11+ Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools To Skyrocket Your Sales in 2024

LinkedIn has become a significant platform for lead generation and engaging with influencers.

Whether automating your LinkedIn posts or scheduling them for peak engagement times, the right tools can streamline your workflow and skyrocket your LinkedIn profile.

linkedin martketing tools

So whether you’re looking to increase your company page’s visibility or want to discover how to get the best out of LinkedIn your profile.

Remember, the secret to an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy isn’t about a single LinkedIn automation tool but a synergy of tools that support your digital marketing efforts in unison.

I’ve gathered 11+ best LinkedIn Marketing tools for beginners and pro-level marketers who want to enhance their content marketing, attract potential customers, or elevate social selling to the next level.

  1. Taplio
  2. Kleo
  3. Shield
  4. Crystal Knows
  5. Lempod
  6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  7. Evaboot
  8. LaGrowthMachine
  9. Phantombuster
  10. LinkedIn Smartlinks
  11. LinkedIn Ads
  12. Scoop.it

Let’s get into it.

1. Taplio

Taplio is a LinkedIn marketing tool that helps you schedule posts and get inspiration with AI for your marketing campaigns.

You can use Taplio to plan your LinkedIn content calendar, create captivating posts, and reach your target audience at the best times.

taplio linkedin marketing tool

Taplio also uses artificial intelligence to generate post ideas, headlines, and hashtags based on your niche and goals.

CategoryInbound Marketing
Helps withPosting on LinkedIn

You can also track your post performance and get insights on improving your LinkedIn marketing strategy.


  • Schedule LinkedIn posts
  • Scrape the most viral post in your niche
  • Get recommendations with AI
  • Easily interact with your prospects’ posts
  • Send messages and InMail to post likers and commenters
  • Analyze your LinkedIn performance
taplio features


Taplio offers a 7-day free trial and three pricing plans:

  • $39 /month: get inspiration, schedule posts, get analytics
  • $52 /month: AI features, Relationship Builder, Team Feature
  • $149 /month: Lead database + higher limits
taplio pricing

2. Kleo

Kleo is a free alternative to Taplio, which does the same job.

The only difference?

They don’t use AI.

You can use Kleo to get inspiration from popular posts and schedule your LinkedIn posts.

CategoryInbound Marketing
Helps withPosting on LinkedIn

If you are just getting started or don’t have a budget, this tool is perfect for launching your LinkedIn marketing strategy at 0 cost.


  • Get inspiration from popular posts
  • Get inspiration from your favorite creators
  • Schedule your LinkedIn post
  • Fully integrated into the LinkedIn browser
kleo features


You can download Kleo for free on the Chrome Store. It’s a chance you use this tool without paying as it provides a lot of value.

kleo pricing

3. Shield

Shield is a LinkedIn analytics tool that helps you measure and optimize your LinkedIn performance.

It can track metrics like your profile views, post impressions, engagement rates, follower growth, and more. 

shield linkedin marketing tool

Shield also provides actionable insights on improving your content quality, reach, and influence on LinkedIn

CategoryInbound Marketing
Helps withLinkedIn Posts Analytics

Shield supports both personal profiles and company pages. 


  • Aggregated stats to analyze overall performance
  • Individual stats for posts
  • Measure improvements
  • Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts in the same place
shield features


Shield offers a 10-day free trial and has 2 offers:

  • $8 /month for individuals
  • $20 /month for team members & agencies
shield pricing

4. Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows is a personality assessment tool that helps you communicate better with your prospects and clients on LinkedIn.

You can use Crystal Knows to analyze anyone’s personality based on their LinkedIn page, job title, email address, or name.

crystal knows linkedin marketing tool

Crystal Knows then gives you personalized advice on how to write personalized messages, make calls, or conduct meetings with them.

Crystal Knows also integrates with Gmail, Outlook, HubSpot, Salesforce, and other tools to help you tailor your communication across different channels.

