How To Get Verified Emails From LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is by far the best B2B database for finding leads.

You can find a lot of information like job title, company name, company size, etc.

But what about the emails of your LinkedIn contacts?

does linkedin sales navigator provides email addresses
Export Sales Navigator leads for free

Finding emails on Sales Navigator is not easy.

You must know the right techniques and tools.

If you are a recruiter, a founder, or a sales rep, keep reading.

You are going to learn how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get the email of any decision-maker.

Let’s boost the results of your email campaigns.

Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Provide Email Addresses?

The best way to find emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator is to use a Chrome Extension like Evaboot . This tool lets you quickly pull up to 2,500 leads, complete with their LinkedIn profiles and confirmed work emails, with just one click.

Export Sales Navigator leads for free

While LinkedIn Sales Navigator sometimes displays email addresses in the “Contact Info” or “About” sections of profiles, this method proves to be insufficient.

For large amounts of leads, it’s better to use bulk LinkedIn scraping tools.

Let’s see how both techniques work.

Where to Manually Find Emails on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

3 places to manually get emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator profiles:

  1. Contact Information
  2. About Section
  3. Banner

1. Contact Information

Contact info section is the number one place to go to find emails of your prospect profiles, along with their website and Twitter account.

get emails from sales navigator on contact information setion

Most of the time, the profile must be part of your LinkedIn connections so you can get access to it.

2. About Section

If you can’t find the email in the Contact Information Section, you can try to look inside the About Section.

get emails from sales navigator about section

Some people tend to share their email at the end of that one, especially if they have something to sell.

3. Banner

If you are lucky, you might also find emails on LinkedIn banners, usually on consultants’ profiles or other people that have something to sell.

find email sales navigator banner

These techniques are useful if you are manually looking for emails. However, in addition to being time-consuming, they have a lot of limitations.

5 Limits Of Searching For Emails Manually on Sales Navigator

The limits to look for emails manually on Sales Navigator:

  1. Low Discovery Rate
  2. The Necessity to Be Connected
  3. A Majority of Personal Emails
  4. Outdated Emails
  5. Unverified Emails

1. Low Discovery Rate

Few people make the choice to share their contact information publicly.

Based on a study led on +100K Sales Navigator profiles, we were able to confirm that only 30% of share their emails with their 1st degree connection.

1st degree connection emails sales navigator

So if you take LinkedIn as your unique source to find emails, you will only find them for a third of your lead list.

2. The Necessity to Be Connected

The discovery rate is pretty low for 1st degree connections, but it’s much worse for 2nd and 3rd degree connections.

2nd 3rd degree connection emails sales navigator

Regarding on people that you’re not connected with on LinkedIn, the discovery rate is 5% for email and 0.5% for phone numbers.

You can see that being connected on LinkedIn is almost mandatory to optimize your chances to get the email of your prospect.

Your ability to find emails on LinkedIn is therefore heavily connected to the number of connection of your LinkedIn account.

You obviously don’t want to send a connection request every time you want someone’s email, right?

3. A Majority Of Personal Emails

Most of the emails you will find on LinkedIn Sales Navigator won’t be professional emails; they will be personal emails (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

professional vs personal emails sales navigator

That can be a big problem because prospecting using personal email addresses is not GDPR-compliant.

They also need to be extracted in real-time and not come from databases.

If your prospect EU citizens are using personal emails, you expose your business to a fine that can go up to 4% of your annual global turnover.

get personal emails on linkedin sales navigator

Plus, your prospect won’t appreciate that you used their personal email addresses for business prospecting.

4. Outdated Emails

The email added in the contact details section are often given when you create your LinkedIn profile.

example of outdated email on sales navigator

As the LinkedIn profile gets older, the more chances that the email provided is outdated or not from the right company.

real email address on linkedin sales navigator

On this example, where the real email address is given in the about section, and it’s different from the ones given in the contact details.

5. Unverified Emails

LinkedIn Sales Navigator does not verify emails. All the data is added manually by it users. That exposes the data to a lot of outdated data, errors, typos, etc.

It means that finding an email on LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not guaranteed to have the right emails.

verify email linkedin sales navigator 1

If you shoot LinkedIn emails without verifying them first, you expose yourself to getting bounced emails. That may affect the reputation of your email domain in the long run.

Better be careful and always verify the emails found with tools like Zerobounce or Neverbounce which will tell you if the emails really exist.

You have just seen that Sales Navigator email extraction has a lot of limitations.

If you just extract emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you won’t go far.

