How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Saved Searches?

Are you looking to significantly boost your lead generation and outreach capabilities with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

In the digital era of social selling, using advanced search tools such as the LinkedIn Sales Navigator saved searches feature is a game changer.

linkedin sales navigator saved searches

If you’re in sales, it’s crucial to understand how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to put your lead generation on autopilot.

So, get ready to supercharge your sales outreach by learning:

  1. What Are LinkedIn Sales Navigator Saved Searches?
  2. Where To Find Saved Searches on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
  3. How To Save Searches on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
  4. How To Export Saved Searches in Sales Navigator?
  5. How To Use Saved Searches to Generate Leads?
  6. How To Delete Saved Searches in Sales Navigator?

Let’s dive into it.

What Are LinkedIn Sales Navigator Saved Searches?

Saved lead and account searches are Sales Navigator features that allow you to save your search criteria to run that search at any time quickly.

saved searches in sales navigator

This helps you stay on top of your target market and reach out to new prospects as soon as they appear on LinkedIn.

You can save up to 50 lead and 50 account searches on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

saved search alters on sales navigaotr

With Saved Searches, you’ll receive weekly alerts when new people or accounts match your saved search criteria.

Where To Find Saved Searches On Sales Navigator?

To access your saved searches in Sales Navigator, simply click “Saved Searches” at the top right of your homepage, next to the search bar.

A sidebar will open on the right with all your saved searches.

how to find saved searches in sales navigator

You can also access them through the Lead or Account search pages.

find saved searches on lead and account search pages

The lists of your saved searches include their names, search criteria, and number of results.

list saved searches sales navigator

This is where you can see how many new searches have been added to your lists since the last time you ran a search.

How To Save Searches On Sales Navigator?

To save a search in Sales Navigator, follow these steps:

  • On the Sales Navigator homepage, click Lead filters or Account filters or enter specific leads or accounts in the search bar and press Enter.
start search sales navigator
  • Refine your Sales Navigator Search by adding or removing filters, using boolean search or other advanced searches on the screen. The search results are will update in real-time.
save a search sales navigator
  • Once you have fine-tuned your search to view the desired results, toggle “Get notified of new lead or account results” in the top right corner of the search filters panel.
access saved search sales navigator
  • You’ll see a pop-up confirming that your search is saved, and you’ll receive weekly email alerts with new results.
  • Click on “Saved searches” next to the search bar to access your search.
edit name saved search sales navigator
  • A sidebar will appear. Click on the pen icon to edit the name of your newly saved search.

And there you go. Now you have a well-organized lead and account search lists.

Every time a new lead matches your search categories, you will receive a notification that it has been added to your list.

How To Export Saved Searches in Sales Navigator?

Even though LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great sales tool, it’s got one drawback: you cannot export your leads directly from there.

That’s why if you want to export your saved searches in Sales Navigator, you should use a third party automation or tool, liked Evaboot.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to export your leads with Evaboot.

  1. Create an Evaboot account
  2. Download the Chrome Extension
  3. Select your Sales Navigator lead lists
  4. Name and launch your export
  5. Download your cleaned list

1. Create an Evaboot account

Step 1 is to go to Evaboot and click “Try for free”. Then, create an account.

create evaboot account

Once you’ve created your account, click on “Get Chrome Extension” to download it from the Chrome Web Store.

chrome extension export sales navigator leads

2. Download the Chrome Extension

When on the Chrome Store page, click “Add to Chrome” to install the extension.

linkedin sales navigator scraper chrome extension

You’ll be automatically redirected to Sales Navigator. A popup will show you where the button is located.

export sales navigator lead lists

3. Select your Sales Navigator lead list

Once the Chrome extension is installed, go to the list of leads you want to export. It can be:

  1. Lead searches
  2. Lead lists
  3. Account searches
  4. Account lists
  5. Saved Searches

Evaboot handles all the use cases. You will see the “Export with Evaboot“button on the top of these LinkedIn Sales Navigator pages.

export sales navigator search

You can even export specific tabs in your lead lists, such as “Changed jobs in the past 90 days.”

4. Name and launch your export

When you click “Export with Evaboot,” you will be redirected to the Evaboot app.

Select if you want to find emails for these leads or not.

export from linkedin sales navigator leads with or without emails

Give a name to your export and click on “Export leads”.

export sales navigator lead list laucher

The estimated end date will appear on the left right after the export is launched.

running linkedin sales navigator export

Evaboot will export all these leads in real time. That makes your lead generation process GDPR-compliant, in opposition to using databases.

5. Download your cleaned list

Once the extraction is finished, you will receive an email notification containing a link to download the CSV file containing your lead list.

Evaboot does much more than export your list.

It also cleans all the names and company names of your LinkedIn contacts.

cleanshot 2022 08 23 at 16.27.42@2x

The data on LinkedIn is not clean.

Cleaning data from your sales navigator export can take hours if you do it manually.

Hopefully, the Evaboot cleaning algorithm takes care of all this work for you by automatically cleaning:

  1. First names
  2. Last names
  3. Company names
  4. Job titles

Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning Excel files. Better let robots do this boring job.

cleaning sales navigator scraping

Plus, you will often find false-positive inside your LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results. Even if you’re using super precise LinkedIn search operators.

filtered export linkedin sales navigator x

You will frequently find leads that don’t match the search filters you chose in the Sales Navigator search engine.

linkedin sales navigator filters problem

That’s why many people spend hours double-checking their search results manually. This is a painful task, but it’s no problem.

