How To Find LinkedIn Premium Members? [2024 Tutorial]

Looking to identify Premium profiles on LinkedIn?

You are in the right place.

Here, I will show you how to find LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Recruiter users.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any Premium profile filter on LinkedIn search on Sales Navigator.

no premium member filter on sales navigator

That being said, there are still some techniques you can use to identify premium LinkedIn accounts among your LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results.

Let’s see how you can find these leads on LinkedIn.

How To Tell if Someone Has LinkedIn Premium?

To identify if someone has LinkedIn Premium, look for a distinctive gold LinkedIn Premium badge on their profile. It is located below the profile banner on the right.

how to tell if someone has linkedin premium

This badge also appears next to the name in LinkedIn search results.

find linkedin premium account holders

This technique has a drawback though as it is possible for LinkedIn Premium members to hide their badge from their profile.

hide linkedin premium badge

A few percentages of LinkedIn premium users are aware of this option.

Even fewer choose to hide the badge on their profiles.

Nonetheless, you should be aware that you might miss some Premium profiles if you use this technique.

Browsing profiles manually is an efficient method if you are looking for a low number of profiles.

But if you want to do it at scale that will take a lot of time.

No worries.

Here is the solution to find LinkedIn premium members at scale using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Evaboot.

How To Find LinkedIn Premium Account Holders?

3 steps to find Premium profiles on LinkedIn:

  1. Make a search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  2. Export your search into CSV with Evaboot
  3. Look into the column “Prospect is Premium”

1. Make a search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This technique won’t allow filtering Premium Profiles on your search but will help you detect if there are Premium Profiles among your search results.

search open profiles on linkedin sales navigator

The first step is to search on Sales Navigator as usual using filters like current job title, company, years of experience, etc…

2. Export your search into CSV with Evaboot

The badge is not the only way to detect if someone is a LinkedIn premium subscriber. That information is also hidden on the LinkedIn profile code.

It’s possible to extract it from the page.

Not every LinkedIn scraper gets this information, but Evaboot does.

Export Sales Navigator leads for free

To export your search into a CSV, simply install the Evaboot Chrome extension and click on the “Extract with Evaboot” button at the top of the Sales Navigator search page.

export open profiles from linkedin

Just wait for the scraper to get the information and then you will be able to identify Premium profiles.

The good thing about this technique is that it will capture 100% of premium profiles, even those who chose to hide the badge.

3. Look into the column “Prospect is Premium”

Once the extraction of the leads is finished, you can click on the download icon to get the CSV file.

download open profiles linkedin sales navigator
Open the CSV file and look for the column “Prospect is Premium”:
  • If you see TRUE: the prospect is Premium
  • If you see FALSE: the prospect isn’t Premium
filter premium profiles linkedin

If you are using Google Sheets or Excel, you can use filters to get all the premium profiles in your list in a few clicks.

  1. Select your headers
  2. Click on the filter icon on the menu tab
  3. Click on the filter icon in the header
  4. Select TRUE only
filter premium profiles linkedin google sheet

Boom. You now have a list of Premium profiles waiting to be contacted.

create list open profiles linkedin

That’s it.

You have created a list of LinkedIn premium members in just a few clicks.

You can now use this file for prospecting on LinkedIn.

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