How To Send an InMail On LinkedIn? [Step-by-Step Guide 2024]

So you’re on LinkedIn, bustling with over 700 million LinkedIn users, the ultimate playground for professionals seeking new opportunities, shaking hands in the digital world, and scooping up all the juicy insights.

But here’s the million-dollar question:

How can you get the attention and connect with top-tier decision-makers outside your network?

learn how to get the attention and connect with top decision-makers on linkedin

Enter LinkedIn InMail!

get the attention and connect with top decision-makers on linkedin by sending an inmail message

That’s right. This premium nugget gives you the keys to the inbox kingdom, letting you whisper sweet nothings.

Or, you know, pitch your epic ideas to anyone on the platform.

Locked out of their network?

No problem. InMail’s your secret pass.

But wait – sending InMails is one thing; getting an actual human response is another.

So stick around, because this blog post is your golden ticket to nailing that InMail on LinkedIn.

Here, you’ll learn everything there is to know about InMails, including:

  • InMail do’s and don’ts
  • The magic formula for crafting impressive InMails
  • The step-by-step guide for boosting your InMail response rates
  • What to do about those pesky InMail limits and how to beat them without sweat
uncover rverything about linkedin inmails with evaboot

Sales gurus, headhunters, hopeful job seekers, serial networkers, this one’s for you!

Get ready to be a LinkedIn InMail pro in 2024.

Now, let’s get down to business.

What Do I Need To Send LinkedIn InMails?

Do you want to flex your LinkedIn account’s networking muscles with InMail messages?

Hang on a second…

You’ve got to move up to one of the big leagues: LinkedIn Premium Subscription, Sales Navigator, or LinkedIn Recruiter.

Yes, open up your wallet for the good stuff – the paid plans that unlock more than just the basics, like the golden ticket to sending InMails.

linkedin tools that have subscription fee and give inmail credits

But wait… there’s more:

  • LinkedIn Premium Career: Just a taste with 5 InMails/month
  • LinkedIn Premium Business: A solid boost to 15 InMail credits
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Now we’re talking 50 InMail credits/month
  • LinkedIn Recruiter: 150 InMail credits/month
how many inmail credits do you get on linkedin

Curious about your InMail balance? Check out your “My Premium page“!

But let’s get one thing straight! Premium InMail credits don’t work with Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite – you can’t share them.

can i share my inmail credits on linkedin or not

Out of credits? No problem. You can always top up your InMail supply.

InMails are just around the corner if you’ve got the LinkedIn Premium Account badge.

It’s embedded in the LinkedIn profile of every member you’re not already first-degree connected to.

Look for the “Send InMail” or “Message” button; you’re golden.

send an inmail by clicking message button or send inmail

Remember that if you click “Connect” instead, you won’t be sending an InMail – they may have an open profile where you can send a free message.

How To Send An InMail on Linkedin?

You’ve got the tools for sending InMail messages on LinkedIn, but what’s next?

The steps differ slightly depending on whether you use LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or LinkedIn Recruiter like a digital networking sword.

Here are the basics for each:

How To Send Inmails With Linkedin Premium?

Do you have LinkedIn Premium? Awesome!

Now, it’s time to navigate the classic LinkedIn landscape. Here’s your treasure map:

  1. Laser focus on the LinkedIn user you’ve chosen to target and zero in on their profile.
step one how to send an inmail on linkedin find the person you want to send an inmail

2. Hit the ‘more’ button. It’s right underneath their mug shot and headline.

click to more to find the message button on linkedin

3. Select’ Message’ from the shadowy depths of the drop-down menu.

click on send a message to send an inmail message on linkedin

4. Conjure up your InMail masterpiece, adding a dash of personal flair with a juicy subject line and body.

write an inmail message and inmail subject line on linkedin

5. Then hit the send button. Let it fly.

click send button for sending an inmail message on linkedin

How To Send Inmails With Linkedin Sales Navigator?

Got Sales Navigator at your disposal?

You Rock!

Dive into the Sales Navigator interface to work your magic. Just follow these steps:

  1. Spotlight the LinkedIn persona you want to converse with and storm their profile.
find a connection on sales navigator for sending an inmail message
CleanShot 2023 12 27 at 02.21.31@2x 1

2. Ta-da! There’s a ‘Message’ button in their intro. Go on, press it.

click on message button on sales navigator to send an inmail message
CleanShot 2023 12 27 at 02.22.48@2x

3. Now’s the time to craft your InMail saga, complete with a headline that hooks and a message that mesmerizes you.

write an inmail message and subject line on sales navigator

4. Give the green light by hitting ‘Send’ – boom, it’s en route

click send button to send inmail message on sales navigator

You can dispatch InMail messages like a shadow from the Sales Navigator search results or the comfort of your inbox.

