17 LinkedIn InMail Templates for Recruiters [+ Examples]

As a recruiter, the battlefield of talent acquisition is flooded with competition, right?

Equally crucial, is the art of making connections with these in-demand professionals. But how can you engage with a sea of candidates and maintain quality interaction?

Introducing the game-changer: LinkedIn InMail Messages.

Consider this your golden ticket to bypass the usual connection requests and land directly in the inbox of any LinkedIn user.

Just sending InMails won’t cut it, though—there’s an art to it. LinkedIn’s data suggests that crafting personalized InMails can boost your performance by about 15%.

Furthermore, InMails boost an open rate that’s 166% higher compared to standard emails.

linkedin inmail message templates for recruiters

This guide is about LinkedIn InMail best practices and unveils 17 InMail message templates for savvy recruiters like you:

  1. Find Candidates in LinkedIn Company Followers
  2. Mutual Connection Approach
  3. Post-Networking Event Approach
  4. Mutual LinkedIn Group Approach
  5. Skill-Based Approach
  6. Job Opportunity Approach
  7. Recruiting for Specific Role
  8. Mutual LinkedIn Event Approach
  9. Open To Work Approach
  10. InMail Seeking Referrals
  11. Direct Job Offer Approach
  12. Approach with Industry News
  13. Hire From Consulting Firms
  14. Approach Highlighting Company Benefits
  15. InMail Related to a Comment on a LinkedIn Post
  16. InMail Related to a Relevant LinkedIn Post
  17. Approach to Candidates Interested in Career Change

Without further ado, let’s get it started!

Template 1: Find Candidates in LinkedIn Company Followers

So, you want to hook some top talent on LinkedIn?

recruite people on linkedin who follow you and are in your connections

Check out your company page followers. Why?

These folks dug your vibe enough to hit “follow”. That means they’re probably down to chat about job openings.

linkedin inmail example from a recruiter

You got to make that InMail personal, like you’re passing a note in class that says, “Hey, you’re awesome, and here’s why.”

Here’s how you slide into those DMs as a hiring manager with a call to action:

Subject: [company name] needs a [job title]

Hey [Candidate Name],
Spotted you follow us on LinkedIn.
We’re recruiting for a [Job Title] to strengthen our [Department].
Let me know if you’re interested in this position?

Template 2: Mutual Connection Approach

Now, imagine having a secret weapon when scouring LinkedIn for top-notch candidates.

That’s right – using LinkedIn mutual connections!

It’s a game-changer!


That shared link is your trusty sidekick, boosting your credibility and giving you that perfect ice-breaker.

the importance of the mutual connections and contacts in linkedin

And guess what?

LinkedIn numbers don’t lie – dropping a mutual contact’s name in your InMail rockets your response rates up by 27%!

So, here’s a killer LinkedIn message that leans on mutual connections:

Subject: [mutual connection] recommended you

Hi [Candidate Name],
I’m reaching your out because [Mutual Connection] mentioned you in our last conversation.
Apparently you have good skills in [domain].
We’re on the hunt for a [Job Title] at [Company].
It’s all about [Brief Job Description].
From what [Mutual Connection] told me you could be a great fit.
Are you interested?

Template 3: Post-Networking Event Approach

So, you’ve hit up a networking bash, like a webinar, jam-packed conference, or a chill meetup.

And you’ve met a bunch of great prospects who have their eyes on your business or the whole industry.

Ok, the smart move is coming up!

Subject: loved connecting at [event name]

Hey [Candidate Name],
Our conversation about [Topic of conversation] at [Event Name] was really cool.
We’re hunting for a [Job Title] to enlarge our [Department] squad.
You seem like a great fit.
Here is the job offer: [link to job offer]
Would you be interest?

Shoot over a LinkedIn InMail like this that jogs their memory about your chit-chat and tosses them an invite to the big leagues at your company.

Template 4: Mutual LinkedIn Group Approach

LinkedIn groups are these little gold mines where you can spot candidates vibing with the same stuff you and your company dig.

Imagine bumping into a potential candidate in a LinkedIn group. It’s like fate, isn’t it?

