logo waalaxy

“Good option of you are starting with cold outreach campaigns”

Pros: Is it very easy to implement and start prospecting. It includes the proxy management, so it can work even when the computer is off. Cons: Needs to improve the user interface and add more functionalities to use cold email independently of LinkedIn campaigns and better reporting features.

4.5/5 (246)

25. Skylead

Skylead offers an all-in-one solution for LinkedIn automation and cold email software, focusing on smart sequences, email discovery and verification, and personalized image and GIF outreach.

skylead linkedin automation tool

It allows unlimited email automation and integration with various lead sources, enhancing lead generation and outreach efficiency.

Tool TypeAutomation Tool
Automation TypeCloud-Based

Main Features:

  • Linkedin scraping
  • LinkedIn automation for connection requests, messaging, and InMails.
  • Unlimited email automation with a monthly limit of 100,000 emails.
  • Email finder and verifier to ensure message delivery.
  • Personalization options for images and GIFs to increase engagement.
skylead linkedin scraper features

Pricing Tiers:

  • All-in-one Plan: $100/month, offering unlimited email accounts, one LinkedIn account, cloud-based LinkedIn automation, email finder and verifier, and more.

  • White Label Option: Custom pricing, providing all Skylead solutions under your brand, along with dedicated support and agency dashboard.
skylead linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review skylead

“Exactly What I Needed”

Using this platform is easy and efficient, saving me valuable time. I appreciate the customization options for outreach. I found it to be a great investment for my work! There are no negative aspects or areas for improvement that I can think of. The product is perfect as is!!

4.2/5 (14 votes)
capterra review skylead

“Great tool”

Pros: That the tool allows unlimited contacts with potential leads. Great tool for looking people for customer development. Cons: With smaller audiences (targeting smaller groups) campaigns are not that effective (slow into contacting people and often finish the campaign to fast). Experienced some problem with downloaded audiences (some rules for CSV, that are not mentioned anywhere, unless you ask the support)

4.8/5 (17 votes)

26. Surfe

Surfe allows you to add contacts, find qualified emails & synchronize LinkedIn & Sales Navigator conversations to the CRM through their Chrome extension.

If your goal is to scrape LinkedIn to add the data in your CRM, Surfe will be a super handy tool.

surfe linkedin scraping tool
Works onLinkedIn, Sales Navigator

Main Features:

  • Linkedin scraping
  • One-click CRM Integration
  • Data Enrichmen
  • AI-Powered Messaging Templates
  • Advanced CRM Features on LinkedIn
  • Comprehensive Sales Analytics
surfe linkedin scraper features

Pricing Tiers:

  • Essential: $39/month per user
  • Pro: $79/month per user

surfe linkedin scraper pricing


g2 review surfe

“Outbound Data without all the inputs”

It’s incredibly helpful to be able to prospect directly from LinkedIn since most of my clients are fairly active on there. This way I don’t have to work through a separate data enrichment tool’s UI – I can work directly from LinkedIn. It’s also really helpful that we can update certain fields to allow us to know who is working on what account and contacts and what stage they are in.

4.8/5 (36 votes)
capterra review surfe

“Great product”

Pros: It helps me save time when prospecting on LinkedIn to connect between LinkedIn and my CRM. Cons: Sometimes bugs happen but it’s not irritating still worth the money

5/5 (2 votes)

Linkedin Scrapers Final Comparaison

In this table you will find all the information on the different Linkedin scraping tools we mentionned.

