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JB Jezequel - Lead Generation Expert

Hey! My name is JB. I am the cofounder of Evaboot, the smartest LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper.
I share all my knowledge on email and LinkedIn lead generation on this blog.
I also publish content on LinkedIn and YouTube.

From 0 to $2M ARR bootstrapped

Evaboot reached $1M ARR in 21 months and $2M ARR 9 months after that. All this time I've been the only person in charge of client acquisition using LinkedIn, SEO and YouTube as main channels.

evaboot growth
evaboot growth

LinkedIn Top Voice

I’ve grown my LinkedIn profile from 0 to 30k followers and became a LinkedIn Top Voice in Entrepreneurship. My posts get between 20-150K impressions.

YouTube Channel

I’ve grown my YouTube channel from to 4K+ subscribers by sharing thorough tutorials on how to use LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and prospecting tools.

evaboot growth

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