20 Proven LinkedIn Headlines for Sales + Tips to Craft Yours

Want to boost your social selling on LinkedIn?

While LinkedIn may be the biggest social networking platform for professionals, getting qualified prospects is not automatic.

You need to have a LinkedIn marketing strategy that gets you noticed. Not only that, but one that helps you convert visitors and fill your sales pipeline.

Part of that strategy should involve developing a LinkedIn headline that resonates with your target audience and endears you to them.

That’s exactly what I’ll be showing you in this guide.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What a LinkedIn headline is
  • Why sales professionals need a great LinkedIn headline
  • 20 LinkedIn headline samples
  • How to craft your sales headline

Hi, I’m JB Jezequel. I’m the co-founder of Evaboot, a LinkedIn tool.

I used these exact LinkedIn headline hacks I’m about to teach you in my own business.

Plus, I used most of these tips to grow my network, generate leads for Evaboot, and even generate sales. After trying many different LinkedIn headline formulas and tips, I’ve noticed patterns and trends for headlines that work.

I guess you can call me a LinkedIn headline expert!

In fact, it’s my in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn that led to the birth of Evaboot (TLDR, I noticed some gaps in this particular social media platform, leading us to create a tool to fill them).

There are so many myths about LinkedIn growth hacks, particularly headlines. Most are a waste of time as they don’t help you reach your sales goals. That’s why I’m educating LinkedIn users on what works – and what does not.  

FYI, the LinkedIn strategies I teach have been tried, tested, and trusted first-hand by us and by over 3000 B2B professionals at companies like Brevo, Airtable, Uber, Cafeyn, mongoDB, Randstad, and many more.

So, ready to use your LinkedIn profile to drive sales?

What is a Headline on LinkedIn?

A LinkedIn headline is the tagline that appears directly underneath your name and profile picture on your LinkedIn profile. It’s a critical part of your profile as it’s one of the first things people see in LinkedIn search results or as they scroll through their feeds.

Your LinkedIn headline is the elevator pitch that helps you convince visitors to spend more time on your profile and offer.

linkedin headline examples

Getting your LinkedIn headline right is crucial as it helps you get noticed by prospects, opens up collaboration opportunities, and boosts your brand awareness, among others.

With LinkedIn being one of the most impactful digital marketing tools for B2B brands, you can’t afford to create mediocre headlines. Doing so will result in your competitors outperforming you.

So, whether you’re a sales leader, sales rep, account executive, or even the owner of the company, a good LinkedIn headline will help you achieve your business goals.

To edit your LinkedIn headline, simply go to your LinkedIn profile, click on the “Pencil” icon next to your existing headline, and then type in your desired headline.

Why Sales Professionals Need a Great LinkedIn Headline

A compelling LinkedIn headline is crucial for sales professionals who network on LinkedIn. Some of the top reasons for this include:

  1. Leaving a Great First Impression
  2. Getting found with search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. Stepping above the noise
  4. Creating more networking opportunities
  5. Generating more leads

2. Getting found with search engine optimization (SEO)

LinkedIn is a powerful search engine used by professionals to find goods, services, and human resources. A strong headline with relevant keywords increases the likelihood of your profile being discovered. An optimized headline also gives you opportunities to rank for relevant search terms on internet browsers like Google.

3. Stepping above the noise

In a competitive market, standing out is crucial. And your headline gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. Use it to highlight your unique selling point (USP) and why someone should choose to connect with or buy from you.

4. Creating more networking opportunities

A compelling headline is essential in helping you attract the right connections. When people see a headline that resonates with their needs or interests, they are more likely to reach out, connect, or engage with your content.

5. Generating more leads

LinkedIn is a valuable platform for lead generation. A strong headline can help you pique the interest of potential clients and prompt them to explore your profile or connect with you. This is a great way of opening the door for business opportunities.

With a well-crafted LinkedIn headline, it becomes easier to become a LinkedIn influencer. The headline goes a long way in helping grow your network.

LinkedIn Headline Writing Tips for Sales

LinkedIn headline tips for sales professionals, sales managers, and sales representatives

Your main goals are attracting prospects and building a network that can help you drive sales. Because of this, your headline should:

  • Specify your niche/industry
  • Highlight your expertise
  • Include relevant keywords
  • Emphasize your value proposition or USP

LinkedIn headline tips for sales engineer

Because of the technical nature of the industry, your LinkedIn headline must convey your unique blend of technical expertise and sales acumen. A few tips to help you do this include:

  • Specify your field, industry, and technologies
  • Include certifications, credentials, and achievements
  • Emphasize the problems you solve
  • Quantify the impact your brand makes

LinkedIn headline tips for sales manager associate

As a sales manager associate, a strong LinkedIn headline can help you attract customers, find new employees who are open to work, and even better job opportunities. A few pointers for crafting the perfect headline include:

  • Clearly highlight your role
  • Emphasize team collaboration
  • Highlight your achievements
  • Include your qualifications, skills, and credentials.

