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How To Export Your Linkedin Contacts? [2023 Tutorial]

Can’t find a way to export your linkedin connections?

We got your back.

In this blog post, we will explore the various methods for exporting your LinkedIn contacts and how you can use this data to grow your business.

export linkedin contacts 1

4 key takeaways:

  • You can export your connections from Linkedin settings
  • You can export them from Linkedin search results
  • You can export them from Sales Navigator
  • You can import them into Gmail

You can do it using settings or using linkedin scraping tools.


Let’s dive right in.

How To Export Your Linkedin Connections To Excel?

How to download your LinkedIn contacts:

  1. Click “Me”
  2. Click “Settings & Privacy”
  3. Click “Data privacy”
  4. Click on “Get a copy of your data”
  5. Select “Connections”
  6. Click the download link in the email
  7. Click “Download archive”
  8. Open the CSV file to get your contacts

1. Click “Me”

Go to your linkedin account.

Click the “Me” icon with your profile picture in the top right of the Linkedin header.

click me

2. Click “Settings & Privacy”

Select “Settings & Privacy” in the dropdown menu.

click settings and privacy

3. Click “Data Privacy”

Select “Data Privacy” in the sidebar menu.

click data privacy

4. Click on “Get a copy of your data”

Click on “Get a copy of your data” below “How Linkedin uses your data”.

click get a copy of your data

5. Select “Connections”

Click on “Wants something in particular” then “Connections” and “Request Archive”.

export copy linkedin data

6. Click the download link in the email

Few minutes you will receive an email from Linkedin with the subject: “Your Linkedin data archive is ready!”

email link download linkedin contacts

Click on the link in this email.

7. Click “Download archive”

The link in the email will redirect you to the Linkedin page where you requested the data.

download archive

You will see that the button changed.

Click on “Download archive” to get your data into an Excel file.

8. Open the CSV file to get your contacts

The data is in CSV format.

You will find 7 data points in it:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • URL
  • Email Address
  • Company
  • Position
  • Date of Connection
linkedin contacts export excel

Two things will certainly surprise you:

  1. The data is not cleaned
  2. Most of the emails are missing

It’s because Linkedin only gives you the contact information (email, phone numbers) of the person that have chosen to share it with their 1st degree connections.

Here is the message that will see in the file:

Linkedin Message

When exporting your connection data, you may notice that some email addresses are missing. You will only see email addresses for connections who have allowed their connections to see or download their email address using this setting https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/privacy/email.

We get a lot of data in this with Evaboot and we discovered that approximately 30% of LinkedIn users decide to share their emails with their contacts.

1st degree connection emails discovery rate

Plus, most of them will be personal emails.

Personal emails are not GPDR compliant for prospecting.

But don’t worry.

There is a solution.

Bonus: get the emails of your connections

If you want the professionals emails of all your Linkedin connections you can use a tool like Phantombuster or Texau.

These tools can export data from Linkedin and then send this data to email finders.

find email of linkedin connections

The only thing is that these tools will only be able to do that for 80 contacts per day (150 contacts per day if you have a Sales Navigator subscriptions)


Because these tools need to visit the profiles of your contacts to get their company websites in order to find their emails. And there is a limit that linkedin imposes on the visit of the profiles.

So if you have thousands of contacts, that will take time.

linkedin scraping limitations 1

If you want to faster, you can use Linkedin Sales Navigator with Evaboot.

It allows exporting and finds the emails of 2500 linkedin contacts per day.

Export Contacts From Linkedin Sales Navigator

How to export contacts from Linkedin Sales Navigator:

  1. Select 1st Degree Connection Filter
  2. Split your search into several chunks
  3. Export your search with Evaboot
  4. Download your CSV
  5. Find the emails of your contacts

1. Select 1st Degree Connection Filter

Look for “Connections” > “1st degree connections” in the Sales Navigator search filters.

1st degree filter sales navigator

All your 1st degree connection will appear on the right.

filter contacts linkedin sales navigator

2. Split your search into several chunks

Sales Navigator only displays 100 pages of 25 results.

So if you have more than 2500 results you will need to split your search into several chunks.

linkedin sales navigator search results limitation

For that you can use the search filters or create lead lists.

Here is a video tutorial describing the process:

3. Export your search with Evaboot

Once you are happy with your search results, you can export them into a CSV file.

export linkedin connections from linkedin sales navigator

For that you can install the Evaboot Chrome Extension. It’s a Linkedin automation tool that will make your lead generation process work way easier.