CategoryOutbound Marketing
Helps withGet more meetings

Crystal Knows offers a free plan and two paid plans starting from $29 per month.


  • AI Profiling
  • Outreach tips
  • Ready-to-use message templates
crystal knows features


Crystal Knows offers a free trial of 10 credits and has 2 paid plans:

  • $49 /month: 200 profiles per year + premium suggestions
  • Custom: custom volumes + CRM integrations.
crystal knows pricing

5. Lempod

Lempod is a LinkedIn engagement tool that helps boost your post visibility and reach on LinkedIn.

You can use Lempod to join pods of like-minded professionals who will automatically like and comment on your posts.

lempod linkedin marketing tool

Lempod also allows you to create pods and invite friends or colleagues to join them.

Lempod helps you increase your post engagement, generate more leads, and grow your professional network on LinkedIn.

CategoryInbound Marketing
Helps withGetting more impressions on your posts

Lempod offers a free plan and two paid plans starting from $5 per month.


  • Automatically add likes on your post
  • Automatically add comments on posts
  • Create private company pods
lempod features


Lempod doesn’t offer a free trial, but it’s pretty cheap. It offers 2 plans:

  • $9.99 /month for individuals who want to join private pods
  • $3/99 per user /month to create a private company pod.
lempod pricing

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium LinkedIn service that helps you find and connect with the right decision-makers on LinkedIn.

You can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator lead-generation tool to access advanced search filterslead recommendationsInMail creditssales insights, and more. 

linkedin sales navigator marketing tool

LinkedIn Sales Navigator also integrates your CRM and email tools to streamline your sales process.

CategoryOutbound Marketing
Helps withBuilding lead lists

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you target the most relevant prospects, build trusted relationships, and close more deals on LinkedIn. 

It offers a free trial and three pricing plans starting from $64.99 per month.


  • Search for leads and accounts in the LinkedIn database
  • Build leads lists
  • Save your searches to automate lead generation
  • Send InMail
  • Get alerts on leads’ activities
linkedin sales navigator features


LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers a 1-month free trial and 3 plans:

  • Sales Navigator Core: $99 /month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced: $149 / month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: custom pricing
linkedin sales navigator pricing

If you want to learn more about the difference between Sales Navigator and Advanced (Team), here is a video that explains it:

7. Evaboot

Evaboot is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Automation tool that allows you to export leads to CSV and find their emails.

This way, you get a ready-for-outreach file in just one click.

evaboot linkedin marketing tools
Export Sales Navigator leads with Evaboot

You use Evaboot to build high-quality email lists in one click from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

CategoryOutbound Marketing
Helps withBuild lead lists

If you spend a lot of time cleaning your database, Evaboot Chrome Extension will be a game-changer. It automatically cleans the data and detects unqualified leads in your in-depth search results.


  • Export lead lists to CSV
  • Clean data
  • Detect false positives
  • Find emails
  • Verify emails


Evaboot offers 1000 free credits for a trial and 3 plans:

  • $49 /month for 2,000 export + email credits
  • $99 /month for 5,000 export + email credits
  • $199 /month for 20,000 export + email credits
evaboot pricing
Export Sales Navigator leads with Evaboot

8. LaGrowthMachine

LaGrowthMachine is a LinkedIn outreach tool that helps you automate your lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn.

You can use LaGrowthMachine to create personalized sequences of messages, connection requests, follow-upsemails, and calls for your prospects on LinkedIn.

lagrowthmachine linkedin marketing tool

LaGrowthMachine also tracks your campaign performance and provides detailed reports and analytics.

CategoryOutbound Marketing
Helps withAutomating LinkedIn Outreach

LaGrowthMachine helps you scale your outreach, generate more conversations, and convert more leads on LinkedIn. LaGrowthMachine offers a 14-day free trial and two pricing plans starting from $99 per month.


