9 Tips To Become a Linkedin Influencer [2024 Ultimate Guide]

Want to become a linkedin influencer?

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how to become a linkedin influencer

In this article I share all the tips that get me 24K+ followers and post with more than 300 likes and more than 30K impressions.

linkedin post influencer

Let’s dive in the secrets of linkedin marketing.

How to Become a Linkedin Influencer?

9 steps to become a linkedin influencer:

  1. Define your goals
  2. Build a content strategy
  3. Optimize your Linkedin profile
  4. Activate Creator Mode
  5. Batch and schedule posts
  6. Use an engagement tool
  7. Reply to all comments
  8. Engage with other posts
  9. Expand your network

1. Define your goals

Building an audience on Linkedin is useless if you have nothing to sell. Becoming a Linkedin influencer is not a goal in itself. It’s a way to build an audience and sell a product or a service.

why become linkedin influencer

So before you start posting on Linkedin, ask yourself: why am I even doing that? What type of linkedin lead generation strategy do you want to create?

Think about the ways you could monetize your Linkedin influence and make that goal very clear.

2. Optimize your Linkedin profile

Starting to post on Linkedin without having an optimized Linkedin profile is like having a hole in your pocket.

Would you spend money on ads to send people to a website landing page not optimized for conversion? I guess not. Same rules apply for linkedin profiles.

You don’t want to attract people with posts and then get them disappointed by your profile.

optimize linkedin profile

Before you start posting, take the time to:

  1. Design an original picture and banner
  2. Write a Simple and Clear Headline
  3. Detail value proposition in the About section
  4. Display social proof in Featured section
  5. Customize your Linkedin URL
  6. Optimize the Activity section
  7. Detail job experiences and education

Once you have that, you can start thinking about content.

3. Build a content strategy

There a more and more people posting on Linkedin so you need to think about strategy if you want to make your personal brand stand out. The best thing is to start with a niche, take a precise subject and become the best expert on this topic.

linkedin influencer niche

I personally started to post about Sales Navigator before giving any startup, productivity, growth advice and it worked really well.

With experience, I noticed that 3 types of post were performing well:

  1. Celebrations
  2. How To’s
  3. Stories
linkedin post types

To sum up:

  1. Become an expert about a topic
  2. Publish tutorials and stories around this topic
  3. Celebrate your victories with the audience

Your followers count should start increasing.

4. Activate Creator Mode

If you want to use linkedin influence to generate leads or traffic to your website, you absolutely need to activate creator mode. There are 3 advantages to that:

  1. You can showcase a link on your profile
  2. You display your number of followers
  3. You put your content forward on your profile
activate creator mode linkedin influencer

To activate creator mode, simply scroll down on your profile and click on “Creator mode”

how to activate creator mode

5. Batch and schedule posts

A huge part of becoming successful on Linkedin is to be consistent. You need to publish at least once a week. Whatever your rhythm is, you must stick to it. That will force you to produce content.

There will be times when you won’t have the inspiration nor the energy to produce content. To anticipate these moments you can do 2 things

  1. Batch linkedin posts creation
  2. Use a scheduling tool to schedule LinkedIn posts for next weeks

I personally use Taplio for that. The tool is really simple to use and save a lot of time.

schedule linkedin posts

Every month, I take 4H hours to write all my linkedin posts for the month. I program their publication using the scheduling tool and I don’t need to worry about anything. Only need to connect to reply to the comment.

That saves so much time compared to connection to Linkedin every day and write the post on the platform.

6. Use an engagement tool

Engagement pods allow you to automatically get likes and comment from members of the pods. They are often used to give linkedin post an initial boost to increase their chances of getting viral.

They have a bad reputation has many people completely abuse of them to add thousands of fake likes to their post. However, there is a smart way to use them. The condition is that you can create engagement pods with people you know.

linkedin engagement pods

Here is how to process:

  1. Create a pod
  2. Invite your friend and colleagues
  3. Add your linkedin posts link to the pod
  4. Your friends and colleagues will automatically like the post

That way you don’t have to send DM’s to all your friends and colleagues every time you publish a new post on Linkedin.

