9+ LinkedIn Growth Hacks I Used To Generate Leads 2024

Looking for effective strategies to boost your LinkedIn presence and generate more leads?

Over the years, I’ve experimented with various techniques and have identified some powerful LinkedIn growth hacks.

Well, they can transform your LinkedIn game and help you connect with the right audience, as I did.

linkedin growth hacks that work

In this article, I’ll share with you:

  1. What is LinkedIn Growth Hacking?
  2. How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile?
  3. 10 Best LinkedIn Growth Hacks To Generate Leads
  4. How To Master LinkedIn’s Tools And Features?

Ready to elevate your LinkedIn lead generation game?

Let’s dive into these actionable insights!

What is LinkedIn Growth Hacking?

LinkedIn growth hacking is about strategies to grow your network and attract leads on LinkedIn quickly.

Most of the time, it involves using automation or scraping tools.

It focuses on simple hacks that can generate good results quickly.

It’s one of the many LinkedIn marketing strategies you can use.

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile?

Before we get to the LinkedIn hacks, let’s ensure that your LinkedIn profile is fully optimized to attract the right attention.

Don’t forget that LinkedIn is another social media platform where you can meet influencers like on Instagram.

Yes, I’m dead serious, haha.

There is one difference between Instagram and LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, you don’t have to worry about the aesthetic look of your feed cause the things that matter are:

  • The quality and efficiency of the content you share
  • How do you present yourself as an expert
  • Accordingly, people should read your posts and buy your products

Now let’s see LinkedIn profile hacks that I have already tested on my platform :

  1. Define your profile goals
  2. Choose an all-star photo and cover
  3. Create a compelling headline
  4. Propose value in the About section
  5. Post consistently

1. Define your profile goals

Before doing any LinkedIn outreach, you need to know what actions you want your new leads to make when they visit your page:

  • Send you a LinkedIn DM
  • Email you
  • Directly book a meeting in your calendar
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Drive traffic to your YouTube channel
  • Make them download a white paper

There are a lot of different Call To Action you can use. 

Choose one or two and build your profile around them.

2. Choose an all-star photo and cover

Your LinkedIn profile is like a website’s homepage. 

You have 3 seconds to:

  1. Convince you are trustworthy
  2. Make them understand your value proposition.
linkedin profile picture tips

For that, you need to optimize the first two elements that will come to your prospect’s attention:

  1. Your LinkedIn profile picture
  2. Your banner

To easily create custom designs, you can use Canva (it’s like Photoshop, but you don’t need to spend 5h hours on YouTube to start doing cool things with it).

3. Create a compelling headline

The second element to optimize is your headline.

You have a maximum of 220 characters to describe your profile.

optimize linkedin headline for sales

LinkedIn’s feed is limited to 60 characters, so make sure to consider it before you start being creative.

headline character limit linkedin profile

To write a simple and clear job titles, you can use this template: ‘I help X do Y with Y‘.

Like: “I help business owners save time with automation”

That way you describe:

  1. Target audience (X)
  2. Value (Y)
  3. Expertise(Z)

4. Propose value in the About section

This is the part of your LinkedIn profile where you can give more details. 

It provides more context to your LinkedIn network members who want to know more about you and your business.

The real goal is to make people click on See More… So give them a good reason.

Try to make your call to action as appealing and obvious as possible, and don’t forget about SEO keywords.

about section preview linkedin

Once you’ve hooked your visitor, you get plenty of space to develop your value proposition.

  1. Stay focused on your call to action
  2. Use storytelling to keep your audience’s attention
about section linkedin profile

Finally, leave your email, as many people don’t like LinkedIn Messaging when building relationships in the Business world.

contact in about section linkedin profile

Don’t forget to add your work experience, education, and case studies after the About section.


5. Post consistently

Posting quality content consistently on LinkedIn is essential for growth hacking.

It’s a way to get to a massive network.

It shows LinkedIn’s algorithm that you’re putting in the work to provide value and relevant content on the platform.

