3 Hacks to Steal Your Competitors’ Audience on LinkedIn

Why bother building a qualified audience from scratch when your competitors have already done all the work for you?

In this video I’m going to show you 3 ways to steal your competitors’ audience on LinkedIn by:

  1. Extracting LinkedIn company page followers
  2. Extracting LinkedIn post commenters
  3. Extracting LinkedIn event attendees

Let’s dive in how you can use LinkedIn scraping tools to steal the audience of your competitors.

Hack Into Your Competitor Followers on LinkedIn

The first technique consists extracting followers of your competitors’ LinkedIn company pages.

If they follow the page of the company, they obviously have an interest into the product or service they are selling. You can also use this technique to make a competitor analysis.

This technique requires a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription.

Step #1: Create a fake LinkedIn account

You can’t do this technique with your own account as LinkedIn prevent to do the too much.

So the first step is to create a new LinkedIn account and add a job experience at your competitor’s company.

steam competitors company page followers

Step #2: Take the Sales Navigator free trial

You obviously don’t way to pay LinkedIn Sales Navigator just to get your competitor’s followers.

sales navigator free trial

Good news, there is a one-month free trial you can use.

Step #3: Select company page followers

Open LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Go to the leads search into the “Spotlight” category and select “Following your company”.

select company page followers linkedin sales navigator
You will see on the right a list of all your competitor’s followers.
linkedin competitors followers

Don’t forget to exclude the people working for your competitor!

exlude employee from company page followers

You obviously don’t want to send prospecting messages to the company owners or employees.

Step #4: Extract followers and get their emails

Once you have this list, you can extract it into a CSV and get their email addresses with Evaboot.

The process is extremely simple, you just need to click on “Extract with Evaboot” to download the list into an excel file.

linkedin sales navigator scraper chrome extension

Step #5: Followers Outreach

Once you have this list with contact details, you can reach out to them manually or build a LinkedIn prospecting campaign.

For this type of outreach, I would recommend something really direct like this.

Template for competitors’ followers outreach


I’m reaching out because I’ve seen you follow <competitor on LinkedIn>

Our product/service is similar but <why your product or service is better than competition>

Are you currently still interested in <problem you are solving>?

Best, JB

It’s important to be precise if the prospect is still interested in the matter because he may have followed this company a while ago.

That’s it for the first technique. Now let’s dive right into the 2nd technique: extract competitors’ post commenters.

Reach Out Competitors’ Post Commenters & Likers

Tons of people are reacting to LinkedIn post every day. A reaction to a post is a great signal of interest for a topic.

That’s why reaching out to people reacting to your competitors’ LinkedIn posts (profile or company page) can be a good idea.

Step #1: Follow everyone in your niche

To detect opportunities in your niche, you need to have your competitors’ posts into your LinkedIn feed.

linkedin post commenters

So make sure to follow every competitor and influencer in your niche.

Timing is critical in this kind of outreach, if you send messages to post commenters right after they commented on the post, your reply rate will be much higher as the memory is still fresh.

steal linkedin competitors post commenters

On the other hand, you want to let enough time for the post to gather a maximum of reacts. That’s why I would recommend to wait at least 24 hours before doing the second step.

If you see an interesting post, you can copy-paste the post URL to have it for later.

Step #2: Extract post commenters and likers

To extract the LinkedIn post commenters, we are going to use Phantombuster.

More precisely, the post commenters and post likers export.

export linkedin post commenters likers

Just copy and paste the URL of your post here:

linkedin post url

Phantombuster, will extract:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Job title
  • Degree connection

For every post commenters or likers:

linkedin post extract

Step #3: Post Commenters Outreach

Here is an example of results I’ve obtained with this tactic for a webinar promotion. Approximately 30% reply rate for the campaign.

reach to competitors post commenters linkedin

Here is a template you can use:

Template for Post commenters and likers outreach


I’m reaching out because I’ve seen your reaction to <post of your competitor>.

< I’m doing a webinar/ I wrote a white paper> on the exact same thing next week.

Are you interested in getting more content on the topic?

Best, JB

It’s always better to propose a content and not directly your product or service.

For the next technique, we are going to use the exact same technique and tools but for LinkedIn event attendees.

Reach Out to Competitors’ Event Attendees

One of your competitors for a LinkedIn event? Great news, he’s probably spending money on ads, sending prospecting message etc…

The thing is you can steal the results of all this work as the list of LinkedIn event attendees is public.

Step #1: Look for LinkedIn events

Attending to a LinkedIn event is a great signal of interest in a topic. To find LinkedIn event:

  1. Go to the LinkedIn search
  2. Write some keywords
  3. Use the event filters

You are going to see a list of events filled with potential customers.

find competitors linkedin events

Step #2: Extract LinkedIn event attendees

To get access to the list of event attendees you must click on “Attend”.

get access to linkedin events attendees list

Once you click on it, the “Networking” tab will appear and will get access to the list of all event attendees.

networkin tab linkedin events

Once this is done, you can go back to Phantombuster and look for the event attendees extractor.

export competitor event guest into csv

You will get all the info you need into a CSV file:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Job title
  • Degree connection

Let’s see the best way to contact these guys.

Step #3: Event Guests Outreach

You have 2 options to contact LinkedIn event guests:

  1. Before the event
  2. After the event

For this kind of LinkedIn outreach, I would recommend something super simple and really short:

Template for guest outreach before the event


I’m reaching out because I’ve seen you’ll also attend to <webinar name> next week 🙂

Do you know <competitor name> well?

The goal here is not to sell but to open a conversation about the problem you are solving.

Template for guest outreach after the event


I’m reaching out because I’ve seen you attended to <competitor’s event>

I missed the event and I’m looking for feedbacks.

Was it valuable?

Here, you are looking on feedbacks regarding your competitor’s performance. If your prospect has been disappointed by your competitor, that’s a golden opportunity for you.

Bonus: Reach Out to Competitors’ Group Members

If your competitors have built a LinkedIn group, you can also extract the group members using Phantombuster.

If you have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, you can also do it with Evaboot. Here is a video tutorial:

However, I don’t recommend this technique as most LinkedIn group are dead or full of spammers.

If you want to try this approach anyway, here is a template you can use:

Template for group members outreach


I’m reaching out because I’ve seen you’re still a member of this group: <name of the group>

Are you still interested in this topic?

I’m looking to exchange with people in this niche

Best, JB

That’s it for this tutorial.

If you have any questions feel free to use the chat.

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