LinkedIn headline tips for sales manager leader

Your LinkedIn headline as a sales manager leader should highlight your capabilities as a leader, salesperson, and strategist. To do that:

  • Clarify your leadership role
  • Showcase your sales team’s achievements
  • Mention sales strategies
  • Highlight leadership awards or recognition

20 Proven LinkedIn Headlines for Sales with Examples & Templates + Tips to Craft Yours

Ready to be inspired by some LinkedIn headline examples that work?

Let’s dive right in and see some examples and tips on crafting a good LinkedIn headline.

1. Helping X do Y to achieve Z

This LinkedIn headline formula focuses on highlighting how you help your target audience (X) take the steps (Y) that will help them achieve a desired result (Z).

linkedin headline example helping x do y to achieve z

I believe this is a great way of marrying your offer to the main pain points your customers struggle with. As a result, this kind of headline helps you establish a strong connection with your prospects, resulting in more sales

2. Value proposition

Show people what they’ll benefit from having you in their network.

linkedin headline example value proposition

I’ve found the value proposition formula very effective, particularly if you’re selling a results-oriented product or service. Paint a clear picture of the value prospects will gain by adding you to their network.

Once your profile visitors understand the value you bring, it makes your outreach campaigns and LinkedIn prospecting more effective. You’ll be more than welcome in your prospects’ inboxes.

3. Focus on results you can bring

Particularly in B2B sales, results are everything. Use your LinkedIn headline to showcase the results your prospects can expect from you.

linkedin headline with focus on results

Remember, people don’t buy products or services. They buy results. This is why I believe this type of headline works wonders for sales professionals.  

4. Problem/solution

The fastest way to grab attention on LinkedIn (or any digital platform) is to show your prospects that you understand them. That’s what the Problem/solution headline formula does. Show your readers the main problem you solve and, if possible, the solution.

linkedin headline example problem/solution

For this headline formula to work, you should know your target audience very well.

5. Showcase your skills

Include your skills in your LinkedIn headline as a way of demonstrating your capabilities.

linkedin headline example showcase your skills

I’ve used this formula in my headlines before, particularly when I was working on boosting my career and got really good results. This is because prospects want someone competent they can trust to help them achieve their business goals.

6. Add keywords

Adding keywords to your LinkedIn headline is a great way of increasing the chances of you being found in LinkedIn searches as well as Google searches. Plus, it shows searchers that you’re a relevant candidate for their network.

linkedin headline example with keywords

Notice how many times the keyword “sales” appears in the headline and LinkedIn summary. This profile will show up in sales-related searches. If inbound lead generation plays a role in filling your pipeline, then I suggest you adopt this LinkedIn headline formula for your lead generation.

7. Relevant adjectives for detail

Adjectives are a great way to spice up your LinkedIn headline. They make your headline more engaging and provide depth and context to your professional role.

linkedin headline example with relevant adjectives

In the example above, the headline is super short, but the choice of adjective gives prospects a peek into the person’s personality. I find this LinkedIn headline hack effective at building emotional connections with prospects. They also paint a picture of how you operate.

8. Credentials and achievements

With this headline hack, you showcase your credentials and achievements to boost your credibility. Plus, it works wonders if you have sought-after specializations or a skillset that you can highlight in your headline.

linkedin headline example with credentials and achievements

Dennis Brown used this formula and generated 5,000+ sales leads using LinkedIn and social selling. This is probably the formula I used in my most effective LinkedIn headlines because it helps get rid of any doubts prospects may have. As a result, it helps generate leads and drive sales.

Even if you’re looking to find better sales roles, apart from your current job title, your credentials will help you stand a better chance of being headhunted by recruiters.

However, be careful not to brag. There’s a difference between bragging and highlighting your achievements.

9. Location (if proximity is important)

If you’re a local business, including your location in your headline is crucial.

linkedin headline example with location

Again, not only will this help you be found on LinkedIn, but it can also help you show up in local search results on search engines.

You can also maximize this headline hack by being specific about your target demographic, such as company size or industry.

10. Social proof

Social proof is an essential part of building authority and gaining the trust of your target audience. That’s why including it in your headline is important.

linkedin headline example with social proof

Your social proof could include awards, recognition in the media, high-level positions you’ve held in the industry, or achievements. I find this strategy works best in a cutthroat industry where competition is very stiff. The social proof helps you stand out and prove your value.

11. Variety of service offerings

If you have a wide array of skills, products, service offerings, or business solutions, include them in your headline.

linkedin headline example with variety of services

In my opinion, this is the best way to cast a wide net for new business. All the demographics you serve will easily identify with one of your offerings, resulting in you generating more leads and sales.

12. Personal mission statement

Promoting your personal mission in your headline is a great way to showcase your personal motivations. Giving your prospects a sneak peek into your personal life gives them a better understanding of your motivations and goals.

linkedin headline example with mission statement

Plus, including your personal mission statement in your headline makes readers feel welcome in your world. This makes you approachable and, I believe, makes it easier for them to reach out to you in your inbox.

If you want to build a strong personal brand, don’t be afraid to include your personal mission statement in your LinkedIn headline.

13. Be personal/creative and funny

Despite being a professional networking platform, LinkedIn users appreciate good humor. That’s why being personal, creative, or even funny is a great LinkedIn headline hack.

personal linkedin headline example

Using humor and creative language makes you personable and likable. This increases your chances of achieving your goals on LinkedIn, even driving sales.