Let’s see a much more efficient technique.

How Do Linkedin Sales Navigator Email Finders Work?

Sales Navigator email finder uses 3 techniques to get emails:

  1. Linkedin Scraping
  2. Pattern Matching
  3. Web Scraping
3 techniques find emails sales navigator

1. Linkedin Scraping

The first thing that most Sales Navigator emails will do is to automate the manual operations you can do to find emails on Linkedin.

That is to say:

  1. Scrape shared Contact Information
  2. Scrape emails in About section
scrape emails linkedin sales navigator

Usually this technique won’t get so much emails.

That is why Sales Navigator email finders also use Pattern Matching.

2. Pattern Matching

All the emails in a company follow the same structure:

  • etc…
how email finder find email pattern

Once you found one, you found them all.

That’s how most email finder algorithms work.

In order to maximize their efficiency, you must provide 3 things:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Company domain (website)

With these 3 data points, they will be able to test all the combination that are possible for the email of your LinkedIn leads.

linkedin sales navigator great source email finder

That’s why LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great source for email finder tools as it provides exactly the data they need:

  1. First name and last name from the LinkedIn profile
  2. Company website from the LinkedIn company page

If the company website can’t be foudn on Linkedin, the email finder will to guess it from the company name

That generally gives less good results as they will try to guess the company website using Google.

find emails from sales navigator export 2

This works for unique company names like Welcome To The Jungle. Because obviously you don’t have dozens of website named like.

But imagine you look for emails in a company name AB consulting. There will be dozens of websites like:

  • etc…

Email finder can have trouble identifyion the right domain.

That is why it’s always better to provide the email finders with the right company names.

3. Web Scraping

The last technique find emails is to use web scraping to get emails on:

  • Forums
  • Company websites
  • Social media profiles
  • any other web pages…

It’s usually done through Google scraping.

find email from web scraping

Evaboot uses theses techniques.

Let’s see how it works right now.

How To Get Emails From Linkedin Sales Navigator In Bulk?

How to find emails from Sales Navigator in bulk:

  1. Install Evaboot Chrome Extension
  2. Export your leads from Linkedin Sales Navigator
  3. Launch Bulk Email Finder & Verifier

1. Install Evaboot Chrome Extension

Go to, signup and download the Evaboot Chrome Extension.

evaboot sales navigator email finder
Export Sales Navigator leads for free

Once you have the extension installed, you will get a new button “Export with Evaboot” integrated in your LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

export sales navigator lead lists

Note that you can only export Sales Navigator searches with Evaboot, it won’t work with basic LinkedIn search.

You must have a Sales Navigator account to use this technique.

2. Export your leads from Linkedin Sales Navigator

After you have made your lead lists using advanced search filters like job titles, company size, etc., you can go to any lead list or search on click on “Export with Evaboot”.

export sales navigator search

Then select if you want to export your leads with or without emails.

export leads with emails

Name your search and launch your export.

name linkedin sales navigator email export

Wait for the export to be completed. You will receive an email when it’s finished.

email export sales navigator launched

You can then click on download to get all these leads into a clean CSV file.

You will send all the profile URLs of your LinkedIn leads along with all their LinkedIn data (profile and company page data)

Even if you selected to exported Sales Navigator leads without emails, you can still add them after the export step.

To add them, simply click on the button “Find Emails” that you can see next to your export name.

get emails from linkedin sales navigator leads

3. Download your email list

Once the email finder has runned on your lead list, you will get access to the email finder stats.

Once the column “Email” you will able to see the number of emails found.

sales navigator email finder stats

If you click on this number you will get the details of:

  1. Safe emails
  2. Risky emails
  3. Emails not found
safe and risky email sales navigator


(replace screenshot)

get emails from sales navigator 1

evaboot pricing

In terms of pricing, Evaboot charges:

  • 1 credit per lead exported
  • 1 credit per email found

It means 1 lead exported with an email = 2 credits.

We have a volume-based pricing with different credit amounts:

  • $29/month for 500 credits
  • $49/month for 1500 credits
  • $99/month for 400 credits
  • and you have even higher volume available on the app.

There are other LinkedIn email finders that can do the same thing as Skrapp, GetProspect, or Snovio. Feel free to make your benchmark.

Email Verification From Linkedin Sales Navigator

3 types of emails you can get from Linkedin Sales Navigator:

  1. Safe emails
  2. Risky emails
  3. Unfound emails

1. Safe emails

An email is marked safe when it has been successfully validated by our email verifier.

safe email linkedin sales navigator

It means we sent a request to the server and the reply was positive.