  • LinkedIn messaging automation
  • Cold email automation
  • Twitter automation
  • Voice message automation
  • API
  • CRM Sync
  • Integrated email enrichment
  • Sequence templates
  • Shared Inbox
  • Webhooks
lagrowthmachine features


LaGrowthMachine offers a 14-day free trial and 3 plans:

  • 50€/ month for multichannel automation
  • 100€/ month to add Inbox management, lead qualification, and AI.
  • 150€/ month to add CRM integrations
lagrowthmachine priicng

9. Phantombuster

Phantombuster is a LinkedIn automation platform that helps you automate various tasks on LinkedIn.

You can use Phantombuster to scrape data, send messages, endorse skills, visit profiles, extract emails, and more.

phantombuster linkedin marketing tool

Phantombuster provides hundreds of ready-made scripts or phantoms that you can use to automate your LinkedIn activities.

You can also create your own custom phantoms using JavaScript or Python. Phantombuster helps you save timeincrease productivity, and enhance your LinkedIn presence.

CategoryOutbound Marketing
Helps withAutomate LinkedIn Tasks

Phantombuster offers a free plan and four paid plans starting from $30 per month.


  • Export LinkedIn searches
  • Send connection requests
  • Send messages
  • Enrich LinkedIn profiles
  • Connect to other social platforms
phantombuster features


Phantombuster offers a 14 free trial and 3 plans:

  • $69 /month for 20h of automation per month
  • $159 /month for 80h of automation per month
  • $4399 /month for 300h of automation per month
phantombuster pricing

10. LinkedIn Smartlinks

LinkedIn Smartlinks is a LinkedIn feature that helps you share personalized content with your prospects and clients on LinkedIn.

You can use LinkedIn Smartlinks to create custom landing pages with your logo, name, and message. You can add relevant content such as videosPDFswebinars, or articles to your Smartlinks.

linkedin smartlink marketing tool

You can also track who views your Smartlinks and how they engage with your content. LinkedIn Smartlinks helps you deliver value, build trust, and drive action on LinkedIn.

CategoryOutbound Marketing
Helps withGet more meetings

LinkedIn Smartlinks is available for LinkedIn Sales Navigator users.


  • Build custom presentations online
  • Track prospect activity on your presentation
  • Collect LinkedIn URLs


Smartlink is a tool integrated into the Sales Navigator Advanced subscription, which costs $149 /month.

11. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is the advertising platform of LinkedIn that helps you reach your target audience on LinkedIn.

You can use LinkedIn Ads to create various ads such as sponsored contentsponsored messaging, text ads, video ads, or carousel ads.

linkedin ads marketing tool

You can also use LinkedIn’s native retargeting or matched audiences features to target your website visitors, email contacts, or account-based audiences.

CategoryInbound Marketing
Helps withGenerating leads on autopilot

LinkedIn Ads helps you increase brand awarenessdrive trafficgenerate leads, and grow sales on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Ads operates on a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression model with a minimum budget of $10 daily.


  • Display Ads
  • Message Ads
  • Forms Ads

By combining Sales Navigator with LinkedIn Ads, you can launch super-targeted campaigns with great results.

Here is a video explaining the process:


The average PPC on LinkedIn is $2.00 – $3.00 per click, which is a bit higher than on other platforms.

However, the audience is much more qualified than social networks like Facebook or Instagram for B2B marketers and businesses.

12. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a content curation tool that helps you discover and share relevant content on LinkedIn.

You can use Scoop.it to find the best content from the web based on your keywords, interests, or industry.

scoop.it linkedin maerketing tool

You can then curate the content by adding your own insights, images, or hashtags. You can also schedule your content posted on your LinkedIn profile or page at optimal times.

CategoryInbound Marketing
Helps withWrite better content

Scoop.it helps you provide value, engage your audience, and establish your thought leadership on LinkedIn.

Scoop.it offers a free plan and three paid plans starting from $14.99 per month.


