GDPR Compliant Linkedin Sales Navigator Scraper

Evaboot respects all the constraints imposed to web scrapers to be considered GDPR compliant


Live Extraction

All the data is extracted live on the web by the Evaboot scraping algorithm.

no database extract (1)

No Database

We don’t store the data we extract on websites to resell it to our users.

no personal emails

No personal emails

We only provide professional emails that are GDPR compliant for prospecting.

The 5 Lawful Reasons of Web Scraping

Legitimate Interest

Prove there is a legitimate interest for the person who is being contacted.


Personal data is required for performance of a contract with the data subject.


Necessary for compliance with a legal obligation.

Vital Interest

 For state-run bodies where access to personal data is in the public’s interest.


the data subject (person whose data we have) consented to us having their data.

GDPR compliance of B2B prospecting is based on Legitimate Interest.

B2B Prospecting is GDPR compliant as long as you gather B2B info to contact people on their pro emails to offer them a product or a service that can bring value to their activity.

safe linkedin scraping


We make sure your account never goes above the scraping limitations set by Linkedin.



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Check our Data Protection Agreement to see what Evaboot does with the data.

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