How to Export Leads from Linkedin Sales Navigator? [Find Emails & Phone Numbers]

Can you export sales navigator leads to excel?

You can’t do it with Sales Navigator alone.

Exporting leads from Linkedin Sales Navigator into an Excel file is not a native feature.

To export leads from Sales Navigator, you will need a Chrome Extension.

How to export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Excel in 3 steps?

how to export leads from sales navigator to excel

Here is what a LinkedIn Sales Navigator lead export looks like.

Want to get the same result?

Here is how to export sales navigator leads to excel in 3 simple steps

1.Install Evaboot Chrome Extension

Go to the Chrome Store to download the Evaboot Chrome Extension.

export leads from sales navigator

Then, create an account on Evaboot and click on “Open Sales Navigator”.

open linkedin sales navigator

This button will open Sales Navigator so you can export linkedin sales navigator list or search.

2.Make a search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Make a search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator as usual.

Then click on the new button “Extract with Evaboot” on the top of your LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results.

extract search results to csv linkedin sales navigator

3.Export leads from Sales Navigator to CSV in one click

Here is how to export linkedin sales navigator leads.

Give a name to your export.

Click on “Extract leads”

Wait a few minutes to get the results!

launch sales navigator export with Evaboot

Once the extraction is finished, you will be able to get your sales navigator download here:

download list linkedin sales navigator

Evaboot will do 3 things:

  • Export leads from Sales Navigator: profile and company page information (domain name, industry, etc..)
  • Clean data: first names, last names, company names of your leads
  • Double-check your leads to tell you if they really match with you search filters you selected on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
filter leads from linkedin sales navigator searches

This way, you can save a huge amount of time on lead qualification & cleaning!

If you want to export account searches from Sales Navigator, the process is exactly the same.

You just need to go on the Account Lists tab instead of the Lead lists Tab on Sales Navigator.

account tab linkedin sales navigator

That’s how you export searches from Sales Navigator.

In case you want to export lead lists from Linkedin Sales Navigator, we got you covered as well.

The process is pretty much the same.

How to export lead lists from Sales Navigator to a spreadsheet?

Sometimes, you want to handpick your leads 🤏

So you’re not exporting the search directly, but you prefer to build a list from it instead.

No worries, you still can export lists from Sales Navigator with Evaboot.

Here is how to export your lead list:

  1. Open your Lead List on Sales Navigator
  2. Export lead list from Linkedin Sales Navigator to Excel
  3. Download your file

1. Open Lead List on Sales Navigator

To export a linkedin sales navigator list, go to “Lead lists” tab on your Sales Navigator.

export lead list from linkedin sales navigator

Select the lead list you want to export from Sales Navigator

how to download lead list from sales navigator

2.Export Linkedin Sales Navigator list

Once your list is opened, you just need to click on “Extract with Evaboot” to export list from Sales Navigator

how to export list from linkedin sales navigator to excel

You can choose a specific tab in your lead list and Evaboot will only extract these specific leads.

spotlights lead list sales navigator

3. Download your lead list from Sales Navigator

  • Name your extraction
  • Press the button “Extract X Leads”
  • You’ll be able to download your lead list within 30 minutes

Notes 

Lead extractions from Sales Navigator are limited to 2500/day for the safety of your account

launch sales navigator lead list export to csv

If you want to export account lists from Linkedin Sales Navigator, the process is exactly the same.

You just need to go on the Account Lists tab instead of the Lead lists Tab on Sales Navigator.

extract account list linkedin sales navigator

How to get emails & phone numbers from Linkedin Sales Navigator leads?

Now that you have a clean CSV of leads, you can use an email finder to enrich them.

Every email finder needs 4 data points to do their job:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Company Domain

1.Make sure to export the necessary data from Linkedin Sales Navigator

Sometimes people forget to extract the company domain, but this is a huge mistake because having the domain will increase verified email discovery by 10-20%!

Why is it important to provide websites to email finders?

When you don’t give a website directly to an email finder, the email finder will go on Google an try to find the website for you.