7. Reply to all comments

Replying to all comments is essential is want to build a solid community. Two advantages to replying to all comments:

  1. You build relationships with followers
  2. You increase the reach of your posts

The number of comment is taken into account by the linkedin algorithm to push your post into more linkedin’s feed. The more you get comments, the more your post get impressions.

reply comment linkedin post

Plus the comment count on linkedin posts takes the replies into account, the more you reply, the more your post looks viral.

8. Engage with others posts

You can’t expect to have dozens of comment if you don’t interact with anyone on Linkedin. If you consistently comment other influencers’ posts on Linkedin, there is a good chance they will give you back the favor and comment your post as well.

Taplio also make this really easy. They automatically detect posts in your niche and allow you to send comments from their interface. That way, you can comment dozens of Linkedin posts in your niche in just a few minutes a day.

engage with other linkedin influencers 1

The best part?

You can also build your own list:

  • friends
  • colleagues
  • influencers

This allows you to build targeted lists of people you want to interact with.

engage with linkedin post automatically

9. Expand your network

When you publish a new linkedin post, Linkedin first shows it to your 1rst degree connections. Mathematically, the more you have 1st degree connection, the more you get chances to get likes and comments.

virality linkedin post

If your 1rst degree connections interact with the post, then linkedin will show it to their connections (your 2nd degree connections). That is how virality works on Linkedin.

That is why you should make actions to expand your linkedin network as you soon as you can. A good way to do that is to use Sales Navigator to build super targeted lists of people you want to connect with.

3 Linkedin Influencers You Can Get Inspiration From

Here are 3 Linkedin influencers you can get inspiration from to build your content strategy:

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk
  2. Justin Welsh
  3. Guillaume Moubeche

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

You probably already know Gary Vaynerchuk, he is all over the place because he is a content machine. A true inspiration.

gary vaynerchuk linkedin influencer

2. Justin Welsh

Justin Welsh has quickly become the #1 linkedin influencer for solopreneurs. His posts are really well written as he follows precise copywriting techniques.

justin welsh linkedin influencer

3. Guillaume Moubeche

Guillaume Moubeche writes about Saas, B2B and Growth. His posts are short and efficient. You have good example that your post don’t need to be really long to get likes and comments on its profile.

guillaume moubeche linkedin influencer

6 Commons Questions about Linkedin Influencers

Here a 6 commons questions people often ask about linkedin influence.

1. How much do LinkedIn influencers make?

The money you earn from being a Linkedin influencer it depends on how you monetize your linkedin audience. Richest linkedin influencers leverage their audience to sell products, trainings, or services. Linkedin influencer is not a job in itself.

2. How many followers does it take to be an influencer on LinkedIn?

10K followers is high enough to perceived as a linkedin influencer by a majority of people. Even if there is no official follower number to hit to be considered a Linkedin influencer.

3. How are LinkedIn influencers selected?

If you want to integrate the linkedin influencer program, you need to reach out directly to linkedin at linkedincreators@linkedin.com. They will tell you everything you need to know about how to join the program.

4. What are the benefits of becoming a LinkedIn influencer?

The main benefit of being a linkedin influencer is to have an audience you can monetize. If you sell products, trainings, or services and you have linkedin followers, it will be way easier for you to makes sales than someone starting from scratch.

5. How much money does it cost to become a LinkedIn influencer?

Becoming a Linkedin influencer doesn’t cost anything. You just need to create a free Linkedin account and start posting. You can invest in tools like Taplio to save time, but this is not an obligation.

6. What is the difference between a LinkedIn influencer and an influencer on other social media platforms?

The difference between a Linkedin influencer and an influencer on other social platform is that they post business related content. Linkedin is professional social media so most content published on it is B2B related.

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