What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus (Enterprise) Plan? 2024

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a dynamic sales tool designed to meet the diverse needs of sales professionals across industries.

There are 3 Sales Navigator plans: Business (Core), Advanced (Team), or Advanced Plus (Enterprise).

These plans enhance your sales strategies and help you effectively achieve your business goals.

Therefore, it’s important to understand how to get the most out of Sales Navigator and choose the plan that best suits your business goals.

In this article, I’m going to talk about the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus plan, including:

  1. What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus?
  2. How Much Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Cost?
  3. Navigator Advanced Plus Features
  4. How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus For Better Results?

Let’s get into it.

What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus or Sales Navigator Enterprise is a premium version of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool designed for enterprise use.

It offers advanced features and integrations to improve LinkedIn lead generation and sales processes.

linkedin sales navigator advanced plus benefits

This advanced plan enhances sales strategies by seamlessly integrating with major CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, and HubSpot’s Smart CRM, enabling a unified and efficient sales process.

It provides all the features of the LinkedIn Advanced plan and:

  • CRM integration
  • LinkedIn Data Validation
  • Lead/Contact Creation
  • ROI reporting

These integrations and features streamline the sales process, find decision-makers on LinkedIn, and increase sales teams’ efficiency and effectiveness.

synced linkedin sales navigator statistics

Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus can ensure your sales teams are equipped to deliver outstanding results and significant revenue growth.

How Much Does Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Cost?

LinkedIn doesn’t display LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise cost publicly.

It’s available only at custom pricing based on your organization’s social selling needs.

However, from personal experience, the Advanced Plus plan costs $1,600/seat per year.

linkedin sales navigator entreprise pricing

You’ll need to book a demo to get a personalized estimation of the Sales Navigator Enterprise price for your company.

You may think that it’s expensive, but if you compare it to other LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans, you’ll see that it’s quite reasonable:

  • Sales Navigator Core plan (professional) costs $79.99 per month if you pay for the year in advance, for about $1,000 per year.
  • Sales Navigator Advanced plan (team) is a bit more expensive: $131.25 per month, billed annually, for $1,575.

Both plans have a free trial, but you must enter your payment information.

Once your trial is over, LinkedIn will automatically charge you. So be sure to cancel before then if you decide it’s not for you.

Navigator Advanced Plus Features

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a game-changer for companies that want to harness LinkedIn’s full potential for revenue generation.

As you can see, LinkedIn Sales Navigator turbocharges your lead generation and unlocks sales opportunities that regular LinkedIn user sales professionals can’t access.

linkedin sales navigator advanced features

Here are some functionalities that make the Enterprise plan different from other plans:

  1. InMail credits
  2. Advanced search filters
  3. Lead recommendations
  4. CRM integration
  5. Enhanced productivity

1. InMail Credits

You receive 50 monthly InMail messages from non-connected prospects without the usual requirement of a prior connection.

This feature is particularly valuable for reaching out to potential leads or influencers within specific industries.

2. Advanced Search Filters

Use advanced search filters to find and prioritize top prospects and decision-makers.

Basic LinkedIn account users can access filters like name, industry, language, school, and title.

linkedin sales navigator advanced search filters

With Sales Navigator, you’ll have access to these, plus a comprehensive list of additional filters to enhance your ability to find the right contacts.

Additional filters for creating lead lists and account lists:

  • Company size
  • Job title
  • Recent LinkedIn activity
  • Seniority level
  • Company Revenue
  • Recent leadership changes
  • Years in current position
  • Etc

This expanded set of filters allows you to strategically target your lead generation efforts and create custom lists of your potential prospects.

3. Lead Recommendations

Sales Navigator learns from your activity to suggest new leads that match your sales history, streamlining your prospecting process.

lead recommendations on sales navigator

This great feature will show you other profiles that match your search filters.

It also sends you real-time alerts and notifications whenever a new lead matches your search filters and adds them to your automatically saved search lists.

4. CRM integration

CRM integration is a key feature of the Advanced Plus plan, providing a seamless connection between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and a company’s existing CRM software (such as Salesforce, HubSpot, or Microsoft Dynamics).

This integration enables automatic data synchronization, including logging InMail messages, notes, and call logs directly into the CRM.

crm integration with linkedin sales navigator advantages

It increases visibility and ensures all team members know about interactions and lead status changes without manual data entry.

