How to Manage Multiple Linkedin Accounts? [2024 Tutorial]

LinkedIn recently implemented a new limit of 100 invitations per week.

Before that, the limit was 100/day…

If you want to know how to keep scaling your linkedin outreach campaigns, prospecting with multiple accounts can be a solution.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to manage multiple linkedin accounts using:

  1. Multiple Chrome Sessions
  2. Linkedin Automations Tools

Let’s dive in.

Can You Have Multiple LinkedIn Accounts?

Creating multiple profiles is not allowed by Linkedin’s User Agreement and Professional Community Policies.

linkedin donts user aggreement

Technically you can’t have more than one account to your name.

However, if you change first name, last name and upload a different picture, you can create an account for another identity.

Note that Linkedin allows you to duplicate accounts in several languages.

duplicate linkedin profile

As long as you respect linkedin limits, you won’t have problems.

Why Having Multiple Linkedin Profiles?

There are several reasons that can make you to manage different linkedin accounts:

  1. Creating new accounts to scale your linkedin outreach
  2. Managing your clients’ accounts as an agency or a freelancer
  3. Duplicating your profile in other languages
  4. Separating your professional and personal linkedin account

All these reasons are legit.

So I’m going to show you everything you need to successfully manage multiple Linkedin accounts.

Managing Multiple Linkedin Accounts with Chrome Sessions

To manage multiple account at the same time, Chrome sessions are really handy.

manage multiple linkedin accounts chrome session

The first step is to create various Chrome profiles. For that:

  1. click on your profile picture
  2. Click on add
  3. Click “continue without account”
  4. Select a name for your profile
chrome session linkedin profile

Once you created your Chrome profile, simply login and Linkedin and check “Remember me”

one linkedin profile per chrome session

If you repeat this operation, you will be able to easily manage multiple account by having multiple chrome session opened at the same time.

manage 2 linkedin accounts chrome sessions

Chrome sessions are useful to manage multiple linkedin accounts manually. However, if you want to use multiple profiles and use them for linkedin prospecting, you will need another tool.

Manage Multiple Linkedin Accounts for Lead Generation

5 steps to manage multiple linkedin accounts:

  1. Connect your linkedin profiles to Linkedin Helper
  2. Add a proxy to your linkedin accounts
  3. Set up safe automation limits
  4. Upload your leads
  5. Build your messages sequences

1. Connect your linkedin profiles to Linkedin Helper

To easily create our LinkedIn Account fleet, we’ll use a tool called LinkedIn Helper. They are in the game from a long time now.

how to create multiple linkedin accounts

Here are the first steps:

  1. Download the web app
  2. Go see your cofounders or your Sales
  3. Ask for their credentials

It’s better if you automate an account with a real human behind.

If you really can’t have someone, you can create a fake account:

  1. Choose a picture on This Person Does Not Exist
  2. Fill as much information as possible to make it look real
  3. Don’t automate the first week. Connect and send message to people manually.

Once you got credentials, click on “Add new” and connect.

add a new account linkedin helper

Your freshly created account will appear on your dashboard. You can enjoy 1 month free trial for your first account. Later you will need to buy licenses and assign it to your accounts.

assign license to linkedin account

You can now click on “Open” and connect to the LinkedIn Account on your machine.

You can navigate on LinkedIn like you were on your real browser! Congratulation, you create the first account of your fleet.

But this not the end…

If you automate too many LinkedIn accounts on the same computer (IP address) LinkedIn will catch you in seconds. That’s why you need proxies.

2. Add a proxy to your linkedin accounts

To manage multiple linkedin accounts and stay under the radar, you need to use proxies or VPNs. Go to and buy an IPV6 Proxy

buy proxy linkedin helper

Choose the country you want your LinkedIn account to operate from. As you can see, it’s really cheap.

linkedin proxy prices

Once you bought the proxy, go to “My proxies”. You’ll see the information you’ll need to connect the proxy to Linkedin Helper.

add proxies to your multiple linkedin accounts

Pick your LinkedIn account and enter the information given to your Proxy6.

add the proxy into linkedin helper

  1. Click on Assign Proxy
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Enter Info
  4. Click on Test and Save
  5. Choose the proxy you just added
  6. Click on “Assign”

After you should, the proxy assigned to your LinkedIn account.

open linkedin helper account

All good!