As a result, your content will show up in more people’s feeds.

cleanshot at @ x

Here are more tips that I practice for my network:

  • Decide what type of content you want to share: tips, informational, carousels, videos, shorts.
  • Ensure it interests your LinkedIn users and stays loyal to your personal brand.
  • Then, set up a content strategy. Spend one day planning your content and then use automation tools to schedule your posts weekly.
  • Organise webinars or events and share them on your page.

Now that you have your LinkedIn profile set up, all you need to do is start your lead-generation journey.

10 Best LinkedIn Growth Hacks To Generate Leads

Here are my 10 LinkedIn growth hacking strategies:

  1. Send unlimited InMails
  2. Reach out to LinkedIn event attendees
  3. Steal your competitors’ audience on LinkedIn
  4. Bypass LinkedIn search limit
  5. Hack Sales Navigator with LinkedIn Ads
  6. Create email lists from Sales Navigator
  7. Use LinkedIn Engagement Pods
  8. Use The “Comment To Get” Technique
  9. Repost your video content on LinkedIn
  10. Use ChatGPT to write your LinkedIn posts

The best part?

They are free and easy to implement.

1. Send unlimited InMails

InMail is the paid messaging service offered by LinkedIn to LinkedIn premium subscribers.

They are premium messages that you can use to skip the connection request step and land directly in your prospect’s inbox.

Unfortunately, you don’t get an unlimited amount of them.

Export Sales Navigator leads with Evaboot

You have:

  • 50 InMails per month if you buy Sales Navigator
  • 10 InMails per month if you buy LinkedIn Premium
  • 150 InMails per month if you buy Recruiter

But don’t worry, you can hack the LinkedIn InMail credit system using these hacks:

  1. Send messages to Open Profiles
  2. Send messages to LinkedIn event attendees
  3. Send messages to LinkedIn group members

This is what a free InMail looks like:

free linkedin inmail growth hack

2. Reach out to LinkedIn Event Attendees

Remember when I said that you can organize webinars and events?

Well, this is where you’re gonna profit from listening to me!

Do you know you don’t need to be connected to LinkedIn event attendees to send them a message?

That is what LinkedIn calls “message requests”.

send unlimited inmails to linkedin event attendees

Once you click on “Attend” to an event, go on Networking tab > Message and you can DM anyone.

You can send messages manually, of course.

But if you want to automate this action and do it at scale, you can export LinkedIn event attendees in a CSV file.

You can use a tool like Phantombuster, Captain Data, or TexAu.

extract linkedin event attendess

Once you have the LinkedIn event attendees in a CSV file, upload them into a LinkedIn outreach tool like Linked Helper.

Create a campaign and select the “Message to event attendees” option to automatically send messages to all these people.

messages linkedin event attendess

3. Steal Your Competitor’s Audience on LinkedIn

This may sound rough, but why bother building an audience from scratch when your competitors already do all the work for you?

Just a joke, you need to work hard and create your audience.

However, stealing your competitors’ audiences on LinkedIn is pretty easy with the hacks presented in this video.

Export Sales Navigator leads with Evaboot

There are 3 ways to hack into your competitor’s audience on LinkedIn:

  1. Steal their company page followers
  2. Steal their posts’ commenters and likers
  3. Steal their LinkedIn event attendees

These growth hacks are pretty efficient as you let your competitors do the job for you, and then you can get the results of their work. A good way to find LinkedIn outreach campaign ideas.

4. Bypass LinkedIn Search Limit

There are 2 limitations on the free LinkedIn search engine.

The first one is the limitation of the number of search results.

You can only get access to the first 1000 results of your search.

hack linkedin search limit

The second limitation is the commercial use limit.

hack linkedin commercial use limit

LinkedIn will block you after a certain number of searches because they want you to buy Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Recruiter.

In this video, I detailed 3 hacks to bypass LinkedIn search limit:

  1. Search LinkedIn Profiles with Google
  2. Search LinkedIn Hashtags followers
  3. Use multiple LinkedIn accounts

With these 3 techniques, you’ll be able to search an unlimited amount of LinkedIn profiles every month.

5. Hack LinkedIn Ads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

You can hack LinkedIn Ads by building super-targeted audiences in LinkedIn with Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn Ads are the most expensive on the market compared to Facebook and Google. So you better spend your budget wisely.

This hack is really simple.

