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+1000 companies save time with Evaboot

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Build email lists in seconds.

Not hours.

Automate all your email lists building tasks on Sales Navigator.

Extract Leads

Extract information from lead profiles and company pages (job, website, size…)

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clean sales navigator leads

Clean Leads

Automatically clean names, job titles and company names for your outreach campaigns

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Filter Leads

Our algorithm checks if your leads really match your Sales Navigator search filters

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Find Emails

Find professional emails using Linkedin & Web scraping + Pattern Matching.

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Verify Emails

All the email we found are server- tested so you know if they are valid or catch-all

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safe linkedin scraping


We make sure your account never goes above the scraping limitations set by Linkedin.



All data is extracted live on the web. We don’t use databases to resell data to our users.



Connect all your Sales

Navigator accounts and collaborate with your team.

The #1 Linkedin

Sales Navigator Extractor

5/5 on Chrome Store

They use our Sales Navigator Chrome Extension to build

qualified email lists at lighting speed

julien gauthier datadome

“Very efficient and promising scraping tool. The idea is good and the team behind knows their stuff! Makes you save time and get better qualified contacts 🙌” 

Julien Gaultier

Growth, Datadome

valentin martinsky

An awesome extension that makes life so much easier! Best scraping tool. All the information a sales needs without spending hours cleaning spreadsheets”

Valentin Martinsky

Account Manager, Malt


“Evaboot is awesome!

We’ve been using it for account intelligent purposes and I have no idea how much time it saved us but it saved a lot!!!”

Mahir Daylan

Account Manager, Simpplr 


Do I need a Sales Navigator account?


Evaboot only works with Sales Navigator. Not Linkedin Basic search.

Can I also export account lists and searches?


Evaboot allows you to extract both lead and account lists or searches.

With all lead exports you also got account information.

Is there a daily limit for extractions?


There is one to protect your LinkedIn account from getting restricted

You can extract up to 2500 leads or accounts per day/ per sales navigator account.

How much time does the extraction take?

It depends on the size.

The highest amount you can extract is 2500 leads. It will take approximately 2 hours for this amount. If you want to extract 100 leads it will only take a few minutes.

Is it safe for my LinkedIn Account to use Evaboot?

Yes. Our Linkedin Sales Navigator Scraper strictly respects daily limitations imposed by LinkedIn. You are within the threshold like any other user.

How many leads can I extract?

You can extract up to 2.5K leads/day per Sales Navigator account.

So if you have two account you scrap up to 5000 leads/day.

Do you find email addresses?

Yes. Evaboot find professional email addresses.

How long does the free trial last?

You get 1000 credits to try Evaboot.

Then 150 credits/month with the freemium plan.

How do I receive the results of my extraction?

A CSV file containing the results is directly sent to your email. You can also download the results within the platform.

Does Evaboot work with basic Linkedin search?

No. Evaboot only works with Sales Navigator. if you are serious about Linkedin prospecting, you should definitely go with a Sales Navigator account.

Can I connect multiple Sales Navigator Accounts?


You can connect as many Sales Navigator as you want to one Evaboot account.

Can I use Evaboot as a team?


You can invite your teammates and share credits with them. The admin of the team can distribute credits and has access to everybody’s extractions but the teammates can only see theirs.

Is Evaboot GPDR compliant?


Evaboot is GPDR compliant because all the data we provide is extracted live on the web. We don’t use databases to resell data to our users.

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