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7 Linkedin Growth Hacks To Boost Your Lead Generation [2023]

Looking for the best linkedin growth hacks to boost your sales in 2022e

Here are the 7 best linkedin growth hacking strategies you can use to boost your lead generation from today.

These linkedin hacks are really easy to implement and most of them are free.

Hack Linkedin Weekly Limitation on Connection Requests

Linkedin changed the invitation limit from 100 invitations per day to 100 invitations per week.

This change has a huge impact on people prospecting on linkedin as the prospecting capacity of a linkedin account has been divided by seven.

Hopefully there are still some hack that you can use to bypass linkedin weekly limitation on connection requests.

hack linkedin email invitation

The most efficient is to send connection request through emails. For that you can use LaGrowthMachine.

This tool allows you to automate the sending of connection request through email

hack linkedin connection request limit

With this tool, you can send up to 100 connections request in one day and more than 500 in one week.

The benefit is clear, you can contact 5x more people per week with your linkedin account using this hack.

Hack Your Competitor’s Audience on Linkedin

Why bother building an audience from scratch when your competitors are already doing all the work for you?

Stealing your competitors’ audiences on Linkedin is pretty easy with the hacks presented in this video.

There are 3 ways to hack into your competitor’s audience on Linkedin:

  1. Steal their company page followers
  2. Steal their posts’ commenters and likers
  3. Steal their linkedin events attendees

These growth hacks are pretty efficient as you let your competitors do the job for you, and then you can get the results of their work. A good way to find linkedin outreach campaign ideas.

Hack Linkedin Search Limit

There are 2 limitations on the free linkedin search engine.

The first one is the limitation of the number of search results.

You can only get access to the first 1000 results of your search.

hack linkedin search limit

The second limitation is the commercial use limit.

hack linkedin commercial use limit

Linkedin will block you after a certain number of searches because they want you to buy Sales Navigator or Linkedin Recruiter.

In this video I detail 3 hacks to bypass linkedin search limit:

  1. Search Linkedin Profiles with Google
  2. Search Linkedin Hashtags followers
  3. Use multiple linkedin accounts

With this 3 techniques, you’ll be able to search an unlimited amount of linkedin profiles every month.

Hack Linkedin Inmails Credit System

Inmail is the paid messaging service offered by linkedin to linkedin premium subscribers.

They are premium messages that you can use to skip the connection request step and land directly into your prospect’s inbox.

Unfortunately, you don’t get an unlimited amount of them.

You have:

  • 50 inmails per month if you buy Sales Navigator
  • 10 inmails per month if you buy Linkedin Premium
  • 150 inmails per month if you buy Recruiter

But don’t worry, you can hack the linkedin inmail credit system using these hacks:

  1. Send messages to Open Profiles
  2. Send messages to linkedin event attendees
  3. Send messages to linkedin group members

This is what a free inmail looks like:

free linkedin inmail growth hack

Hack Linkedin Ads with Linkedin Sales Navigator

You can hack Linkedin Ads by building super targeted audiences linkedin with sales navigator.

Linkedin Ads are the most expensive Ads on the market compared to Facebook and Google. So you better spend your budgets wisely.

This hack is really simple.

Instead of trusting linkedin ads algorithm to find good prospects for you, you are telling Linkedin Ads exactly who to target.

hacking linkedin sales navigator with linkedin ads

That way, you have 100% control on who is seeing your ads. This a 3 steps process:

  1. Build a lead list on Linkedin Sales Navigator
  2. Export the leads to a CSV with Evaboot
  3. Upload the CSV into Linkedin Ads


You just create a super targeted linkedin ads audience in 5 minutes.

Hack Linkedin Algorithm Using Engagement Pods

Getting thousands of impressions on your Linkedin posts can help you generate tons of inbounds leads. Linkedin engagement pods can help you with that.

How does Linkedin Algorithm work?

When you publish something on Linkedin, the algorithm will first make it appear in the feed of your first degree connections.

If they interact with, Linkedin will show your post to 2nd degree connections (the connections of your connections)

hack linkedin algorithm

That is why it is key to have likes and comment from your 1st degree connections in the first hours of your publication.

How engagement pods can help you hack linkedin algorithm?

When you publish a post and enter the link into an engagement pod, the members of the pods will start to automatically likes your posts.

Using tools like Linkboost can help you increase your post impression by adding some likes during the first hours after publication.

hack linkedin algorithm with engagement pods

You don’t need to send a message to all your friends asking to like the post.

Simply follow these 3 rules:

  1. Limit the number of reactions to 20% of total forecasted engagement
  2. Add 2 – 4 minutes interval between actions
  3. Make sure all the members of the pod are 1rst degree connections

Indeed, if linkedin detects that you get many likes from 3rd degree connections in the first hours, they will detect you are using an engagement pod and will not push your post.

linkedin detecting hack posts

To solve this problem, you can either:

  • create your own pod and invite your 1rst degree connection
  • join a pod and invite the members in your network

Linkboost is a good tool because it has an option to this:

connect with linkedin pod members

If all the members of the pod are 1rst degree connections, there is no way linkedin can detect that the engagement is “fake”.

Plus, there is social validation effect involved.

People prefer to like posts when there are already a bunch of likes and comments on it.

Basically, the more you get engagement you get on your post, the more likely you are to get more likes and comment.

Hack Linkedin Algorithm With The “Comment To Get” Technique

There is a well-known technique to maximize the engagement on your post.

The “Comment To Get” Technique.

This technique produced excellent results for me:

  • 50K impressions

Here is a screenshot from a post where I asked people to comment to get access to the Evaboot private beta.

linkedin hack to maxime post impressions

The technique is really simple:

  1. Write a post teasing a product or a content
  2. Ask people to comment to get the access
  3. Reply to every comment

When Linkedin will see your post getting a ton of comments, they will push more and more people feeds.

how linkedin push content

It’s really important that you quickly reply to every comment so you maximize the degree of interactions on the post.


Hope these linkedin growth hacks will help you boost your sales in 2022.

If you have any question on how to implement these techniques, feel free to reach out to us using the chat.

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