There is 99% chance the email exists.

2. Risky email

Riskier emails are catch-all emails.

Catch-all emails servers capture emails sent to any invalid email addresses of the domain.

When configured, the emails sent to any email address related to the domain will not be bounced back.

risky emails linkedin sales navigator

It means this email can’t be verified as we can’t get a YES/NO reply from the server.

The only way to verify catch-all emails is to shoot them.

We advise you maintain a 30-40% of riskier email in your list maximum to control your bounce.

3. Unfound Emails

Let’s see several reasons that can explain a low discovery rate:

  1. Empty contact information
  2. Missing input data
  3. Your industry

1. Empty contact information

If your targets usually don’t share their email on their LinkedIn profiles.

That is a first element that can explain a low discovery rate.

empty contact info linkedin sales navigator

This happens for most profiles though so we are used to managing these uses cases.

That is why we also use pattern finding techniques using:

– first name
– last name
– company website

2. Missing Input Data

The better the input data, the easier it will be to find the right pattern.

Let’s take the example of this user.

In this search there were a lot of leads with missing websites and/or with missing family names;

cleanshot 2022 08 26 at 083801 1nhur48

If your Evaboot file look like this, you will probably get a low discovery rate.

Before you launch the Evaboot email finder on your list, make sure these elements are presents:

  • Family names
  • Company websites

If they are not, take the time to complete this information first and then re-upload it into an email finder.

3. Your industry

The email finder don’t have good results on not digital industries like:

  • Healthcare
  • Sport
  • Construction
  • Personal Services
industries wth low email discovery rate

If you recognize your market in that list then you should focus on finding specialized databases instead of finding emails from Linkedin.

You can still use LinkedIn to contact these people via DM though.

Evaboot is great to find emails from Linkedin Sales Navigator in bulk.

However it’s not the best tool to get emails one-by-one from specific profiles.

How To Extract Emails From Specific Sales Navigator Profiles?

If you want to find emails from specific Sales Navigator profiles:

  1. Install Lusha Chrome Extension
  2. Go on a LinkedIn Profile
  3. Launch the Email finder

1. Install Lusha Chrome Extension

Go to Chrome Web Store to install Lusha Chrome Extension.

lusha emails sales navigator

2. Go on a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Profile

Once you have the Lusha Chrome Extension installed, you will get a blue button at the right of your screen every time you visit a LinkedIn or a Sales Navigator profile.

find email linkedin sales navigator profile

This is really convenient if you’re looking for leads and prospects manually without using any LinkedIn automation tools.

3. Launch the Email Finder

When you finally found a lead you wanted to contact, click on Show Contact and Lusha will give you the email found for this lead.

get emails from sales navigator

It’s possible that Lusha may find several emails for the same lead.

In that case you can use an email verifier like Zerobounce or Neverbounce to know which ones really exists.

There are other various apps that do the same thing as Datagma or Kaspr. You can do your benchmark to see which is the most efficient on your specific target.

get emails from specific sales navigator profiles

Some of them like Surfe also offer CRM integrations so you can connect LinkedIn and your CRM database like Salesforce or HubSpot.

What if you can’t find emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

If Evaboot or other LinkedIn Sales Navigator email finders can’t find the emails of your prospects, you can still send LinkedIn InMails.

LinkedIn InMails are premium LinkedIn messages allowing you to bypass the LinkedIn connection request step to land directly into the inbox of your prospects.

It’s exactly like an email, but on LinkedIn.

If you can’t find the Sales Navigator email of your prospect, InMails are a good workaround.

There are even some techniques to send unlimited InMails on LinkedIn.

Here’s a tutorial:

What About Phone Numbers?

If you also want to get phone numbers from sales navigator, you can combine Evaboot and Datagma: here is a tutorial.

You get 15% discount on your first phone credits purchase with the code: EVABOOT.


Extracting emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an essential step of any B2B sales process. But you can’t do much more with Sales Navigator.

If you really want you and your sales team to perform, you must combine Sales Navigator email extraction with other techniques like web scrapping or pattern matching.

The Sales Navigator email finder tools we mentioned in this article are perfect for that, as they combine the 3 techniques and can save you a lot of time.

If you want to learn how to use Sales Navigator efficiently to generate leads, make sure to check this video. It contains everything you need to get the most out of the tool.

Once you know how to create list of prospects and get their emails, you can start prospecting doing LinkedIn cold outreach or cold email.

Here is another video that will help you with that:

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