5 Professional LinkedIn URL Examples To Get More Visitors

The default LinkedIn URL you get when you create an account doesn’t look really professional. That is why is better to change it for a custom LinkedIn URL.

In this article, I tell you everything about linkedin URLs and give you 5 linkedin URL examples you can use to boost your profile visibility and attractiveness.

What is a LinkedIn URL?

Your Linkedin URL is a public web URL that starts with https://www.linkedin.com/in. Anyone can find on the web when looking for your name. You can also share this URL with your friends, colleagues, and prospect so they get access to your linkedin profile.

what is linkedin url

What are the components of a LinkedIn URL?

All LinkedIn URL starts with https://www.linkedin.com/in/ followed by your full name and a random string. For example, if my full name is JB Jezequel then my default LinkedIn URL will be https://www.linkedin.com/in/jb-jezequel-87b639163/.

Where to Find your LinkedIn URL?

You can find your LinkedIn URL in the search bar when you are on your profile page.

how to find linkedin url

You can also find it in the “Contact Info” section of your LinkedIn Profile.

find linkedin url

How to Customize your LinkedIn URL?

A few things to know when you change your LinkedIn URL:

  1. There is a maximum of 100 characters long maximum. 
  2. You cannot use spaces, symbols, or special characters. 
  3. The customizable part of the LinkedIn profile URL is NOT case-sensitive
  4. You can change your URL up to 5 times within 6 months maximum. 

Know that you know the rules, let’s see how to change your LinkedIn URLs.

How to change your LinkedIn Profile URL?

Step #1: Start by clicking on Contact Info.

change linkedin url step 1 1

Step #2: Then click on the pencil icon on the top right of the popup

change linkedin url step 2

Step #3: Click on the profile URL link

change linkedin url step 3

Step #4: Click on the pencil icon next to the URL and you will be able to edit it

change linkedin url step 4

How to change your LinkedIn Company Page URL?

Step #1: Go to your company page and click on “Edit Page”

change linkedin company url

Step #2: Click on “Page Info”

change linkedin company url step 2

Step #3: Edit the LinkedIn Public URL Field

change linkedin company url step 3

Why Having a Professional LinkedIn URL Matters?

What are the components of a LinkedIn URL?

1. It looks cleaner when you share it

If you want to optimize your LinkedIn profile for sales, it’s important to have a clean LinkedIn URL so it looks professional when you are with:

  • colleagues
  • prospects
  • recruiters

It indicates that you took time optimizing your profile and you take the thing seriously.

If you intend to put it into:

  • a message
  • an email signature
  • a business card

It’s better if it looks clean and it’s easy to read. Nobody will remember the default random string LinkedIn add on the URL.

2. You optimize for Google SEO

Many people use Google to search for LinkedIn profiles. By customizing your LinkedIn URL you can make your profile stand out when people research certain keywords on Google.

linkedin profiles google search results

Let’s say someone writes “Product Manager” on Google, I have higher chances to rank on the first page if I have written “product-manager” on my LinkedIn URL.

linkedin url seo optimization

5 LinkedIn URL Examples To Attract Visitors

LinkedIn URL Examples:

  1. Full Name
  2. Full Name + Title
  3. Full Name + Company
  4. Full Name + Industry
  5. Brand Name

1. Full Name

You simply want a clean URL without the LinkedIn random string? Just delete it and leave your full name.

That turns:




Much cleaner right?

2. Full Name + Title

If you are a jobseeker who wants to attract hiring managers searching for candidates on Google, you can add your title at the end of your full name.

That turns:






3. Full Name + Company

Want your name to be tied to your company name when it’s searched on Google? Simply add the name of your company after your full name.

That is the good strategy if you are a founder or a C-Level as you are the face of the company.

That turns:




linkedin url example

4. Full Name + Keyword

Want your name to be associated with a keyword, an industry, a technology, or anything that is LinkedIn to your business? Simply add this keyword at the end of your full name.

That turns:







That will help your LinkedIn profile to rank on Google for the keyword of your choice.

5. Brand Name

You are known for a business, a podcast, a newsletter or any brand? You can use the name of this brand as your LinkedIn profile URL.

That turns:






That way when people look for your brand on Google, they will see your LinkedIn profile.

3 Ideas To Share Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Ideas to share your LinkedIn profile URL:

  1. Become an Open Profile
  2. Add your LinkedIn URL into your email signature
  3. Add a QR Code on your business card

1. Become an Open Profile

This is a LinkedIn premium feature. Being on Open Profiles allows you to receive messages from anyone on LinkedIn without them having to send you a connection request first.

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It’s particularly interesting if you are a jobseeker because recruiters will be able to send you InMails without having to spend InMail credits.

As a salesperson, it is also interesting to let your potential clients approach you forcing them to send a connection request first.

2. Add your LinkedIn URL into your email signature

Adding your LinkedIn profile URL to your email signature allow anyone that you are in communication with to send contact you on LinkedIn.

add linkedin url in email signature

You can simply add the URL like in this example or do something more fancy by adding your LinkedIn in a LinkedIn logo.

3. Add a QR Code on your business card

When you are at a physical event distributing business cards, it can be useful to have a QR code LinkedIn to your LinkedIn profile, so your prospect can send you connection requests when they get home.

business card qr code linkedinj

That way your prospects get an easy way to follow-up on LinkedIn if they want to.

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