You can also use it if you are a recruiter using Sales Navigator.

Once you do that, you will get a new button “Export with Evaboot” on your Sales Navigator page.

Export Sales Navigator leads for free

Simply click on it to open Evaboot and export your linkedin connections.

4. Download your CSV

Once your export is ready, you will receive an email.

download linkedin contact from sales navigator

Go back to the Evaboot platform to download your file.

In this you will find for every lead:

  • Linkedin Profile URL
  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Company Website
  • Company LinkedIn URL
  • First name, Last name
  • Lead Location
  • Company Location
  • Company Industry
  • Company Size
  • Exact number of employees in the company
  • Years in position
  • Number of connection
  • Company Type
  • Company creation date
  • Company description
  • Company Specialities (Keywords describing what the company is doing)
  • If the profile is open or not
  • Profile Picture
  • Company Logo

Much more information than with the classic Linkedin export.

5. Find the emails of your contacts

If you want to get emails from your sales navigator export, you just need to click on “Find Emails” next to the name of your export.

find emails linkedin contacts

You can export 2500 leads per day with Evaboot and enrich an unlimited amount of leads with emails.

So if your goal is to get pro emails, you will go much faster with Linkedin Sales Navigator.

if you don’t have a Sales Navigator license yet, you can use their free trial.

Otherwise, you can also export your linkedin search results from the basic search engine.

Export LinkedIn Contact From Search Results

How to export contacts from linkedin search results:

  1. Select 1st Degree Connection filter
  2. Split your search into several chunks
  3. Copy and paste the URL of your search
  4. Paste into a Linkedin scraping tool
  5. Download your CSV file.

1. Select 1st Degree Connection Filter

Go to the basic Linkedin search engine and click on “1st”

1st degree connection filter linkedin

It will display all your linkedin contacts in the search results.

1st degree connection export linkedin

2. Split your search into several chunks

Linkedin basic search engine are limited to 1000 search results.

linkedin search results limitations

So if you have more than 1000 connections you will need to split your search into several chunks using the search filters.

split linkedin searches

3. Copy the URL of your search

Once you are happy with your search results you can copy the URL.

linkedin search url

4. Paste it into a LinkedIn scraping tool

You can then paste the URL into a linkedin scraping tool.

You can use:

  • Phantombuster
  • Texau
  • Captain Data

They all work the same way.

export linkedin connections through search

If you use Phantombuster you can go into their library and look for the “Linkedin Search Export” Phantom.

They will ask you to paste the URL and to download their Chrome extension to download your search results.

5. Download your CSV file

Few minutes after you launch your extraction, your file will be available for download on their platform.

download sales navigator contacts

Here is the data you will get:

  • Linkedin URL
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Profile picture URL
  • Current Job
  • Connection Degree
  • Location
  • Share Connections

So much fewer data than with Sales Navigator and Evaboot.

If you want the email: same thing.

You’ll only be able to enrich 80 linkedin profiles per day.

So better use Sales Navigator and Evaboot if your goal ais to get all the linkedin data and professional emails.

How to Import LinkedIn Contacts into Gmail?

5 steps to import Linkedin contacts to Gmail:

  1. Click “Apps”
  2. Click “Contacts”
  3. Click “Import”
  4. Import CSV file from Linkedin
  5. Your connections will be added to “Contacts”

1. Click “Apps”

Click “Apps” on the Gmail header.

click apps

2. Click “Contacts”

Find the “Contacts” app in the menu.

click contacts

For that you will need to scroll down a bit.

3. Click “Import”

Click on “Import” under “Fix & Manage”

click import

4. Import CSV file from Linkedin

A pop-up will appear.

Click on “Select File” and pick the file you just exported from Linkedin.

import linkedin contacts into gmail

Make sure to only import contacts with email addresses.

5. Your connections will be added to “Contacts”

Once the file is uploaded you will see that the contacts will appear in your Google list with their contact data.

linkedin contact import to gmail

You can then start sending emails to them.


So you can see that there are 3 technique to export your linkedin contacts:

  1. From the Privacy Settings
  2. From Sales Navigator search
  3. From Linkedin search

The Privacy Settings method is the fastest but you won’t get all the emails and most of the emails will be personal.

If your only goal is to get Linkedin URLs then use this technique.

But if your goal is to create qualified email lists for your outreach or your CRM, then it’s better to use Sales Navigator + Evaboot.

Once you get a clean list of leads, the next step is to send cold emails or linkedin prospecting messages.

Here is a tutorial to help you with that if you want to get better at copywriting:

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