How to Target a Niche on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This guide is for you if your target is hard to find on LinkedIn like:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Local business
  • Specific technologies
  • Etc...

There is hope. We got your back!

Why do my prospects are hard to find on Sales Navigator?

1. The keyword you want to find is not in their LinkedIn job titles

If you are looking for a niche market. Maybe you look for a specific keyword that does not often appear on Job Title.

For example:

  • offline marketing
  • insurtech
  • faucet
  • geomarketing
  • etc...

For this tutorial, we will take "geomarketing".

Really few people put this work in their job title.

It will be much more likely to appear in the job description or the company description of your prospect.

Like this:


So you will obviously need to use the keyword filter to find them.

The Title filter won't work

2. Your prospects don't create company pages on Sales Navigator

When you add an experience to your profile without linking to a company, it appears like this.

It means there is no company page for "Online marketing" consultant".


No company page:

  • No company industry
  • No company headcount

So these filters will be useless to find your prospects.

Evaboot will filter them as:

  • industry unknown
  • employee range unknown


3. Conclusion on niche targets on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

You can't use the filters:

  • Job title
  • Industry
  • Company Headcount

You got two guns left:

  • Location
  • Keywords

We are going to see in the next part how to make the most out of it.

How Evaboot can help me find my prospects on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

1. Evaboot corrects the Sales Navigator keyword filter

The keyword filter has a huge flaw, it looks for your keyword in the entire profile of your prospect.

So If I made a marketing internship, and spent all the rest of my carrier in HR, I will appear on searches with the keyword "marketing".

Here is a lead that came out in a search with the keyword "marketing":


Evaboot corrects the keywords filter by looking for your keywords only in the relevant fields:

  • current job title
  • current job description
  • current company description
  • current company name
  • current company specialities
  • current company industry

If your keywords are detected in these fields, the profiles will be considered as Good Leads.

If we can't see you keyword in these field, they will be considered as Bad Leads.

2. Think about all the keywords that could appear in the relevant fields.

Take a few minutes to think about all the lexical field around you main keywords:

  • synonym
  • orthography
  • words that often goes with this keyword
  • other languages?

For "geomarketing" for example I'd put:

  • geomarketing
  • geo-marketing
  • géomarketing
  • geo marketing

3. Build a boolean and put in the keyword field

Build a boolean keyword with the list you just build.

Ex: "geomarketing" OR "geo-marketing" OR "géomarketing" OR "geomarketing" OR "geo marketing"


4. Extract your Sales Navigator search with Evaboot

Evaboot will check if your keywords appear in the fields mentioned earlier.

You will get a result like this.


You are likely to have a high error rate because the keyword filter from LinkedIn will give many inaccurate results.

However, you are 100% sure that Good leads are really qualified prospect because Evaboot found your keywords in relevant fields.

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