If the company name you provide is really specific (like Welcome To the Jungle for example), the email finder will no struggle to find the correct website, because not so much companies are named like that.

how emails finders work

On the other hand, if the company name is something really generic like ABC Digital Consulting, there is a chance many companies are name like that and dozens of website exists for this name (.co, .com, .ai, .io, etc…)

The email finder won’t find the correct domain name you are looking for every time…

And you will end-up contacting the wrong prospect.

So, remember to always provide the websites to email finders!

2.How to Get Emails from Sales Navigator?

After extracting data from Linkedin Sales Navigator, you can use the Evaboot email finder to add emails to your file.

export emails from linkedin sales navigator

You can select if you want to enrich all the leads or only the one that have been declared as qualified by Evaboot.

enrich sales navigator leads with emails

You can choose to enrich either:

  • The leads that Evaboot algorithm declared as Qualified
  • All the leads in your search

Click on the button and wait a few minutes.

download email list from linkedin sales navigator

You just created a clean email list from Linkedin Sales Navigator in 2 clicks with Evaboot

export emails from linkedin sales navigator

3.How to get phone numbers from Sales Navigator

If you need the phone number when you export sales navigator leads, you should go with Rocket Reach.

Dropcontact is good at finding emails but not so good at finding phone numbers.

For that, you need to format your data ta respect Rocket Reach requirements. To do that you can upload your CSV to Google Sheet and:

  • Change “Prospect LinkedIn URL” to “LinkedIn URL”
  • Change “Full Name” to “Name”
  • Change “Company Name” to “Current Employer”
format data for rocket reach upload

Go to Rocket Reach Bulk Upload and drag and drop the CSV you just modified.

upload leads to rocket reach

Match the columns:

The more you give information to Rocket Reach, the more you will increase your chances to find the number

You get tons of information with Evaboot, so you can fill:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Company Domain
  • Email (if you enriched with Dropcontact)
match column rocket reach

Launch the enrichment and get your data.

get emails and phone numbers from linkedin sales navigator

You can now upload this data into your CRM of your favorite outreach tools to launch an outbound campaign.

Which data can I export from Linkedin Sales Navigator?

Evaboot download from Linkedin Sales Navigator all the data that is displayed on the leads profile and their company pages.

That is to say:

  • Profile URL (for you LinkedIn prospecting campaigns)
  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Company Website (to find the email of your leads)
  • Company LinkedIn URL
  • First name, Last name
  • Location
  • Company Industry
  • Company Size
  • Exact number of employees in the company
  • Profile picture’s URL (to add them in your cold emails)
  • Years in position
  • Number of connection (can be useful to see if your prospect if active on LinkedIn or not)
  • Company Type
  • Company creation date
  • Company description
  • Company Specialities (Keywords describing what the company is doing)

You can use all this data to build a really complete profile of your lead in your CRM or use it for your Linkedin sales prospecting campaigns.

How to stay safe while I am exporting leads from Sales Navigator?

There are two limitations to know when you want to download linkedin sales navigator lead lists:

  1. The Sales Navigator search results Limitation
  2. The Sales Navigator extraction Limitation

1.The Sales Navigator Search Results Limitation

This limit exists because LinkedIn only shows 100 pages of 25 results on Sales Navigator, and there are 25 prospects per page (25*100=2500).

sales navigator export leads limits

LinkedIn imposes this limit to protect it database from abusive extractors that want to extract all data available on LinkedIn.

So if there is more than 2500 prospects in your search, you’ll need to split it into several chunks to be able to extract all your leads from Sales Navigator.

For the account search, the results are limited to 1000 accounts (40 pages of 25 accounts each)

account search page limitation sales navigator

2.The Sales Navigator Extraction Limitation

LinkedIn has built technical systems to protect it database from abusive extractors.

Among them, the limitation of page visits.

Evaboot limits Sales Navigator lead export to 2500 per day to guarantee the safety of your account.

We will automatically block you if you try to go beyond that limit.

Notes 

Be careful if you use Evaboot + another tool. You will be able to export more than 2.5K leads but this will really endanger your Linkedin account.

We scrap every profile with prospect and company pages in order to provide you detailed information about your targets and filter your results.

That way you can get all the data available on LinkedIn on your prospect.

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