  • Track topics on the web
  • Get content ideas on autopilot
  • Publish content on all your social channels
  • Create newsletters
scoop.it features


Scoop.it offers a freemium plan with limited features and 3 paid plans:

  • $17.99 /month for 1 users
  • $79 /month for teams
scoop.it pricing


LinkedIn is a great platform to grow your business and achieve your sales goals in 2023.

But you need the right tools to help you optimize your LinkedIn marketing efforts and get the best results.

The tools we have listed above can help you with various aspects of LinkedIn marketing, such as content creationautomationanalyticsoutreach, and advertising.

Try them out and see how they can help you skyrocket your sales on LinkedIn in 2023.


Is LinkedIn a marketing tool?

LinkedIn is one of the most important social media platforms for marketers to connect with decision-makers in their target markets who may need their products or services.

The goal is to be consistently visible and valuable, not to sell directly. Instead, focus on sharing knowledge and providing valuable information.

How do I use LinkedIn as a marketing tool?

While LinkedIn can be a great place to showcase skills, network, build a personal brand, and find jobs, it’s especially effective for B2B marketing.

To use LinkedIn as a marketing tool, consider these tips:

  • Keep your profile complete and up to date.
  • Create a LinkedIn company page.
  • Focus on growing your connections.
  • Continually share links to useful and relevant content.
  • Join or start LinkedIn groups.
  • Follow other company pages.
  • Use LinkedIn ads.

What are the best LinkedIn marketing tools?

Top LinkedIn Marketing tools for beginners and pro-level marketers are:

  1. Taplio
  2. Kleo
  3. Shield
  4. Crystal Knows
  5. Lempod
  6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  7. Evaboot
  8. LaGrowthMachine
  9. Phantombuster
  10. LinkedIn Smartlinks
  11. LinkedIn Ads
  12. Scoop.it

How effective is LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is proving to be highly effective in reaching and engaging targeted professional audiences. Marketers who use LinkedIn have access to approximately 14.6% of the world’s population and reap significant benefits.

Notably, 40% of B2B marketers cite LinkedIn as their top source for generating quality leads. In addition, LinkedIn ads defy the common misconception that they are just for brand awareness.

In fact, these ads have a 6.1% conversion rate in the U.S., significantly higher than the 2.58% conversion rate for Google search ads. This underscores LinkedIn’s powerful effectiveness in driving meaningful business results.

What is the best LinkedIn marketing strategy?

The best LinkedIn marketing strategy incorporates several key elements to maximize engagement and reach on the platform.

Here’s how to optimize your strategy:

  1. Relevant hashtags: Enhance your posts with hashtags that are directly relevant to the content.
    This aligns your posts with specific topics or industries, increasing the chances that they’ll be seen by interested parties who are actively searching or following those hashtags.
  2. Profile Optimization: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is fully updated and optimized with relevant keywords and a clear, professional description of what you and your company offer.
  3. Regular and Valuable Content: Post consistently and make sure the content is valuable to your audience. Whether it’s insights into industry trends, helpful tips, or sharing company news, keeping your content fresh and relevant keeps your audience engaged.
  4. Engage with audience: Don’t just post content; engage with comments, questions, and feedback. Engaging with other users’ content can also help build your network and visibility.
  5. Analytics Review: Use LinkedIn’s analytics tools to track how well your posts are performing. Analyzing engagement can help you tweak your strategy to better meet the preferences of your audience.
  6. Leverage LinkedIn Features: Use other LinkedIn features such as LinkedIn Live, Stories, or publishing articles to LinkedIn Pulse to expand your content types and increase engagement.
  7. Targeted LinkedIn Ads: Consider using LinkedIn’s advertising platform to more accurately target your ideal demographic. LinkedIn ads can be customized to target users by job title, industry, company size and more, making them a powerful tool for reaching specific audiences.


This content was partly written by AI (ChatGPT 4), I added my own perspective, fact-checked it and made sure it is helpful for you.

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