How To Search For Linkedin Profiles on Google? [2023 Tutorial]

Google is indexing all the page on the web. This includes Linkedin Profiles. The consequence is that linkedin profiles are searchable on Google.

In this tutorial, you will how to search for LinkedIn profile on Google and also how to use boolean search to build qualified lead lists.

Let’s dive in.

How to Find Linkedin Profiles URL on Google?

Telling google to search for linkedin URLs is really simple, you just need to use the operator “site”.

Just write “” in the search bar.

how to search for linkedin profiles on google

You will see that they will only be linkedin profile in your search results.

linkedin profiles google search results

Among the thing that will appear:

  • the profile URL
  • the full name
  • the job title or the company name

Google appears to randomly selecting the job title or the company name to add it in the search title.

Obviously, having the job title is better, but you won’t have it every time.

Except if you use the “intitle” google operator.

search linkedin job title google

Even if you write “intitle:marketing” there will sometimes be search results without “marketing in the title.

cleanshot 2022 07 14 at 09.14.02@2x
But don’t worry. If you open the profile you will see that the person has “marketing” in his job title
how google search for linkedin profiles works

Honestly I don’t know what they are still displaying the company even with the “intitle” filter.

However, using “intitle” will increase the number of search results including the job title in your search.

Now that you know the basic of linkedin profiles search through Google, let’s get to the next level with boolean search.

Use Boolean Search on Google To Find Linkedin Profiles

Yes, you can use boolean search on Google to look for linkedin profile. Here is how it works:

boolean search is really simple programmatic language that work with a combination of logical connectors and punctuation:

  • AND: look for several keywords
  • OR: look for at least one keyword in a list
  • NOT: exclude keywords
  • Quotes: look for an exact expression of several words
  • Parentheses: combine several boolean operators

Here is a video explaining how boolean search works on sales navigator. It’s exactly the same technique for Google:

Export Sales Navigator leads for free

Let’s take a concrete example here.

We are going to look for Head of Sales and Head of Marketing in the Software industry.

They are two ways you can do this with boolean search:

  • “Head of Sales” OR “Head of Marketing” AND Software
  • Head AND (Sales OR Marketing) AND Software

Let’s apply this to Google search.

use boolean search on google to search linkedin profiles
You can see that in the search results I have 3 types of job titles as expected:
  • Head of Sales
  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Marketing and Sales

If I open the first profile I can see that the keyword “software” does appear on the page as expected:

boolean search google linkedin profile

You can even combine Google and boolean operator like this:

  • intitle: Head AND (Sales OR Marketing) software OR Saas

This will for Head of Sales or Head of Marketing in the title and for software or SaaS in the whole profile.

combine google and boolean operator to find linkedin profiles

Note that your keywords will be highlighted in the meta-description if they are present.

Congratulations. You are now an expert at searching linkedin profile with Google.

Having this list in front of your eyes is the first step.

But wouldn’t be better to have all this URL into a CSV?

That’s what about next part is about.

How to Extract my Google Search Results?

If you are reading this article, maybe you are a marketer or salesperson look to use these linkedin profiles to generate leads.

In that case, getting the URLs into a CSV is a mandatory step to add them into your CRM or your cold outreach tool.

To do this where are going to use Scaleserp.

After you create your account, the first step is to copy-paste the URL of your Google search in the URL field.

extract linkedin profiles from google search results

Then define the number of pages you want to extract along with the number of results per page

extract linkedin profiles google serp

The number of search results per page depends on what you have chose in your Google settings.

To change it you can go to > Settings > Search Settings

change number of search results per page google

Then change the number of search results per page, click on Save and you’re done

display more linkedin profiles on google search

Back to Scaleserp, next thing you need to do is to define the output. Most of you will need a CSV so you can select the CSV option in the dropdown.

download google search results csv

Once the results are ready, you can download them by clicking on the download account in the top right.

download linkedin profiles csv google

You will get a clean CSV will the title of the search results and the linkedin URLs.

google search results extraction linkedin profiles

You’re done!

You can now upload this file into your CRM Software or to start email or linkedin outreach.

Regarding the limitation, there is no limitation on Google scraping. It all depends on the tool you are using.

If you want to scale Linkedin profiles extraction on Google, you will need to buy a subscription, so they can handle the limitations for you.

The Limits of Searching Linkedin Profiles on Google

The main limitation of google search regarding linkedin profile is the filtering.

It’s true that you can use boolean search operators, but you can’t filter on specific criteria like:

  • company size
  • company industry
  • years of experience
  • etc…

That is why you are looking to build qualified lead lists and get their linkedin URL, there is no better tools than linkedin sales navigator. They offer much more advanced search filters than Google.

Using Evaboot and Linkedin Sales Navigator, you can extract up to 2500 leads per day, get their linkedin URL and even their email.

extract linkedin profiles sales navigator

Evaboot get a lot of interesting data like:

  • company website
  • company industry
  • company specialities
  • number of connections
  • and more…

We also atomically convert the sales navigator URLs into linkedin URLs, so you have a clean list of linkedin profiles.

Here is the demo of all the process.

Export Sales Navigator leads for free


Searching Linkedin profiles with Google is a good way to bypass linkedin search limit and build qualified lead lists quickly.

However, if you want to be really precise, you may want to have a look at sales navigator.

If you have any question about this article, feel free to use the chat!

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