Instead of trusting LinkedIn ads algorithm to find good prospects for you, you are telling LinkedIn Ads exactly who to target.

hacking linkedin sales navigator with linkedin ads

That way, you have 100% control over who is seeing your ads. This a 3-step process:

  1. Build a lead list on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  2. Export the leads to a CSV with Evaboot
  3. Upload the CSV to LinkedIn Ads


You have just created a super-targeted LinkedIn ads audience in 5 minutes.

6. Build email lists from Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has many limitations. You can only send between 100 and 200 connection requests per day, and you can export your search results into CSV files.

Export Sales Navigator leads with Evaboot

Contacting your prospect via email is a way to bypass LinkedIn connection request limitations and reach out to more people. You can easily export your leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and find their emails using Evaboot.

emails from linkedin sales navigator hack

You can safely send up to 150 emails per email address with your domain daily.

If you need to contact many prospects quickly, this can be a way to achieve your goal.

7. Using LinkedIn Engagement Pods

Getting thousands of impressions on your LinkedIn posts can help you generate inbound leads.

LinkedIn engagement pods can help you with that.

1. How does the LinkedIn Algorithm work?

When you publish something on LinkedIn, the algorithm first makes it appear in the feed of your first-degree connections.

If they interact with it, LinkedIn will show your post to 2nd-degree connections (the connections of your connections).

hack linkedin algorithm

That is why it is key to have likes and comments from your first-degree connections in the first hours of your publication.

2. How can engagement pods help you hack the LinkedIn algorithm?

When you publish a post and enter the link into an engagement pod, the members of the pods will start to like your posts automatically.

Tools like Linkboost can help you increase your post impression by adding some likes during the first hours after publication.

hack linkedin algorithm with engagement pods

You don’t need to message all your friends asking to like the post.

Follow these 3 rules:

  1. Limit the number of reactions to 20% of the total forecasted engagement
  2. Add 2-4 minutes interval between actions
  3. Make sure all the members of the pod are 1st-degree connections

Indeed, if LinkedIn detects that you get many likes from 3rd-degree connections in the first hours, they will detect that you are using an engagement pod and will not push your post.

linkedin detecting hack posts

To solve this problem, you can either:

  • create your pod and invite your 1st-degree connection
  • join a pod and invite the members in your network

Linkboost is a good tool because it has an option to do this:

connect with linkedin pod members

If all the pod members are 1st-degree connections, there is no way LinkedIn can detect that the engagement is “fake.”

Plus, there is a social validation effect involved.

People prefer to like posts when there are already a bunch of likes and comments on them.

Basically, the more engagement you get on your post, the more likely you are to get more likes and comments.

8. Use The “Comment To Get” Technique

There is a well-known technique to maximize the engagement on your post.

The “Comment To Get” Technique.

This technique produced excellent results for me:

  • 50K impressions

Here is a screenshot from a post where I asked people to comment to get access to the Evaboot private beta.

linkedin hack to maxime post impressions

The technique is really simple:

  1. Write a post teasing a product or content
  2. Ask people to comment to get access
  3. Reply to every comment

When LinkedIn sees that your post is getting a ton of comments, they will push it to more and more people’s feeds.

how linkedin push content

It’s really important to quickly reply to every comment to maximize the degree of interactions on the post.

9. Repost your short video content on LinkedIn

Content repurposing is so underrated.

Look at this video I posted on my YouTube channel as a Short: 150 views.

youtube short repost linkedin

I took the same video and posted it to LinkedIn.

The results:

  • 160K+ impressions
  • 450+ likes
  • 150+ comment

Short-form video content is taking over the web.

repost short video content to linkedin

LinkedIn is a great place to repost your content if you have already published it on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok.

10. Use ChatGPT to write your LinkedIn posts

You can use ChatGPT to create LinkedIn posts out of YouTube Short or blog posts.

If you use the plugin Video Insight, you can make ChatGPT able to analyze YouTube videos.

write linkedin post from shorts chatgpt

AI can then use this content to craft LinkedIn posts.

To use Video Insight, you must activate ChatGPT 4 and install the plugin from the Plugin Store.

activate plugin

The best way to format the post to your liking is to communicate with the AI.

But you can start with something like this:

I want you to behave like a LinkedIn copywriting expert.