Then, this InMail message template might be the perfect conversation starter you need:

Subject: saw your post on [group name]

Hey [Candidate Name],
Loved the insight you shared on [LinkedIn group]
You see, here at [Company Name], we are looking for [job title].
And you seem like a great fit.
Would you be interested in learning more?

Template 5: Skill-based Approach

So, you’ve stumbled upon a candidate with the exact set of skills that scream ‘perfect fit’?

Well, you’re in luck!

By tailoring your LinkedIn Recruiter message template to compliment their skills, you’re tipping your hat to their expertise and letting them know they’re not just another resume in the pile.

Subject: need your [skills]

Hello [Candidate Name],
It seems like you are an expert in [topic].
We’re building up our [Department], and your toolbox seems to have the exact expertise we need for the [Job Title] role.
Will you be interested in this?

This tactic is your smart move to show that you mean business and that you see their potential impact within your organization.

Template 6: Job Opportunity Approach

So, you’ve spotted the perfect fit for that opening in your company, huh?

You’re about to play your best card — the job proposal.

With the job opportunity approach, it’s all about showing you’re not just another recruiter shooting out cookie-cutter messages.

Subject: job offer – [job title]

Hey [Candidate Name],
We’re on the hunt for a [Job Title], who will have a key position in our [Department].
From what I see on your profile you seem to be a fit.
Here is the job offer: [link to the offer]
Ping me if this is something you’d be interested in.

You want to show them that you’ve got something they want that screams — it’s meant for them.

Template 7: Recruiting for Specific Role

Ever been picked out of a crowd as the perfect fit for something?

Feels great, right?

That’s exactly the sense of uniqueness and value you deliver when you adopt the recruiting for a specific role tactic.

an example of a good recruiting inmail for a specific role on linkedin

This approach demonstrates that you’ve sifted through a pool of candidates, pinpointed the ideal person for the job, and highlighted your vision for their role in moving your company forward.

Here – the ultimate LinkedIn InMail for candidates pre-selected for a niche role:

Subject: perfect fit for the [job title]

Hi [Candidate Name],
I’m currently looking for a [job title] and you seem to be a perfect fit because [reason].
You are currently on our shortlist for the job.
Here is the offer: [link to offer]
Are you interested?

Template 8: Mutual LinkedIn Event Approach

Picture this: you and your potential candidate both tuning into the same LinkedIn webinar, workshop, or maybe even a fiery panel discussion.

This, my friend, is your golden ticket—an icebreaker that could very well morph into a chat that clinches the deal.

Subject: great [event name]

Hi [Candidate Name],
Actually, I’m hiring for a [job title].
And seeing you at [Event Name] on LinkedIn, made me think that you can be a good fit.
Check the job description here: [link to offer]
Will this interest you?

You can channel the event’s vibes, the headliners, and the crowd’s pulse to show you’re locked in step with what’s cooking in their world.

This LinkedIn InMail message is for headhunters aiming to swoop in on candidates who were virtual buddies at the same LinkedIn event:

Template 9: Open To Work Approach

Have you ever stumbled upon a LinkedIn profile with that green circle signaling they’re “Open To Work”?

open to work sign on profile picture on linkedin

It’s almost as if they’re waving at you, inviting you to reach out. Behaving as “passive candidates”, right?

Taking the “Open To Work” route is not just smart; it’s a nod to the candidate’s aspirations and an assurance that you’re not there to waste their time.

Subject: are you still “open to work”

Hi [Candidate Name],
I see you’re open to new job opportunities.
Your background in [Skillset] is what [your company] is looking for [job title].
The role’s all about [Brief Job Description], and you can find more details here: [link to job offer].
Will this interest you?

Template 10: InMail Seeking Referrals

Ever had a candidate who just wasn’t into your job offer?

But hey, maybe they’re sitting on a gold mine of referrals?

Subject: know someone for [job title]

Hey [Candidate Name],
I understand you’ve moved on to other opportunities, but it’s cool keeping in touch with you.
We’re still on the lookout for a talented [Job Title] to join our [Department] team: [Job offer link].
Do know someone who can be a great fit for this role?
Reply me with their details, or have them ping me here.

Look… A tactical nudge for referrals shows you’re not just a recruiter—you’re a networking ninja.