How To Send Inmails With a LinkedIn Recruiter?

The game changes slightly when you’re using LinkedIn Recruiter.

Step into the LinkedIn Recruiter interface and follow the instructions below:

1. Find your target candidate on LinkedIn and check their profile.

chose the candidate you want to send an inmail on linkedin recruiter
CleanShot 2024 01 05 at 23.16.38@2x

2. Hit ‘More’ and take your claim on their introduction and select ‘Message [member name]’ from the dropdown. Or directly find the ‘Message icon’ shown on the profile.

click on send message on linkedin recruiter for sending an inmail message

3. Release your InMail into the wild, tailored with a subject line and message that resonate.

an inmail message example for sending an inmail on linkedin recruiter

4. Press the ‘Send’ button and watch your message make its mark.

click send button to send an inmail on linkedin recruiter
CleanShot 2024 01 05 at 23.42.54@2x

Just when you think you are done, you can also send InMail sneakily from your search views in Recruiter.

Or send it directly from the battlefield of your Recruiter inbox.

The Limitations of Linkedin Inmail Sendings

LinkedIn Inmail comes with its own set of restraints:

  1. InMails are expensive
  2. You can’t follow up with Inmails

1. InMails are expensive

Let’s get down to business.

One of the glaring issues with InMail messages is the price tag

you need to pay for getting more linkedin inmail credits on linkedin

Ouch! You gotta shell out for a paid subscription to even think about sending InMails, and let’s not even start on the number of InMail credits.

Depending on your subscription type, you might have 3 credits of free InMails – or if you’re living large, up to 50 additional inmails.

Run dry on credits?

Open your wallet; they come at a steep cost.

While prices can yo-yo depending on where you are and which plan you get, expect to fork out between $10 to $15 per extra credit.

learn how many credits you get when you pay for linkedin premium career and sales navigator

And if we’re talking about the cost per message, grab your calculator!

For example, a LinkedIn Premium Career subscription at $29.99 per month gives you 5 credits.

Upgrading your plan can reduce the sting on your wallet, like with LinkedIn Sales Navigator at $79.99/month for 50 credits.

See, the unit cost of an InMail becomes more digestible with a more expensive plan, but it’s still far from pocket change.

In any case, don’t hesitate to check out this guide to find out how you can increase monthly InMail credits.

2. You can’t follow up with Inmails

Next up, here’s a kicker—you can’t double dip with InMails.

Send one-off, and that’s your lot until the recipient hits you back. If they give your InMail the cold shoulder?

No second chances, no chance to nudge them again.

you cannot send a second linkedin inmail if the contact does not respond you back

That’s a real pain, considering follow-ups aren’t just pretty good ideas—they’re critical.

Check out these numbers: average response to the initial outreach sits around 18%, while the sixth time around jumps to 27%.

That’s right; sticking to it can seriously up your game in bagging replies.

But with InMail? If your recipient zips past your first shot, your hands are tied—unless they decide to give you a nod.

How To Send LinkedIn Inmails That Get Replies?

Ever shot an InMail and got… nothing?

Not a single word from the other end?

There’s an art to getting a response, and it’s not just about hitting ‘send’:

  1. Write short messagess
  2. Give a clear reason for outreach
  3. Ask a question to qualify
  4. Back your question with data
  5. Follow up with an email
learn how to write better linkein inmail messages

Want to know how to craft InMail messages that get your prospects to hit ‘reply’? Read on!

1. Write short messages

The thing is, people are busy, and their attention spans are shorter than the goldfish myth.

They don’t have the time or patience for a novel in their inbox. So brevity is your ally.

send short and punchy linkedin inmail messages for better results

Quick, punchy messages that get right to the point? That’s the gold standard.

LinkedIn puts the sweet spot at 200 to 500 characters – stick to that, and you’re set.

Not only are short messages kind to your prospect’s time, but they also open the door to an easy response.

2. Give a clear reason for outreach

Have you ever received a message that left you scratching your head and wondering why?

That’s a big NO for your LinkedIn InMail messages.

Being mysterious won’t win you any favors; you must spell it out.

linkedin inmail message structure to follow
  • Why are you reaching out?
  • What can you offer?
  • Flesh it out and put the value proposition on display.
  • And in the end, include a clear call to action.

Use what you have in common – shared interests, mutual connections – for that killer InMail subject line.

Maybe it’s ‘Hey, buddy‘ or ‘Hats off for your awesome speech‘.

Clarity builds credibility and sets the stage for a real conversation.

3. Ask a question to qualify

Questions are like the spark that ignites dialogue.

Ask a question, and boom, you’ve planted the seed of curiosity.