You can now open your new LinkedIn account and navigate safely on multiple LinkedIn accounts without being caught by LinkedIn.

You can repeat this process on many account as you want. Remember to manually warm your accounts the first week if they are cold.

3. Set up safe automation limits

If you want to manage multiple linkedin accounts and stay safe, you need to set up the right limitations

  1. Open an account
  2. Go to setting
  3. Click on limits

set limits linkedin helper

Create a “human like” behavior

  1. Randomize hours
  2. Don’t automate on weekends
  3. 150 actions/day

set days limit linkedin helper

Go to “Advanced Limits”

Set it up to:

  1. 100 invitations a week = 5 x 25 invitations/day
  2. 100 messages/day

set hourly limit linkedin helper

You should be safe with this

4. Upload your leads

Click on campaigns and create your first campaign

create campaign linkedin helper

Go to List > Add contact to add your prospects

add contact into linkedin message sequence

Go to Upload Profiles URLs > Upload CSV file. You only got 100 invitations/week

Make sure the profile you upload are qualified prospects for your business. You got fewer bullets to aim to the right target… So don’t waste them!

If you want to build a qualified lead lists and avoid contacting people that are not relevant to your business:

  1. Use Sales Navigator instead of basic Linkedin search: Sales Navigator offers much more filters that will allow creating really curated lead list
  2. Use Evaboot to export your lead lists from Sales Navigator and double check them.
Export Sales Navigator leads for free

Sales Navigator often makes mistakes dues to the way the filter works and Evaboot will help you to automatically detect all the unqualified leads in your search results.

upload linkedin url linkedin helper

5. Build your message sequences

You got many options to build your linkedin message sequences on LinkedIn Helper

But let’s get pragmatic here. You don’t need a fancy sequence as long as your copywriting is good

You can use the 3 elements to build a classic message sequence.

build workflow linkedin messages

Given that you only get 100 invitations per week on each account, you need to super personalized.

Try to split your prospects between your different accounts. A good strategy is to specialize each account in :

  • an industry
  • a country or a region
  • a persona
  • etc…

When you have done that:

  1. Click on the campaigns you want to activate
  2. Click on start Campaign Runner

linkedin multiple accounts

You’re all set!

Remember that copywriting is the most important thing in your Linkedin outbound campaigns.

Before you use any linkedin automation tools:

  1. Know your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  2. Know your Sales Pitch
  3. Use AIDA copywriting framework for your messages


In this part we answer most common questions about managing multiple linkedin profiles.

Can I create 2 LinkedIn accounts with same email?

No, you can create two linkedin accounts with the same email address. When you create a new LinkedIn account, you must provide a different email. Each LinkedIn accounts has to be associated with a single email.

How many linkedin accounts can you have?

You can only have one Linkedin account to your name, but you can manage multiple linkedin account if they are associated with other identities.

Can you switch between accounts on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can switch between accounts on Linkedin.

switch between linkedin account

For that must you must log out from your account, then click on “Sign In” and select the account you want to connect with in the list that is displayed.

What are the best software to manage multiple Linkedin account?

May software facilitate multiple account management. Among the best ones are Linked Helper Expandi, LaGrowthMachine and Waalaxy.

Can I have a personal and business LinkedIn account?

No, you can have separated Linkedin accounts for your personal and professional life. Even if you have different careers, you can’t create a Linkedin account for each of these careers.

Can you delete and remake a LinkedIn account?

Yes, you can delete your LinkedIn account and create a new one. Make sure to get a copy of your data and your connections before you delete your account.

What happens if you have two LinkedIn accounts?

If Linkedin notices you have two accounts, they have the right to shut them down. That is why if you want to make that move you must be really cautious.

Can you have multiple Linkedin company pages?

Yes, there is no limitation on the number of linkedin company pages you can create. Linkedin allows you to create company pages in several languages or for subsidiaries.

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