How To Export Leads From Linkedin Sales Navigator? [2023 Tutorial]

Exporting lead lists is not a native Linkedin Sales Navigator feature. You need to use another tool on top of Linkedin Sales Navigator to export your leads into a spreadsheet.

With Evaboot, getting your export in a CSV file only takes one click.

export leads sales navigator to excel

Let’s see how it works in this video:

How To Export Leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

The only way to export your leads from Sales Navigator is to install a Chrome extension. Once you have it installed, a new button “Extract” will appear at the top of your lead lists. Simply click on it to export your leads and their contact information into a spreadsheet.

3 steps to export leads from Linkedin Sales Navigator:

  1. Install Evaboot Chrome extension
  2. Open your lead list on Sales Navigator
  3. Click the “Extract with Evaboot” Button

1. Install Evaboot Chrome extension

Go to the Chrome Store to download the Evaboot Chrome Extension.

export leads from sales navigator

Then, create an account on Evaboot and click on “Open Sales Navigator”.

open linkedin sales navigator

This button will redirect you to Linkedin Sales Navigator.

2. Open your lead list on Sales Navigator

Go the lead list you want to export, it can be a:

  • Lead search
  • Lead list
  • Account search
  • Account list
  • Saved search

Evaboot handles all these use cases.

If you have downloaded the extension you will see a new button “Extract with Evaboot” on the top of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator page.

extract search results to csv linkedin sales navigator

3. Click the “Extract with Evaboot” Button

Click on the button and you will be redirected to the Evaboot app.

Give a name to your export and click on “Extract leads”

launch sales navigator export with evaboot

The estimated end date will appear on the left.

Once the extraction is finished, you will receive an email containing the sales navigator extraction.

You can also come back to the app and download the file by clicking on the icon below “File”.

download list linkedin sales navigator

How Does Evaboot Sales Navigator Scraper Work?

Evaboot Linkedin Sales Navigator scraper will do 3 things:

  1. Export all data available on Sales Navigator
  2. Clean the data
  3. Double-check your leads

1. Export all data available on Sales Navigator

Evaboot download from Linkedin Sales Navigator a ton of contact information.

For every lead extract Evaboot gets:

  • Profile URL
  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Company Website
  • Company LinkedIn URL
  • First name, Last name
  • Location
  • Company Industry
  • Company Size
  • Exact number of employees in the company
  • Profile picture’s URL
  • Years in position
  • Number of linkedin connections
  • Company Type
  • Company creation date
  • Company description
  • Company Specialities

You can use all this data to build a complete profile of your leads in your CRM or use it for your cold email or Linkedin prospecting campaigns.

2. Clean the data

The data on Linkedin is not clean. Cleaning data from your sales navigator export can take hours if you do it manually.

cleanshot 2022 08 23 at 16.27.42@2x

Hopefully, the Evaboot cleaning algorithm takes care of all this work for you by automatically cleaning:

  • first names
  • last names
  • company names
  • job titles

Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning Excel files. Better let robots do this boring job.

cleaning sales navigator scraping

3. Double-check your leads

You will often find false-positive inside your linkedin sales navigator search results. Even if you are using super precise linkedin search operators.

Meaning leads that don’t match with search filters you entered the sales navigator search engine

linkedin sales navigator filters problem

That is why a lot of people spend hours double-checking their search results manually. This is a painful task.

No problem. Evaboot also got your back on this.

Our algorithm double-check your leads to see you if they really match with your search filters you selected on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

filtering sales navigator export

In this export, there is a column named “No Match Reasons”. This column will tell you if your leads really match your search filters.

If they don’t, we will explain why. In this example the leads have the wrong title. The initial search was looking for Growth Marketers.

If you want to know how to reduce the number of false-positives in your sales navigator searches, you can our complete sales navigator tutorial.

How to Get Emails From Linkedin Sales Navigator?