In my opinion, breaking the mold and being fun and funky on LinkedIn helps you stand out too. This is essential if you’re in a particularly competitive industry.

And if you’re a job seeker, it could help spark conversations with hiring managers that could lead to new opportunities for you. That personal touch can help set you apart from other candidates.

14. Subhashtags

Subhashtags are another ingredient for a compelling LinkedIn headline. It helps you show people the topics you talk about and make it easier for the LinkedIn algorithm to know what your area of expertise is.


linkedin headline example with hashtags

Subhashtags are a great way of succinctly. They also help you appear for searches made using that particular hashtag. Plus, hashtags help you list your services in a way that doesn’t put your prospects off.  

15. Positive social activism

If your business is involved in social activism of any kind, include it in your LinkedIn headline. This is because it paints you in a positive light and shows your profile visitors some of your values.

linkedin headline example with positive social activism

Showing the causes you stand for also helps you attract prospects who align with your values. This results in perfect partnerships and profitable LinkedIn connections.

16. Keep it concise

They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. That works in your LinkedIn headline too. Keep it concise. Keep it simple.

concise linkedin headline example

As you can see from the example above, less really is more. I think a concise headline can still convey important information and still stand out in search results or users’ feeds. People can tell at a glance what you’re all about.

Conciseness is particularly good for those in sales as it helps your prospects quickly see what you’re selling. After all, you only have a few seconds to impress and attract them to dig deeper into your profile.

Plus, with the limited real estate in this part of your LinkedIn profile, keeping your headline concise has many advantages.

17. Stack your bio

Stacking your bio means putting as much relevant information in it as possible. This way, your bio becomes a list of achievements, skills, credentials, and anything else relevant to your goals on LinkedIn.

stacked linkedin headline example

The key to stacking is using vertical bars to separate the different pieces of information. This makes it easy to read and makes the headline clean and not cluttered.

If you want to provide social proof and boost your credibility, this is probably the LinkedIn headline format I’d advise you to consider.

18. Curiosity

This headline format takes advantage of one of our basic instincts as humans — curiosity. Infusing curiosity into your headline is a great way to stop people from scrolling past your profile so they can take a closer look.

linkedin headline infusing curiosity

Throwing an unexpected phrase/word in your headline is a great way to arouse curiosity. In the example above, cross-border trade has nothing to do with John’s main field, AI.

This LinkedIn headline hack will require a bit of creativity on your part, but if you can pull it off, it’s bound to work wonders.

19. Business slogan/claim

You’ve invested time and resources into creating a banger of a company slogan, so why not use it in your LinkedIn headline too?

Making your business slogan or claim part of your headline helps you keep things synchronized across all your marketing platforms.

linkedin headline example with business slogan

Notice how the business slogan matches the headline in the example above. And it just doesn’t have to be the business slogan, you can use a business claim instead. If you’ve worked at a high-profile company, you can also include the company name.

I believe this format is another great way to showcase what your brand can do and set expectations for your prospects.

20. Claim your sales experience

Have a lot of experience in sales?

Then claim it and flaunt it in your LinkedIn headline.

Customers are looking for people with a proven track record, and your experience is proof you have what it takes.

linkedin headline example with sales experience

It’s easy for your profile visitors to trust you when they see how long you’ve been in the game or the results you’ve produced. Particularly with most business being done online, trust is an essential ingredient in filling your pipeline with leads.

What to Avoid in Your LinkedIn Sales Headline

Now that we’ve seen the top tips for crafting LinkedIn headlines for sales, let’s look at the other side of the coin.

You need to know what to avoid in your headline. These are the things that put people off and ruin your chances of clinching deals on LinkedIn.

Avoid inappropriate words

Avoid inappropriate words like the plague. They can ruin your reputation or make you misunderstood. Examples include discriminatory or offensive language.

Being too vague

Vague statements serve no purpose but to confuse people when they come across your profile. And without the motivation to dig deeper, they’ll just scroll past.

So, be clear and concise.

Using excessive jargon

While industry-specific terminology (jargon) or buzzwords can showcase expertise, avoid using it excessively in your headline. For one, it can alienate those outside your field. It also takes time and effort for the mind to process. This means those who scroll fast won’t give your profile a second look.

Being too salesy

Despite your main goal being driving sales, avoid being too salesy. People don’t want to be sold to. They want to see the value they’ll gain.

Being arrogant

Arrogance is a trait that repels people, even online. Sure, highlighting your strengths is important to building credibility. However, do it in a way that doesn’t come off as arrogant.

Also, avoid exaggerated claims or hyperbole.

Nail Your LinkedIn Headline Format and Boost Your Sales Success

Want to create the best LinkedIn headline to help you generate leads and drive sales?

I believe these LinkedIn headline tips will help you do just that.

With the right information and format, your headline can work wonders in helping you achieve your goals and targets as a sales personnel.

And if you don’t use LinkedIn yet, what are you waiting for?

If you want to learn how to optimize your whole LinkedIn profile for sales, then check out this video:

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