LinkedIn ScraperTypePrice (starts at)Free Trial
PhantombusterCloud-Based$6910 leads
Linked HelperDesktop-Based$15Yes
FindymailBrowser-Based$4910 emails
ProspeoCloud-Based$3975 leads
GetProspectCloud-Based$4950 leads
Captain DataCloud-Based$9991000 credits
Octopus CRMCloud-Based$6.99Yes
LixBrowser-Based$3950 leads
Derrick AppCloud-Based$9200 leads
ScruppCloud-Based$391000 credits

Types of LinkedIn Scraping

There are 3 types of LinkedIn scraping:

  1. Cloud-Based Linkedin scraping
  2. Browser-Based Linkedin scraping
  3. Desktop-Based Linkedin scraping

linkedin scraping types

1. Cloud-Based Linkedin scraping

Cloud-Based scraping use your web cookies to run your LinkedIn activities from dedicated servers. No need to install anything on your browser or on your desktop.

cloud based linkedin automation

Pros of Using Cloud-Based Scraping:

  1. Run when your PC is turned off
  2. Uses proxies and VPN
  3. Dedicated IP address
  4. Can manage multiple accounts at the same time
  5. Less likely to be forbidden by your company

Cons of Using Cloud-Based Scraping:

  1. Uses a different IP address than yours
  2. Can use LinkedIn API a lot

2. Browser-Based Linkedin scraping

Browser-Based scraping run their automations by simulating clicks directly on your browser and replicating human behavior.

They need a Chrome Extension to function and take control over your browser.

browser based linkedin automation

Pros of Using Browser-Based Scraping

  1. Usually less expensive (no server costs)
  2. Easy to set up
  3. Offers many features

Cons of Using Browser-Based Scraping

  1. You need to have a browser opened for it to run
  2. Other extensions can interrupt their work
  3. There is a chance to lose the data due to the cache being cleared
  4. Your company might prevent you from installing Chrome Extension

3. Desktop-Based Linkedin scraping

Desktop-Based scraping run directly from your desktop. They usually take the form of an app you have to install on your computer.

desktop based linkedin automation

Pros of using Desktop-Based Scraping:

  1. Uses your own IP address
  2. Can manage multiple accounts at the same time

Cons of using Desktop-Based Scraping

  1. Doesn’t work if your PC is turned off
  2. Likely to be forbidden by your company as it can potentially access all your computer
  3. It consumes a lot of desktop resources

It’s important to know that there is not a solution safer than the others.

The most essential thing to not having your account restricted is to respect LinkedIn limitations.

So, when you chose a tool, make sure they stay under the recommended limitations set by LinkedIn.

Is Scraping Illegal on LinkedIn?

Scraping LinkedIn is not illegal but it’s against their terms of service.

While the platform prohibit scraping, some argue that public information should be fair game.

linkedin scraping limitations 1

In practice, LinkedIn won’t bother you if you respect the limitation they impose:

  • 80 profiles export per day with a free account
  • 150 profiles export per day with a LinkedIn Premium account.
  • 1000 profile export per day with a Sales Navigator account.
  • 2500 profile export per day with a Sales Navigator account + Evaboot.

They are aware that all recruiters and sales need to scrape their data.

Making it illegal would make them lose too much business.

Can I Connect Linkedin Scrapers to my CRM?

Yes. Most Linkedin scraper can directly send the data they extract to your CRM.

linkedin scraping tools crm

if they don’t, you can always download the CSV or Excel file they provide and use the import feature of your CRM to add you leads into it.

import linkedin scraping crm

This features is really to use on the most common CRMs like Pipedrive, Hubsport or Salesforce.

Can You Scrape LinkedIn Data with Python?

Yes, it is possible to scrape LinkedIn data with Python.

There are several libraries available that allow for web scraping, such as Beautiful Soup and Selenium.

You obviously need to know how to code for that.

If you don’t, you can still hire a freelancer to build a custom LinkedIn scraper for your needs.

How To Use Linkedin Scrapers for Lead Generation?

9 ways to use linkedin scrapers for lead generation:

  1. Sales Navigator lead lists
  2. Event attendees
  3. Post likers and commenters
  4. Competitors’ company followers
  5. Group members
  6. LinkedIn contacts
  7. LinkedIn search results
  8. Recruiter lists
  9. Sales Navigator account lists

1. Sales Navigator lead lists

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is by far the best B2B database as the data is constantly updated by LinkedIn users.

