How to Export Linkedin Group Members? [With Emails in 2023]

Want to export linkedin group members to generate leads?

You are in the right place!

It’s really easy to do if you have a Sales Navigator Account (if you don’t have one you can use a free trial)

  1. Select Linkedin Group Members on Sales Navigator
  2. Export Linkedin Group Members with Evaboot
  3. Download Group Members in CSV and find their emails
  4. What if the Linkedin Group has 2.5K+ members?

Let’s so how reaching out to linkedin group members can improve the reply rate to your linkedin outreach campaigns.

1. Select Linkedin Group Members on Sales Navigator

Open the Sales Navigator search filters.

Look for Linkedin group member filter.

search linkedin groups members

Simply select the group you want to extract, and the members will appear on the search engine.

export linkedin group members

Then you can refine your list by adding other filters to this search.

Let’s say you’re not interested in all the members of the group but only by the CEO’s in London.

find decision makers linkedin groups

You can also use linkedin boolean search in the Job Title to build a targeted lead list. Here is a tutorial:

2. Export Linkedin Group Members with Evaboot

Once the members are displayed, you simply need to install the Evaboot Chrome Extension and click on the button to extract the results

Click on “Extract with Evaboot”

export linkedin group members

Give a name to your group extraction and press the launch button

get linkedin group members into csv

3. Download Group Members in CSV and Find their Emails

Once the linkedin group extraction job is finished, you’ll be able to download your file by clicking here:

download linkedin group members from linkedin sales navigator

You can even add find the emails of the group members by clicking on the button Find Emails.

What if the Linkedin Group has 2.5K+ members?

If the Linkedin Group has more than 2.5K+ members, you’ll need to split the search into several chunks using the Seniority Level and Function filter.

What data can I export from Linkedin Group Members?

Here is all the data you can get when you export Linkedin Group Members:

  • Profile URL
  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Company Website
  • Company LinkedIn URL
  • First name, Last name
  • Location
  • Company Industry
  • Company Size
  • Exact number of employees in the company
  • Profile picture URL
  • Years in position
  • Number of connection (can be useful to see if your prospect if active on LinkedIn or not)
  • Company Type
  • Company creation date
  • Company description
  • Company Specialities (Keywords describing what the company is doing)

You can use all this data to complete your CRM or use it for your Linkedin prospecting campaigns.

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