How to Use Inmails Credits on Sales Navigator? [2021 Tutorial]

Written by JB Jezequel
Co-Founder @Evaboot
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With every Sales Navigator subscription come a bunch of Inmails credits.

Here we show how to get the most out of them.

1.What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMail?

Inmails allow you to directly contact someone who you’re not currently connected with on Linkedin.

inmail credits sales navigator

For users on a Basic account, you’ll find that you can only directly message those who are already in your network.

However, for Premium and Sales Navigator users, you get a certain number of InMail credits based on the type of your subscription.

InMail messages are limited to 200 characters for the subject line.

Messages themselves are limited to 1900 characters (around 350 words).

2.How Many Inmails Credits can I send with a Sales Navigator Subscription?

If your InMail is responded to within 90 days of you sending it, the Inmail credit will be refunded.

inmails credits depending on sales navigator subcription

You can also carry over InMails for up to three months.

A Professional account holder can have up to 60 credits to use, while a Enterprise user can have up to 150 credits.

If necessary, you can purchase InMail credits above your monthly usage limit.

They cost $10 each, which can soon make things expensive.

We highly advise you not to do that.

3. How to Generate Lead with your InMail Credits?

3.1. Focus on emails instead of Inmails

You should not focus on Inmails to execute your outbound strategy

Why? 🤔

Because Inmails are flagged in the Linkedin Messaging interface.

Your prospect will immediately notice that he's receiving a prospecting message.

Sending an email is equal to write "Hey! I'm here to sell you something" right next to your face.

inmail linkedin messaging

You should keep Inmails as the last resort if you prospect does not reply to your emails or your linkedin messages.

  1. Make a first contact via email
  2. if no reply: send a connection request and a classic linkedin message
  3. if the connection request is not accepted: send an Inmail

You only have between 20 and 50 Inmails credits per month with your Sales Navigator account.

You can't base your whole prospecting strategy on Inmails

Compared to Inmails, you can send up to:

  • 150-200 emails a day with your mailbox
  • 100 message a day with your linkedin account

So instead of sending Inmails, you could export leads from Sales Navigator into a CSV and find their emails.

export leads from sales navigator

Hence, you won't need Inmails to contact these people and you'll be able to send cold emails to them.

Keep your Inmails for people you absolutely need to contact, but can't reach out to through Linkedin or Email.

InMails can indeed be really efficient if you are making enterprise sales and just want to reach for a small group of high touch leads with a high budget.

But if you want to contact dozens or hundreds of leads per week, you won't go far with Inmails.

3.3. How to write Inmails that get replies?

In case you want to reach a few hig touch leads with Inmails, here is our tip.

I won't give you a complete course on email copywriting here, my simple is to use one of the many icebreakers offered by Linkedin on the right side of the Inmail interface:

  • Twitter Profile
  • Website
  • Shared Connections
  • Shared Group
  • Posts
  • Articles

how to write inmails sales navigator

This a goldmine for finding relevant icebreakers and trigger your prospect interest.

It's time to act now!

Learn how to use Sales Navigator to create email lists and start getting more client with outbound sales prospecting

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