How to Find Alumni on Linkedin? [Search + Reachout Tips 2022]

Alumni are a way too underrated network for networking and lead generation.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to find alumni on linkedin and how to reach out to them.

Let’s dive in

How to Find Alumni on Linkedin with the Linkedin Alumni Tool?

In this part, we are going to cover another way to search for alumni on Linkedin with the Linkedin Alumni Tool, a new feature available on the school pages.

What is the Linkedin Alumni tool?

Linkedin Alumni Tool is a feature that gives you insight on school alumni (where they live, where they work) and let your search for alumni using keywords, companies or job titles.

How to use the Linkedin Alumni Tool?

Step #1: Go on a school page and click on the Alumni Tab

You are going to see a few things:

  • The number of alumni
  • Search bar
  • General insight on alumni (where they live, where they work, what they do, what they studied)

You can search for specific group of alumni using the search tool:

  • look for keywords, title or companies
  • the time they graduated

For example, I could look for all Harvard alumni who are CEOs

The results will appear at the bottom of the page

Warning ⚠️

The quality of the results will be much worse with this technique as Linkedin will look for the keyword into all the profile and not only in the current job title field. If you want better results, I highly advise you to use Sales Navigator.

How to Find Alumni on Linkedin Groups?

There are many alumni Linkedin groups that already exists on Linkedin. It’s really easy to find them with Linkedin Search and Sales Navigator.

Step#1: Go to Linkedin search and click Groups

Step #2: Use boolean search and writ <“School Name”> AND alumni in the search bar

This will look for the groups with the keyword “Harvard” and “Alumni” inside their name.

Once you get these results, you can join these Linkedin group to reach out to alumni.

How to find alumni on linkedin groups with Sales Navigator?

Step#1: Go to the Groups filter and enter your boolean search (<School name> AND Alumni”

Step#2: Select the group you are interested in and add other filters if necessary

Step#3: Export groups members in a CSV with Evaboot

Here is a video tutorial to guide you through the process

How to Reach Out to alumni on Linkedin?

They are several ways to leverage an alumni relation to generate business opportunities, here are a few examples/

1.Ask to join an Alumni Linkedin Group

You could try to gather all the alumni of your school/your company into a linkedin group. Here how to message alumni on linkedin:

Example of Alumni Outreach

Hello <first_name>,

I’m trying to gather all the <school_name> alumni into a Linkedin group so we can stay in touch an network: <link of the group>

I noticed you were in <school_name> from <start date> to <end date>. Would you be interested to connect with other alumni of our school?

Best, JB

2.How to network with Alumni on Linkedin by organizing an event

You could try to organize a physical or a digital event gathering the alumni of your school/company.

Just create a Linkedin event and then send the link to fellow alumni.

Example of networking message

Hello <first_name>,

I’m organizing an event gathering <school_name> alumni: <link of the event>

Many people are doing great things but I feel we are not connected enough. I’m sure we could easily help each other if we communicate more.

This happens at <location and date>

Are you interested to join us?

Best, JB

3.Simply ask for a catchup

If you are not willing to create any linked group or event, you proposition value is poorer. However you could still try something like this

How to reach out to an alumni on Linkedin

Hello <first_name>,

I’m trying to reach out to <school_name> alumni to see if we could network and help each other in business.

I feel like our alumni network is really underrated, we could all benefits from communicating more.

I’ve noticed that you are working in <your industry> as well. We got few connections in common 😉

If you’re willing to talk about the good old time and how we can help each other, you can grab some times in my calendly here:

Best, JB

How to Find alumni on Linkedin Sales Navigator?

Linkedin Sales Navigator is powerful tool that allow to explore the whole Linkedin database.

It makes it really easy to find the alumni of a school or a company.

If you don’t have a Sales Navigator account yet. No problem. There is a free trial you can use.

How to Search School alumni on Linkedin Sales Navigator?

Simply open the search filters.

Step #1: Look for the school filter and enter the name of the targeted school in the search bar.

Step #2: Press “Search” and now you will see all the alumni displayed on the search engine

Step #3/ If you are looking for alumnis in a particular country or who work in a particular company, you just need to top up you search with other filters like this:

Here I am looking for all the Harvard Business School alumni who live in the U.S and work at Google.

How to look up company alumni on Linkedin Sales Navigator?

If you’re want to reach out to company alumni, the process is really similar.

  1. Go to the company filter
  2. Select Past not current
  3. Look for the company

Here I got all the people that used to work at Hubspot

Again if need to specify my search and look for all Hubspot Alumnis that are now CEOs of their companies, I just need to top up this search with a Title filter.

If you want to export your search results into a CSV, you can use the Evaboot Chrome Extension.

Here is a video tutorial