How to Get Unlimited InMails on LinkedIn? [2024 Tutorial]

InMails are really useful when you have to contact 2nd and 3rd degree connection without sending a connection request first.

Unfortunately, you only get 50 InMails/month with Sales Navigator and 150 InMails/month with LinkedIn Recruiter.

That’s too low.

Let’s see how you can send way more LinkedIn InMails every month.

How to Send Unlimited InMails on LinkedIn?

3 techniques to get unlimited InMails on LinkedIn:

  1. Send InMails to Open Profiles
  2. Contact LinkedIn group members
  3. Contact LinkedIn event attendees

send unlimited inmails linkedin

1. Send InMails to Open Profiles

The first technique you can use to get unlimited InMails on LinkedIn is to message Open Profiles.

Indeed, InMails sent to Open Profiles are free.

You won’t spend any InMail credits when you contact these people.

So how to identify Open Profiles?

how to get unlimited inmails on linkedin with open profiles

There is no sign on the profiles, the only thing you can do is to click on More > Message.

If this Message Box appear with the mention Free Message, it means the profile is open.

If you click on why you will see the detailed explanation on LinkedIn Documentation.

open profile linkedin documentation

Now that you know how to identify and contact Open Profiles manually, let’s see how to automate this approach.

If you are a Sales Navigator user, you can use Evaboot to identify Open Profile at scale.

Evaboot allow you to export your leads from Linkedin Sales Navigator to a CSV and to detect Open Profiles.

Here’s what an Evaboot file will look like. In the column “Prospect is Open Profile”, you will be able to see if the profile is open when the value is “TRUE”.

how to identify open profiles at scale for unlimited inmails

You can then filter the column on the value “TRUE” to extract all the open profiles in your Sales Navigator search or list.

Once you have your file ready, you can upload it into a LinkedIn outreach tool that handle InMails like Linked Helper.

how to automate unlimited inmail sending on linkedin

This tool will send InMails on your behalf.

If you feed this LinkedIn outreach sequence with new Open Profiles every week, you will literally be able to send unlimited InMails on LinkedIn on autopilot.

One important thing to know is that you can’t send follow-ups with InMails. If you want to send follow-ups after your InMails, you will need to fall back on a classic LinkedIn outreach sequence.

how to generate lead with unlimited inmails on linkedin

2. Contact LinkedIn group members

The second way to get unlimited InMail credits on LinkedIn is to message LinkedIn group members.

Message sent to LinkedIn group members are not really InMails. But still, they allow you to contact 2nd and 3rd degree connections.

how to send unlimited inmails to linkedin group members

To use this technique you need to be a member of the group.

So before doing anything, make to sure to send a request and get accepted by the group admins.

Once you see the list of members you will see that you are able to message any member without sending a connection request first.

unlimited message linkedin group members

Your message will not land into the main inbox but on the message request.

message request inbox unlimited inmails

That is why I prefer the Open Profile method as you land into the main inbox, but you can still try this technique and see if it works for your business.

To automate this process, you can use Phantombuster to extract LinkedIn group members into a CSV. Just provide the URL of the LinkedIn group and Phantombuster will do the rest.

To automate the outreach part, you can use Linked Helper or any other LinkedIn outreach tool.

automate unlimited messaging to linkedin group members

3. Contact LinkedIn event attendees

You can use the same technique to send unlimited InMails to LinkedIn event attendees. It’s also a really efficient LinkedIn prospecting technique.

send unlimited inmails to linkedin event attendees

Go on Networking tab > Message and you will be able to DM anyone.

To automate this technique, you can still use Phantombuster, more Precisely the LinkedIn Event Guest Exporter Phantom.

extract linkedin event attendess

To automate the outreach, you can also use Linked Helper and the “Message to event attendees” feature.

messages linkedin event attendess

How To Get More Inmail Credits For Free?

Every InMail message that is accepted/declined or responded to directly within 90 days of it being sent is credited back. So you consider them free.

This is a really essential InMail best practice to keep in mind.

the inmail refund policy

It means that if most of your InMail get replies, you can potentially send unlimited InMails on LinkedIn, as your credits will be refunded every time you get a reply.

Before you start shooting your InMail campaign, take the time to work on the copywriting of your messages, as it will have a huge impact on your InMail credits spending.

You will get tips on how to get more replies to your LinkedIn prospecting messages in this video at 10:20.

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