Keep control of your bounce rate

All the emails found by the Evaboot email finder are server- tested so you know if they are valid, dead or catch-all.

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How does it work?

SMTP validation

Remove dead, invalid, and unresponsive emails from your list.

MX record check

An MX record check lets us confirm the email is in use and able to accept mail.

Catch-all check

We check against known catch-all email and domain databases.

Domain check

Our algorithm checks whether the email’s domain is real.

Spam traps

Use our smart spamtrap indicators to remove honeypots.

Disposable check

We can detect temporary, disposable, and questionable emails.

Syntax check

We check that the email is typed correctly and all symbols are in place.


We are able to verify some of the most hard to check ESPs.

Risk Validation

Get rid of emails containing high risk keywords and TLDs.

safe linkedin scraping


We make sure your account never goes above the scraping limitations set by Linkedin.



All data is extracted live on the web and we don’t provide personal emails.



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