I will send you YouTube Short links and I want to make LinkedIn post of them.

I want your style to be: 

- simple 
- factual 
- straightforward

Craft catchy hooks that grab reader attention when they are scrolling.

You take inspiration from this post:

<copy-paste a LinkedIn post you like>

Don’t have Shorts on your channel?

No problem.

You can always take Shorts from other YouTube channels and turn them into LinkedIn posts.

The process is almost the same as creating posts out of blog posts but with a different plugin.

This time, you can use the KeyMate plugin.

keymate chatgpt

This plugin allows ChatGPT to search on Google.

Same thing, the ideal LinkedIn posts will result from a lot of back and forth with ChatGPT until you get to something you like.

But you can start with something like this:

I want you to behave like a LinkedIn copywriting expert.

I will send you blog posts links and I want to make one or several LinkedIn post of them if there is enough content to do so.

I want your style to be: 

- simple 
- factual 
- straightforward

Craft catchy hooks that grab reader attention when they are scrolling.

You take inspiration from this post:

<copy-paste a LinkedIn post you like>

You can feed ChatGPT with your blog posts but also post from other blogs.

That way, you almost got an infinite source of inspiration.

How To Master LinkedIn’s Tools And Features?

When you talk about lead generation, it’s impossible to forget LinkedIn Sales Navigator and InMails.

They are actually the flash royal cards in this game, so it’s better to apply them to the list of growth hacks.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn InMails

Let’s say you’re an audio engineer for podcast hosts, and it says so in your headline.

To enlarge your network, you should connect to podcast hosts.

When they see your headline, they’ll relate and understand that you can be a valuable connection. This will help to increase your acceptance rate.

linkedin sales navigator search

To make this hack easy, use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and search for the keyword in the headline.

In this case, “podcast host.”

You can also use all other filters to find the right matches. Examples include:

  • Job Title
  • Company Size
  • Location
  • Years of Experience
  • Keyword Search

Your search will yield a list of relevant profiles, each a potential lead.

Next, export the list using Evaboot.

This will give you a list of potential prospects to work with and run a LinkedIn outreach campaign.

Because your list comes with much information like email, you can also run multi-channel outreach campaigns by sending email pitches to augment your InMail pitches.

I tried and tested this method, sending the right prospecting message to potential connections, and my conversion rate increased to 27%.

linkedin inmail good example

Last thing: when doing your outreach via InMails, consider writing hyper-personalized messages, to increase your chances of being noticed, initiating meaningful connections with your intended target audience, and getting a response.


Now that we have all these strategies, it’s time to take action. Pick one of these strategies and try to implement it.

Let me know if they make a difference.

And don’t forget:

It’s great to use hacks for quick wins, but also think about building a long-term LinkedIn lead generation strategy if you want to build your growth on a solid basis.


How do I grow my LinkedIn followers in 2024?

Here is a full guide on how you can grow your LinkedIn:

  1. Define your profile goals
  2. Choose an all-star photo and cover
  3. Create a compelling headline
  4. Propose value in the About section
  5. Post consistently (use ChatGPT to write your LinkedIn posts)
  6. Engage with content
  7. Send InMails
  8. Reach out to LinkedIn event attendees
  9. Use LinkedIn Engagement Pods
  10. Use The “Comment To Get” Technique
  11. Repost your video content on LinkedIn
  12. Etc.

How to grow my business on LinkedIn?

To make sure that you take strategic steps to build a strong and effective organic social presence, follow these steps:

  1. Set engagement targets and create a detailed content roadmap
  2. Deliver value in your posts
  3. Maintain a regular posting schedule: use automation tools
  4. Use eye-catching content formats
  5. Vary your content types
  6. Engage by responding to comments and messages
  7. Utilize hashtags
  8. Include a call to action in each post

What are LinkedIn engagement pods?

In LinkedIn lead-generation strategy, you might need to use LinkedIn engagement pods to increase your LinkedIn profile value.

A LinkedIn Engagement Pod is a group of LinkedIn users who agree to increase their mutual engagement by liking, commenting, or sharing each other’s posts.

It’s essentially a powerful community committed to increasing each member’s interaction on LinkedIn.

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