Bypass Linkedin Weekly Invite Limitation [3 Hacks for 2023]

If you are reading this, you surely came across the “you’ve reached the weekly invitation limit” from Linkedin after sending some connection request.

In this article, I’m going to show you 3 hacks to bypass linkedin weekly invitation limit so you can avoid seeing this message again.

you've reached the weekly invitation limit linkedin

Let’s take your linkedin outreach strategy to the next level.

All You Need To Know About Linkedin Weekly Invitation Limit

3 important thins to know about linkedin weekly invitation limit:

  1. What is the weekly Invitation limit on Linkedin?
  2. When does linkedin weekly limit reset?
  3. You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit: how to react?

What is the weekly invitation limit on Linkedin?

The weekly invitation limit linkedin has implemented is between 100-200 invitations per week. Before this change, the linkedin weekly invite limit was around 700 invites/week (100 per day).

This change obviously had a huge impact on the way that people prospect.

However, there are still some hacks that you can use to increase or avoid this limit. You can still contact between 300-500 people on linkedin every week.

(More on that in part 2)

When does linkedin weekly limit reset?

LinkedIn invitation limits resets at the beginning of the week. You can approximately 100 invitations per week.

If you see the “you’ve reached the weekly invitation limit linkedin”, you would not be able to send connection requests for 2-3 days.

You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit: how to react?

If you see the “you’ve reached the weekly invitation limit” message:

  1. Stop send invitations for 2-3 days
  2. Send a few manual connection requests after a 2-3 days
  3. Relaunch your automation software if the manual connection request worked

Never relaunch your linkedin automation software before making a manual test!

How To Bypass Linkedin Weekly Invite Limitation?

3 ways to bypass linkedin weekly invite limitation:

  1. Send connection request through email
  2. Connect with Open Profiles
  3. Connect with group members and event attendees

1. Send connection request through email

Email invitation are not taken into account for weekly limit so you can send as many as you want.

To do that go to Network > Add Personal Contacts and click on More options

how to bypass the linkedin invitation limit

Once you get there, you can either invite all your email contacts or upload lists/CSV’s with emails.

how to bypass the linkedin invitation limit

Once you have uploaded your file, Linkedin will try to match your emails with linkedin profiles.

The results will look like this:

how to bypass the linkedin invitation limit

The thing is that you’ll need to check every checkbox to send the invite.

This a really painful process.

Hopefully, some tools like LaGrowthMachine and Waalaxy managed to automate this process.

These tools will send email invites instead of regular connection requests every time they have the email addresses of the linkedin profiles you give them in their database.

2. Connect with Open Profiles

One of the most underrated linkedin prospecting strategy is to bypass linkedin invitation limit is to detect and messages open profiles.

You don’t need to be connected to an Open Profile to send a DM.

Open profile actually allow you to send an unlimited amount of inmails.

You can message them right away without sending a connection request first.


You need to have access to Inmails so you need to be Premium Linkedin Subscription to use this feature (Linkedin Sales Navigator, Linkedin Recruiter or Linkedin Premium)

When you want to message an open profile, a different type of chat box opens.

Linkedin tells you that can you send a free inmail to that person

bypass limit with unlimited inmails

Free inmails appear exactly like regular Inmails of your prospect linkedin inbox.

how do free inmails look like

But how to easily detect how is open profile among your prospects?

For that, you can use Evaboot when you export your leads from Sales Navigator

If you export your leads with Evaboot you will know if your prospect has an open profile or not.

how to detect open profiles on linkedin

Once you have this information, you can split your prospecting campaign in 2 parts:

  • campaign on open profile without connection request step
  • campaign on closed profile with connection request step
bypass linkedin limit with unlimited inmails

This way you can save a lot of invites for your outbound campaigns.

3. Connect with group members and event attendees

The weekly connection limit linkedin create does not apply to group members and event attendees.

message linkedin group members to bypass linkedin limit

When you are part of a linkedin group, you send direct message to other members without being connected.

So you can message 2nd and 3rd degree connection without sending a connection request first.

Once the admin of the group accept your request to join, you will be able to see all group members to by clicking on See all

Once you get to the list of linkedin group members, you can message them directly by clicking on message:

message linkedin group members without sending connection requests

It is exactly the same thing for linkedin events.

Once you sign up for the events, you can get access to the list of all event attendees and you can send direct messages to them.

Simply click on the Networking Tab

messaging linkedin event attendess

Then you will be able to message any event attendees.

bypass linkedin limit by messaging linkedin event attendees

The only drawback with this technique is that your messages will land into the Message Request section and not the main Inbox section.

message request section linkedin

If you’re more tips about linkedin prospecting, make sure to check this article.

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