How Many Connection Requests Can I Send on Linkedin? [2022]

Linkedin recently implemented a new limitation on connection request.

This completely changes the way you should prospect and network.

In this article, we answer the question: how many connection requests can I send on Linkedin?

What are the consequences of this limitation?

How to bypass it? and more…

Let’s dive in

How many connection requests can I send on LinkedIn per day?

You can send around 100 connections requests per week. That means 20 invitations per business day.

This limit is not strict. It will depend on:

  • your daily activity
  • your number of connections
  • the age of your account

This limitation is relatively new.

It only exist since June 2021.

Before that every Linkedin user was able to sent up to 100 connections request per day (500-700 hundreds per week)

Before last summer, many people started to see this message: “You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit”

How many connection requests can I send on LinkedIn per day

This change had a huge impact on the way people prospect because the weekly prospecting capacity has been divided by 7.

How to adapt to the Linkedin weekly invitation limit?

You only have 100 bullets per week.

You better spend some time clearly identifying your targets instead of connecting with random people.

Imagine you are building a 500 lines lead list.

If there is 200 unqualified leads in it, you will spend two business week contacting people outside of your target.

To improve the accuracy of your lead list, one thing you can do is to use Sales Linkedin Sales Navigator.

It is much more powerful than the basic Linkedin search engine and allow you to build target lead and account list for your prospecting.

linkedin sales navigator search filters

Plus, more and more people are doing linkedin outreach so mass messaging people clearly don’t work anymore.

Defining who will receive your message is 70% of the job. If you know you are talking to the right people, finding the words will be easy.

Finding the emails of your prospects is always a great way to reach out to them directly without sending a connection request/

How to bypass linkedin connection request limitation?

You can go up to 100 invitations per week if you use tools like LaGrowthMachine.

This tool allows you to easily bypass linkedin weekly limitation.

They use the email invite feature to increase your connection request capacity.

The email invite feature allows you to send connection requests to people using their linkedin account email.

To send a connection request through email, go to My Network > More Options below Add Personal contact

Then you’ll be able to choose between different option:

  • Invite your email adress book (Gmail contact for example)
  • Copy paste email adresses
  • Upload a CSV

Once you added the emails, Linkedin will show you all the profile that matched.

You will have to select manually all the people you want to connect with (Linkedin does not allow to do this in bulk to prevent spam)

This process is really painful to do manually if you got a lot of people to invite.

Tools like LaGrowthMachine help you automate this process.

They also automatically find the linkedin email addresses of the people so you don’t have to do this job yourself.

When does Linkedin weekly limit reset?

In its pop-up, LinkedIn states: “Please try again next week.” In reality, if you hit the limit, the restriction is often lifted within 3-5 days. So make sure to make stay under the recommended limitation.

Can I have more than 30000 connections on LinkedIn?

No. You can’t have more than 30 000 connections on Linkedin but you can have an unlimited number of followers.

Can I have more than 30000 connections on LinkedIn

That is to say people won’t be able to communicate with you through Linkedin message, but they will be able to see and comment your post

If you want to have more than 30 000 connection, what you can do is create another linkedin account