Exporting leads from Sales Navigator is a great way to build qualified lead lists as you get a lot data like names, job titles, emails, company names, company website URLs, etc…

This information can be used to create targeted lists of potential customers for your sales team to reach out to.

linkedin scraping for sales

With this data, you can create personalized messaging that speaks directly to the needs and pain points of your ideal prospects.

personalize linkedin message via scraping

Additionally, LinkedIn scraping allows you to identify key decision-makers within a company, allowing you to focus your efforts on those who have the power to make a purchase.

Export Sales Navigator leads with Evaboot

By scraping LinkedIn, you can streamline your sales process, increase your conversion rates, and ultimately drive revenue growth for your business.

2. Event Attendees

LinkedIn events are a great source of leads as you can see people who manifest and interest in a particular topic.

export linkedin event attendees

If you export LinkedIn event attendees using a tool like Phantombuster, you can get these attendees into a CSV file contact they mentioning the event.

These events provide a great icebreaker for your prospecting messages.

3. Post likers and commenters

Same thing for LinkedIn posts.

People liking and commenting LinkedIn posts are manifesting an interest in a specific topic.

export linkedin post commenters 1024x974 1

If you export LinkedIn post commenters or likers and then reach out to them, that provide a great icebreaker for your prospecting messages.

4. Competitors’ company followers

Why do you bother building an audience for scratch when your competitors are already doing all the work for you?

Export Sales Navigator leads with Evaboot

There is a hack you can use to extract your competitors company page followers.

This is really good data as if someone follow a competitor on LinkedIn, you can be pretty sure that they will be interested in your products or services.

5. Group members

Like events and posts, being a member of a LinkedIn groups is a sign of interest.

Export Sales Navigator leads with Evaboot

By exporting LinkedIn group members, you are to build a qualified lead list of people interested in a specific topic.

All members joined the group for a reason: they were looking for answers to their problems.

Try to find if they found it or if they still need help.

6. LinkedIn contacts

You can export your LinkedIn contacts from LinkedIn settings, but that will only give you a few emails.

export copy linkedin data 1024x563.png

If you want more data and more emails, it’s better to export your LinkedIn contacts using a LinkedIn scraping tool.

linkedin contacts export excel 1024x486.png

You can do it through the LinkedIn or the Sales Navigator search engine.

It will give better, cleaner data and more emails.

7. LinkedIn search results

If you don’t have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account yet (which I recommend if you are serious about LinkedIn prospecting), you can still export your LinkedIn search results from the basic search engine.

export linkedin search results to excel 1024x454 1

The best tool for that is Phantombuster.

But be aware that you will be limited as you can only visit 80-100 LinkedIn profile per day with a free account.

8. Recruiter lists

LinkedIn scraping can be a powerful tool for recruiters looking to find the best candidates for their organization.

linkedin recruiter scraping

By using web scraping software, recruiters can export LinkedIn profiles containing specific keywords and job titles, making it easier to build a list of candidates with the right skills and experience.

Once the recruiter has compiled a list of potential candidates, they can use LinkedIn’s messaging feature to reach out to them and gauge their interest in the position.

They can also upload the files into their own Applicant Tracking System.

9. Sales Navigator account lists

LinkedIn Sakes Navigator account list scraping can be a powerful tool for conducting competition analysis.

By analyzing the profiles of competitors, businesses can gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their strategies for success.

linkedin scraping competition analysis

One effective approach is to use a web scraping tool to collect data on competitors’ job titles, skills, and educational backgrounds.

This information can then be used to identify patterns and trends that can inform a company’s own hiring and training strategies.

scrape competitors data linkedin

Additionally, LinkedIn scraping can help businesses identify potential partners, customers, and suppliers by analyzing connections between competitors and other industry player

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