What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team Edition? [Vs Professional]

Written by JB Jezequel
Co-Founder @Evaboot
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Linkedin Sales Navigator Team is the upgraded version of Sales Navigator Professional.

It offers several features that improve sales team coordination.

1. Sales Navigator Team features

Sales Navigator Team comes with all the features from Professional, plus:

  1. 10 additional InMail messages per month (30 total)
  2. Create Account List through CSV upload
  3. TeamLinks
  4. Smartlinks
  5. CRM integrations

2. How much does Linkedin Sales Navigator Team cost?

Sales Navigator Team is a little more expensive than the Professional Plan due to its additional features. Sales Navigator teams costs:

  • $149.99 per month
  • $1300.00 per year

3. How to create Account List with CSV Upload on Sales Navigator Team?

Go to Account List > Create an Account List > Upload and Account from CSV

create account list from CSV sales navigator

Read the guidelines:

  • 1000 companies maximum
  • You need at least the name of the company to do this
  • The more you add details (ID, Website etc...) the more you improve the chances of LinkedIn to match your CSV with the right companies.

requirement csv upload linkedin sales navigator

Upload your CSV file

csv upload linkedin

Map the fields

map field upload account list

Name you list and wait for the matching algorithm to do it's magic

upload CSV to create account list sales navigator

Check the results!

CSV import results sales navigator

Congrats! πŸŽ‰ You just saved hours of boring work

3. What is Sales Navigator Teamlink?

TeamLink is Sales Navigator Team feature that allow you to lets you view your team's connections. TeamLink uses the power of your entire network to help you find the best way to connect with a prospect by showing you, on the team account, your colleagues that who have a 1st relationship level with the prospect.

With this information, you can easily see who is in a position to help you connect with potential prospects and introduce yourself.

TeamLink intro spotlight sales navigator

When you'll make a search on Sales Navigator, a new "Leads with TeamLink intro" will appear

teamlink feature sales navigator team

If you click on "TeamLink Introduction", you'll be able to see which member of your team can get you an intro to your prospect

4. How to use Sales Navigator Smart Links?

Smart Links allows to create Sales presentation aggregating files and website, and then easily share and track your prospects interactions with this content.

copy-past sales navigator smartlink

To create a smart link, you just need to upload a few website and content you want to share with your prospects

smarlink sales navigator

Once your smart link is created, Linkedin will create "Powerpoint" like presentation with website and content you uploaded.

Want to know how to generate lead with Smart Links? Check our complete guide

6. Synch your CRM with your Sales Navigator Team

If you use Salesforce, you can sync accounts that you own.

There's also a CRM widget for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

That's a handy feature for reps who lean heavily on LinkedIn -- within your CRM, you can:

  • browse profiles
  • see company information
  • send InMails
  • use TeamLink connections
  • get recommended leads.

Sales Navigator also integrates with HubSpot, Infer CRM, and Zoho.Β 

7. Export leads from Sales Navigator Team

If you want to export your leads from Sales Navigator team, you can use the Evaboot Chrome Extension.

8. Sales Navigator Team VS Professional

The two mains features that separates Linkedin Sales Navigator Team from Professional are:

  • CRM Integration
  • Account List CSV Upload

Smart Links and Team Links are cool feature but they're "nice-to-have"

  • CRM Integration is important if you need a high level of tracking on your leads/you have a big sales team that need to cooperate.
  • Account List Upload is a must have if you target companies based on data you find outside Linkedin (Technology or Financial information)

Now that you know that, the answer is simple.

If you absolutely need one these 2 features, you should go with a Sales Navigator Team account.

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