You respect their choices, appreciate their professional circle, and, you’re setting the stage for future gigs.

Template 11: Direct Job Offer Approach

Ever stumble upon a golden candidate so spot-on for the position that you’re ready to roll out the red carpet immediately?

That’s when a direct job offer approach enters the spotlight.

By firing off a direct job offer, you’re saying, “You’re it, no second-guessing, let’s do this.”

Subject: you’re in [job title – company name]

Hi [Candidate Name],
We’re happy to hire you for the [Job Title] position. Welcome on board.
Attached you’ll find your formal offer letter, detailing everything you need to know about joining our crew.
Please sign the offer letter and return it by [Date].
In case you have questions just ping me here, I’ll get to you quickly.

It’s not just effective; it tells the prospect you mean business, carving out an edge against the competition.

Crafted right, a LinkedIn InMail dropping this kind of offer can light up a candidate’s day.

Template 12: Approach with Industry News

So, you want to grab the attention of top-tier talent?

Let’s talk industry news approach, shall we?

Leveraging the latest industry intel suggests you’re savvy, in the loop, and armed with insights that could be a game-changer for your candidate.

Subject: breaking update on [industry news]

Hey [Candidate Name],
I reckon this article about [Industry News] may interest you: [News Source link]
Also, we’re currently hiring for a [Job Title] with [Exact skillset description].
And you can be a great fit for that position: [Job offer link]
Will this be interesting to you?

It’s not just about rattling off job specs—it’s about stirring up a meaningful dialogue and connecting on a professional wavelength.

Template 13: Hire From Consulting Firms

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to entice consultants to leave their comfy positions after three fruitful years?

You’re onto something!

LinkedIn’s data analysis has uncovered an interesting trend: consultants with three years of experience often seek new opportunities.

you can hire people from consulting firms on linkedin with better conditions

This suggests they are more keen on exploring new open roles than those who are just starting or have been in the field for a long time.

This makes them ideal candidates for recruitment for your next major project.

Here’s a LinkedIn InMail template for you—the headhunter with an eye for that consultant talent:

Subject: looking for a new role

Hey [Candidate Name],
It’s cool to see your achievements at [Consulting Firm] during the past three years.
We are currently seeking someone with your skill set for the position of [Job Title] in our [Department]: [Job offer link]
Will you be interested in learning more?

Template 14: Approach Highlighting Company Benefits

So, you’re focused on attracting exceptional candidates who match your company values, right?

You bet there’s a clever play for that. It’s the approach to putting your company’s perks center stage.

Highlighting your benefits package is more than being generous – it’s smart.

It sends a message to potential candidates that your company cares about its employees.

Subject: have you ever wondered about [benefit]

Hello [Name],
We’re looking for someone with your skills for the [Job Title] position in our [Department].
At [Company Name] one benefit you might find particularly interesting is [Benefit].
You can check the job offer here: [Job offer link].
Will you be interested?

It’s not only about perks; it’s about demonstrating a company culture and values that align well with what job seekers search for in their careers.

This LinkedIn InMail template is designed for recruiters who want to attract candidates with those company benefits.

Template 15: InMail Related to a Comment on a LinkedIn Post

Ever tried to reach out to a hot prospect who just left a savvy comment on a LinkedIn post?

Yeah, that’s right. Those comments are not just online banter, they are golden opportunities for recruiters like you.

Imagine tapping into that fertile ground, using their insights as an icebreaker that screams “I’m in the loop just like you!”

you can find good candidates on your linkedin post comment section

That’s a surefire way to engage them because you’re on the same page, literally and figuratively.

And, hey, if you’re in the hiring game looking to snare top talent already vibing with your industry or company?

Subject: impressed by your insight on [post topic]

Hey [Candidate Name],
Your strongly agree with your [Highlight a point from their comment] on [Source of the publication].
We’re currently searching for a [Job Title] for our [Department].
Your expertise and mindset seem to align perfectly with what we need.
Would you be interested in discussing more about this opportunity?

It’s time to slide into their DMs with some style, showing you have that expert eye and are not afraid to use it.

Template 16: InMail Related to a Relevant LinkedIn Post

Imagine this…

You’re scrolling through LinkedIn and spot a post relevant to your company’s mission, industry trends, or the exact role you’re trying to fill.