Here is how to get emails from Linkedin Sales Navigator:

  1. Launch an extract with Evaboot
  2. Click on the “Find Emails” button

1. Export data with Evaboot

To optimize the efficiency of any email finder, you need to provide the right data points. All the email finder will ask you 4 things to do their job correctly:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Company Name
  4. Company Domain

Most people don’t always provide company domain, but this is a huge mistake.

Providing the domain will increase verified email discovery by 10-20%!

how emails finders work

When you don’t give a website directly to an email finder, the email finder will go on Google and try to find the website for you.

If the company name you provide is really specific (like Welcome To the Jungle for example), the email finder will not struggle to find the correct website, because not so many companies are named like that.

find emails from sales navigator export 2

On the other hand, if the company name is something really generic like ABC Digital Consulting, there is a chance many companies are name like that and dozens of websites exist for this name (.co, .com, .ai, .io, etc…)

The email finder won’t find the correct domain name you are looking for every time…

And you will end-up contacting the wrong prospects.

So, remember to always provide the websites to email finders.

2. Click on the “Find Emails” button

After your extraction is over, you can use the Evaboot email finder to add emails to your file.

Simply click on the “Find Emails” button.

export emails from linkedin sales navigator

You can choose to enrich either:

  1. All the leads in your search
  2. Only the leads declared qualified by the Evaboot filtering algorithm

enrich sales navigator leads with emails

Click on “Enrich Leads” and wait a few minutes.

download email list from linkedin sales navigator

Congratulations. You just created an email list from Linkedin Sales Navigator in 2 clicks with Evaboot

export emails from linkedin sales navigator

Note that Evaboot does not simply extract emails from sales navigator.

We use 3 different techniques:

  1. Extracting emails from linkedin
  2. Find emails on the web
  3. Guess emails patterns with algorithms

Not that you can do the reserve and also find linkedin URLs from emails using other tools.

Also want phone numbers?

We got you covered

How to Get Phone Numbers From Sales Navigator?

Here is how to get phone numbers from Linkedin Sales Navigator:

  1. Extract leads from Sales Navigator with Evaboot
  2. Upload CSV file into Datagma

1. Export data with Evaboot

Exactly like email finders, phone finders needs a maximum of data to work efficiently.

Evaboot extract all the data available on linkedin, so it’s a perfect input for phone finders.

2. Upload CSV file into Datagma

The second step is to take the CSV file from Evaboot on upload it into Datagma Bulk Phone Finder.

Connect to Datagma and click on Search > File Upload > Mobile Phone Numbers Only

bulk linkedin mobile phone finder 1

There will be a column matching step:

  • Select Prospect Linkedin URL Flag for the first filed
  • Prospect Full name for the second field
match data bulk phone finder

Wait for the file processing to over and…. boom. You get hundreds of phone numbers added in your file.

You will on pay phone credits when Datagma find a phone number.

extract phone numbers from sales navigator

That’s it. You just build a super clean lead list with phone numbers.

Linkedin Sales Navigator Extraction Limitations

There are two limitations to know when you export from linkedin sales navigator lead lists:

  1. The search results limitation
  2. The daily extraction limitation

1. The search results limitation

This limit exists because LinkedIn only shows 100 pages of 25 results on Sales Navigator, and there are 25 prospects per page (25*100=2500).

sales navigator export leads limits

LinkedIn imposes this limit to protect it database from abusive extractors that want to extract all data available on LinkedIn.

So if there is more than 2500 prospects in your search, you’ll need to split it into several chunks to be able to extract all your leads from Sales Navigator.

For the account search, the results are limited to 1000 accounts (40 pages of 25 accounts each)

account search page limitation sales navigator

2. The daily extraction limitation

If you want to get results with linkedin outreach, you must respect the rules. LinkedIn has built technical systems to protect it database from abusive extractors.

Among them, the limitation of page visits.

Evaboot limits Sales Navigator lead export to 2500 per day to guarantee the safety of your account.

We will automatically block you if you try to go beyond that limit.

Notes 

Be careful if you use Evaboot + another tool. You will be able to export more than 2.5K leads, but this will really endanger your Linkedin account.

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