Evaboot is the smartest Sales Navigator scraper because our algorithm double-checks your leads to ensure they match the search filters you selected.

filtering sales navigator export

In this export, a column named “No Match Reasons” shows why your leads don’t match your search filters.

In this example, the leads have the wrong title because the initial search was looking for Growth Marketers.

How To Use Saved Searches To Generate Leads?

Saved searches are a way to save time and effort when searching for potential leads and accounts on Sales Navigator as well as a way to generate more leads on SN and opportunities for your business.

Here are some tips on how to use saved searches for lead generation:

1. How to use saved lead searches to generate leads?

The process is pretty straightforward.

Every week, Sales Navigator will send new leads corresponding to your search results.

It means that every Monday when you get to work you can these new leads to your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

Simple as that.

But there is a trick to it.

icebreaker filters sales navigator

You can make this technique even more efficient if you use specific filters.

I call them the “Icebreaker Filters”:

  • Following your company
  • View your profile recently
  • Changed Jobs
  • Posted on LinkedIn
  • Mentioned in the news

The filters give you information on something that just happened to your prospect.

You can use this info to craft a message that will land at perfect time for your prospect

Example of icebreakers you can use with this filters

“Just notice you started following our company”

“Just noticed you visited my profile recently”

“Just noticed you started a new position. Congratulations.”

“I saw your last post on LinkedIn about X”

“I’ve come across this article in which you are mentioned”


This will instantly make you stand out from the many bad LinkedIn prospecting messages your prospects receive daily.

icebreakers filter sales navigator saved searches

Most importantly, you are saying something true about them, and that’s the best way to begin a relationship.

icebreaker saved search list

You can create one saved search per icebreaker filter. Every week, you will receive dozens of leads with ready-made icebreakers to contact them.

icebreaker sales navigator search saved

The icebreakers will be displayed on the lead lists for all the new leads in your search.

When you get these leads in your list, you can use Evaboot to export them into a CSV and get their emails.

2. How to use saved account searches to generate leads

The “Icebreakers Filters” also exist in the Account Search.

But it will require a bit more of manual work.

The Icebreaker Filters for accounts are:

  • Hiring on LinkedIn
  • Funding Events in the past 12 months
  • Senior leadership changes in last 3 months
saved account search sales navigator icebreaker

Same thing here, you can create a Saved search for every Account Icebreaker Filter.

saved account searches sales navigator

Every week will get companies that just:

  • Raised funds
  • Started Hiring
  • Hired new top executives
new results saved account searches

Examples of icebreakers you can send

“Just noticed you started hiring on LinkedIn for this position”

“Congratulations on your fundraising”

“Just noticed you recruited a new Head of Sales”


You have the icebreakers, but now you must find the people to send them to.

For that, we are going to use the Account-Based-Search technique.

First, you must save the new leads in your saved search in an account list.

save new results in account list sales navigator

Then go back to the lead search and select the list you created in the “Account List” filter.

You will get all the people working in the specific companies on your list.

account based search technique

You can now add some filters to find the right decision-makers.

Likewise, you can export them into your favorite outreach tool and send them messages with the icebreaker advanced filters we’ve seen.

Repeat this process every week and you should get more meetings.

How To Delete Saved Searches In Sales Navigator?

To delete a saved search in Sales Navigator, you need to:

  • Click “Saved Searches” next to the search bar.
  • Click on “View” next to the saved list name.
view sales navigator saved search
  • To delete a saved search, click the trash icon next to its name.
delete saved search sales navigator

After you click the toggle, the saved search won’t appear on the list anymore.

sales navigator saved search deletion

Or, if you want to delete the list definitively:

  • Click on the pen icon next to the “View” button.
how to delete a saved list on sales navigator
  • Then click “Delete”.
you can delete forever a sales navigator saved list
  • Confirm your action by approving that you want to delete the list.

And the list will no longer be in your saved searches list.


Saved searches are one of the most powerful features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator that can help you find and connect with more leads and accounts for your business.

By saving your search criteria and getting notified of new results, you can stay ahead of your competition and reach out to prospects at the right time.

You can also use external tools like Evaboot to export and integrate your saved searches with other platforms.


How Many Saved Searches Can You Have on Sales Navigator?

In Sales Navigator, you can save up to 50 lead and 50 account searches.

For all saved searches, you’ll receive weekly alerts. When searching for accounts, you can apply filters to match your criteria and get valuable results.

How do I find my saved searches on LinkedIn Recruiter?

To find your saved searches on LinkedIn Recruiter:

find saved searches on linkedin recruiter
  1. Go to your Recruiter or Recruiter Lite homepage.
  2. Click Saved searches under the global search bar.
  3. Alternatively, click on the global search bar and select Saved searches from the dropdown menu.
find saved searches on linkedin recruiter with search bar

How to see saved searches of LinkedIn Sales Navigator on mobile app?

To save a LinkedIn Sales Navigator search on your mobile device:


  1. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap the Find Leads or Find Accounts icons.
  3. Refine your search by selecting the filters you want.
  4. Tap the Save Search button at the bottom right of the Leads page.
  5. To view saved searches, return to the Home screen, tap the search bar, and then tap the Saved Searches tab under Find Leads or Find Accounts.


  1. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap the Find Leads with Filters or Find Accounts with Filters icons.
  3. Refine your search by selecting the filters you want.
  4. Tap the Save Search button at the bottom right of the Leads page.
  5. To view saved searches, return to the Home page, tap the Search bar, and then tap the Saved Searches tab under Find Leads with Filters or Find Accounts with Filters.


This content was partly written by AI (ChatGPT 4), I added my own perspective, fact-checked it and made sure it is helpful for you.

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