Here’s the thing: You can use the candidate’s post as a conversation starter!

So… why not take advantage of this opportunity for a bridge connection?

It builds trust, paves the way for credibility, and yes, rapport – because who doesn’t like their thoughts being acknowledged and appreciated?

Subject: your insights on [Post Topic] are impressive

Hi [Candidate Name],
Your recent LinkedIn post about [Post Topic] really resonated with me.
Our team at [Company Name] is looking for someone for the [Job Title] within our [Department].
And based on your post, I believe you could be a great fit.
Would you like to learn more?

This is the LinkedIn InMail template to tap into the potential of candidates who’ve hit the nail on the head with their posts.

Template 17: Approach to Candidates Interested in Career Change

Let’s talk about targeting talents eager to make a career switch-up and get a new job.

By presenting your company as a place for growth and flexibility, you set the hook for a new beginning.

With this approach, you signal loud and clear: you’re not hung up on a ‘perfect fit’.

Subject: ready to reshape your career’s trajectory

Hi [Candidate Name],
I’m glad I came across your profile. I must say that your input in [particular domain] is impressive.
We’re looking for a [Job Title] to join our [Department].
And you seem like a perfect fit.
The role involves [Brief Job Description] and requires [Mention any specific skills, know-how or qualifications].
Are you interested in exploring a new and rewarding career path?
I’d love to discuss this opportunity with you.

Instead, what gets your motor running is someone ready to evolve.

A real go-getter who thirsts to learn and scale new heights alongside your business.


Alright, let’s wrap this up.

We’ve just unfolded the 17 best LinkedIn InMail templates for the savvy recruiters among you.

So, what’s the game plan?

  • Follow these golden rules,
  • Take these templates,
  • Give them a personal twist and a catchy subject line,
  • And launch them into the LinkedIn universe.

You’ll be sending not just LinkedIn InMails but personalized message invitations to the future stars of your corporate galaxy!


What is the best InMail message for a LinkedIn recruiter?

Hi [Candidate Name],

I came across your comment on LinkedIn [Name of the publication] and really liked your approach and way of thinking on [Name a specific question of on the scope of your company’s expertise].

Your perspective seems to align well with our vision at [Company Name].

We’re currently seeking dynamic individuals for [Job Title] at [Department Name] team, and your profile caught my attention.

Will you be interested in discussing details?

How do I create an InMail template in LinkedIn Recruiter?

To craft an InMail template, you can follow this 7-step guide below:

1. Click on your profile picture at the top right of your LinkedIn Recruiter homepage and choose “Product settings” from the dropdown menu.

find product settings on linkedin recruiter for creating a message template

2. Click “Message templates” on the left side.

click on message templates to be able to create a new template on linkedin recruiter

3. Click on “Create New Template”

create new message template on linkedin recruiter

4. Give a name to your “New Template”

name your new message template on linkedin recruiter

5. Add a catchy subject and write a message

write a catchy subject line and your message on linkedin recruiter

6. Decide if you want the template to be seen only by you: “Only me”. Or if others in your organization can see it too: “Everyone in my organization”.

choose if your message template can be seen by you or the whole team on linkedin recruiter

7. Hit on “Save”.

save the template to add it to your linkedin recruiter template list

How do I write an InMail message to a recruiter on LinkedIn?

To keep it short, here is the ultimate tip to save your InMail to a recruiter on LinkedIn.

Just follow the RAB strategy, and you’ll get a response:

1. Mention the Reason for your outreach.

Be direct and interesting.

2. Ask a question to show you get their challenge.

This will give you more credit.

3. Don’t forget to Back up with data.

This can be statistics, testimonials, or any type of data that will give credibility to the recruiter.

What is the best message for a LinkedIn recruiter?

Subject: opportunity in [department] for [job title]

Hello [Candidate Name],
Your profile caught our attention for the [Job Title] position in our [Department].
Your experience and [name particular skills] seem to be a great fit to what we’re looking for.
Would you like to discuss this further?


This content was partly written by AI (ChatGPT 4), I added my own perspective, fact-checked it and made sure it is helpful for you.

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