  • Is there a challenge they’re facing that you can solve?
  • A goal you can help them achieve?
  • “Are you struggling with annoying lead gen issues?”
  • “Do you want to sharpen your sales skills?”
bad examples of inmail messages that no one responds to

It’s not just engaging – it’s strategic. It allows you to gauge their interest, identify their needs, and tailor your follow-up.

4. Back your question with data

But why stop at just one question?

Add some weight to it with hard data that backs up your lead generation strategy.

include data in your linkedin inmail messages for credibility

This is your proof statistics, successes, the solid stuff that says, “Hey, I’m good at social selling”.

It adds weight to your expertise and shows you’ve done your homework.

“Did you know that engaging with prospects via LinkedIn InMail messages increases open rates by 300% compared to a cold email?”

Data isn’t just impressive, it’s compelling; it creates a sense of urgency in numbers.

5. Follow up with an email

InMails have their perks, but they’re a one-shot deal – you can’t double-tap with another InMail if your first one hangs.

If you hit ‘decline’, that’s the roadblock to InMail City.

That’s why your next play is the trusty email.

what to do when you do not get a response on linkedin inmail

More personal, more direct, and capable of sending a series of nudges until you strike gold.

How do you unearth their email?

A tool like Lusha can crack the code.

Once you’ve got them, remind them of your rock star InMail with extra insights or that nudge of urgency that’s too good to ignore.


So we’ve journeyed through the ins and outs of LinkedIn InMail together, and you’re an expert now, right?

We’ve peeled back the layers, step by step, sprinkled with smart tips to turbocharge your chances of success.

Let’s boil it down to the basics, shall we?

how to write a converting linkedin inmail messages
  • First, to unleash the InMail beast, you must pay for LinkedIn Premium Life.

    Remember, these InMail credits are like gold – limited in monthly quantity and costing a fortune.
  • Hit ‘send’ once, and that’s it; your InMail fate is sealed with that LinkedIn member.

    If they give you the cold shoulder, no dice on a follow-up. One shot, make it count!
  • When it comes to crafting that golden InMail, brevity is your friend.

Clear, concise outreach?


A question to pique their interest?

Double check!

Stats to back up your play?

Tripple check!

And don’t forget the email follow-up – the one-two punch!

Stick to these bread-and-butter strategies, and LinkedIn InMail will become your secret networking weapon.

Bringing home more replies, leads, and golden opportunities than you can shake a stick at.

So, what’s the hold-up? Hit the keyboard, send off those InMails, and bask in the glory of your newfound connections!


What is the difference between InMail and messages on LinkedIn?

Okay, here’s the deal:

Think of LinkedIn InMail as a premium feature that lets you talk to anyone on LinkedIn, even if they’re not your first-degree connections.

But what about a regular message?

That’s for chatting within your network.

should you send linkedin inmail or linked in direct message

LinkedIn InMail takes your communications to a more professional level.

It allowa you to break through the clutter and send a personal message to top-level professionals who haven’t yet responded to your connection request.

And if you want to dig deeper into this, check our article that tells more about the difference between LinkedIn InMail and message.

How does InMail work on LinkedIn?

So you’re probably wondering, “How does this magic key work?”. Well, with InMail, it’s like having a golden ticket.

why to use linkedin inmail messages

You use your InMail credits. They’re like valuable LinkedIn currency that opens doors to virtually every LinkedIn user’s inbox.

It’s like direct access to the who’s who without the friend request.

Just compose your message, hit send, and voila! Your words are waiting in the inbox of a potential collaborator, employer, or industry guru.

How do I use LinkedIn InMail effectively?

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Using LinkedIn InMail effectively is both an art and a science.

You need to personalize your message with custom LinkedIn InMail templates.
No copy-paste nonsense!

Address the recipient’s achievements or mention a common interest. It shows you’re not just another bot.

And keep it short and sweet – this is LinkedIn, not War and Peace.

how to use better linkedin inmail effectively

Your goal?

Pique their interest with a memorable subject line, include a compelling call to action, make your pitch, and get out.

That’s your ticket to starting real conversations that could lead to opportunities.

How do you send a message to a non-contact on LinkedIn?

Ah, the classic puzzle.

You’ve found someone on LinkedIn who could be a game changer for your network, but they’re not a connection.

What’s next?

InMail swoops in to save the day!

how to send a linkedin inmail to a non-contact person

Remember, it’s your all-access pass. But – and this is a big but – if you don’t have InMail credits, you may have to make other moves.

It’s like trying to talk to someone at a concert without a backstage pass. It’s possible, but you have to work the crowd!

Get creative – comment on their posts, get noticed, and maybe get an intro from a mutual contact. Or…


This content was partly written by AI (ChatGPT 4), I added my own perspective, fact-checked it, and made sure it is helpful for you.

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