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leads quality

Stop spending hours cleaning your search results. Evaboot get rid of the prospects that don't match with your Sales Navigator search filters.

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Clean up data

No emojis, UPPERCASE or typ?os in first name, last name and company names.
Get cleaned variables ready for your cold email & Linkedin outreach campaigns.

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Connect your
Email Finder

Connect your favorite email enrichment tool in one click to enrich your extractions directly inside Evaboot! (Dropcontact is available, the rest is coming soon)

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Evaboot - Smart Sales Navigator Scraper - The first Sales Navigator extractor that filters bad results | Product Hunt

They create lead lists from LinkedIn
Sales Navigator with Evaboot

"Evaboot is a great fit for my client who wants to build clean lists without spending hours on LinkedIn Sales Navigator"
Benoit Dubos - CEO @Scalezia
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Thomas Lucy - Founder @Leadwarm
"I was using Phantom Buster before, but you are way over the top. It is a considerable time saver."
Anges Nkonta - Sales Expert @JAB


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