This connectivity saves time, increases data accuracy, and provides a holistic view of each prospect.

5. Enhanced productivity

Increased productivity in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus context refers to the combined effect of all the features designed to streamline sales processes.

This includes streamlined lead management, more efficient prospecting through targeted searches, and reduced data entry time through CRM integration.

Productivity gains are measurable: Users who sync their CRM with Sales Navigator are often more productive throughout the sales funnel, as evidenced by increased searches, profile views, and content engagements.

How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus For Better Results?

Do you wonder how to maximize your LinkedIn prospecting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise?

Here are 4 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise benefits you must know, that will drive you the most ROI.

linkedin sales navigator enterprise vs team

Here is my list:

  1. TeamLink Extend
  2. Advanced CRM Sync
  3. Real-Time Contact Update
  4. Targeting on LinkedIn Ads

TeamLink on Sales Navigator lets you see if other Sales Team members are already connected to your prospect.

You can even select a TeamLink filter in the Spotlight section of the lead search.

how to add team link to sales navigator

You can then ask your teammate to get a warm introduction to potential customers!

Furthermore, you can’t export these lead lists into a CSV directly from Sales Navigator, but the Evaboot Chrome Extension will let you do that.

When you use TeamLink Extend, you get access to your company’s 2nd and 3rd-degree network.

So, if your prospect is connected to anyone in your company, you’ll know it right away and be able to ask for an introduction.

Every Enterprise Edition comes with 1,000 seats of TeamLink Extend.

2. Advanced CRM Sync

Keeping track of every LinkedIn outreach action you do in your CRM can be painful.

With Sales Navigator Enterprise, notes, InMails, or calls from the Sales Navigator mobile App are now logged to your CRM.

sales navigator enterprise advanced crm synch

This advanced integration includes new data that will let you view LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile details directly from your CRM:

  • photos
  • job changes or work history
  • job titles
  • TeamLink shared connections

3. Real Time Contact Update

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise automatically updates contact data in your CRM.

When a lead or contact changes company, they will be flagged as “No longer a company.”

LinkedIn will also propose a new point of contact to replace the person who changed jobs in this company.

This feature is really useful as people change jobs more and more often.

4. Targeting on LinkedIn Ads

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise, you can use the Campaign Manager to run LinkedIn ad campaigns on the leads or accounts of your choice.

When users log into your new Campaign Manager, you will see two groups: Sales Navigator Leads and Sales Navigator Accounts.

Imagine running ads on targeted prospects while your Sales reps try to get meetings with them.

They will be exposed to your brand every day, so this can increase the reply rate of your outbound messages

In the Campaign Manager dashboard, salespeople can see whether their target prospects engage with your ads.

The SDR will get an alert whenever one of its leads engages with an ad. This provides excellent icebreakers for your LinkedIn messages.


Leveraging Sales Navigator Advanced Plus can significantly improve your sales processes by integrating with your CRM, providing advanced lead generation tools, and delivering comprehensive sales insights.

Clarify your business goals before subscribing to this plan, as it’s going to be a great investment for your sales team and show you how to get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


Why to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced?

A LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced account includes all the Core plan features plus embedded profile integrations with your sales tech stack and CRM, allowing teams to access Sales Navigator information within their workflow seamlessly.

With Sales Navigator Advanced or Advanced Plus, you can directly view LinkedIn information on leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities in your CRM.

Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator cost justify the ROI?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can deliver significant ROI for B2B sales teams. Research and case studies show that it increases revenue, improves efficiency, and reduces costs.

Enterprise sales teams used it to uncover customer insights, grow LinkedIn connections, and secure new business.

Success depends on choosing the right subscription level, addressing specific needs, and ensuring proper team adoption.

What are the features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus?

The features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus include:

  • CRM integration with Dynamics 365 Sales, HubSpot, and Salesforce.
  • Data Validation to update contact information.
  • Lead/Contact Creation tools.
  • ROI reporting.
  • Account IQ (NEW).
  • Buyer Intent signals.
  • CRM Embedded Profiles.
  • Smart Links.
  • TeamLink.
  • Enterprise license management.
  • Usage reporting.
  • Dedicated LinkedIn account team.
  • All features from the Sales Navigator Core plan.

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