5 Best Linkedin Sales Navigator Chrome Extensions [Top 2021]

LinkedIn & Sales Navigator are really useful tools.

However, there is some limitations that can stop you to do exactly what you want:

  • Exporting leads from Sales Navigator into a CSV
  • Synchronizing Linkedin Sales Navigator with your CRM
  • Importing leads from Sales Navigator to your favorite cold outreach tool

The good news is that LinkedIn Sales Navigator Chrome Extensions are here to do that for you.

Evaboot: Linkedin Sales Navigator Chrome Extension to export leads in CSV

Yeah, that’s us

Exporting leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator into an Excel file is not a native Sales Navigator feature.

Evaboot is a Linkedin Sales Navigator Chrome Extension that solve this problem by allowing you to download your search results.

sales navigator chrome extension evaboot

The Chrome Extension adds a button on the Sales Navigator interface that allow you to export your leads in one click.

Evaboot is not only a chrome extension for scraping Sales Navigator

It will also clean the data and filter the bad leads out of your search results

(because 31% of Sales Navigator search results on do not match your filters!)

sales navigator filtering troubles

Sales reps spend +5H on average per week cleaning their Sales Navigator data.

Have you taken a Sales position to spend your days cleaning spreadsheets?

I don’t thinks so. You can let us do this boring work.

How to use Evaboot Linkedin Sales Navigator Chrome Extension?

To use the Evaboot Linkedin Sales Navigator Chrome Extension:

  • Download Chrome Extension on Chrome Store
  • Create an Account
  • Go to Sales Navigator
  • Click on “Extract With Evaboot”

Here is a video tutorial:

Leadjet: a Sales Navigator Chrome Extension to synch your CRM

Leadjet is a Linkedin chrome extension that helps salespeople saving time by automatically adding LinkedIn prospects to their CRM in just one click (without entering the data manually)

It works on Linkedin Sales Navigator but also on basic Linkedin.

leadjet sales navigator chrome extension

They got a two-way sync of LinkedIn contact info si if you modify information on your CRM, the information will be updated in the Linked notes a well.

As people change jobs more often, prospect data need more and more frequent update

Leadjet helps you keep up the pace

Your Sales team will never need to worry about prospect data being out of date in the CRM, as Leadjet automatically updates the CRM with the new information in real time. 

How to use Leadjet Linkedin Chrome Extension?

To use Leadjet Linkedin Chrome Extension:

  • Create an account
  • Download Chrome Extension on Chrome Store
  • Connect your CRM
  • Start adding leads

Lemlist: a Linkedin Sales Navigator Chrome Extension to ease outreach

You are looking for a Sales Navigator Chrome Extension that directly import leads into your CRM or your cold outreach tool?

You may want to take a look at lemlist.

Lemlist is a cold outreach tool that will allow you to contact your prospect whether through email or linkedin.

Their Sales Navigator Chrome Extension allows you to add your leads to any lemlist campaign directly from Linkedin.

  • Install the extension from the Google Chrome Store
  • Open the extension and link your lemlist account with your LinkedIn account.

lemlist sales navigator chrome extension

How to use Lemlist Sales Navigator Chrome Extension?

  • Go to a specific profile or do a Sales Navigator search
  • Once you have the result of your targeted search, click on the extension
  • The form will open and it will be automatically filled with all information found from the Linkedin page

Click « Create ». These new leads are added to your lemlist campaign

how to use lemlist sales navigator chrome extension

You don’t need to worry about duplicates, if you already imported a lead to your campaign via the extension, the profile will only be updated in and not duplicated.

Skrapp: find emails with Sales Navigator Chrome Extension

skrapp sales navigator chrome extension

Skrapp is a Linkedin Chrome Extension that can give you verified B2B emails from Linkedin or Sales Navigator

This LinkedIn email search tool finds email addresses using specific email verification methods as well as data matching algorithms.

While the tool works with LinkedIn, users can also create email lists from the websites of specific companies or organizations and use Skrapp’s in-app functionality.

How to use Skrapp Sales Navigator Chrome Extension?

  • Create a Skrapp Account
  • Download the Linkedin Chrome Extension
  • Go on any profile
  • Click on the extension icon to launch email finder

Get Prospects: a similar email finder

Getprospect is a Linkedin Chrome extension that allow you find emails from Linkedin and Sales Navigator profiles.

get prospect linkedin sales navigator chrome extension

They have some CRM features which are pretty cool to manage your leads database directly from their platform

How to use GetProspect Linkedin Chrome Extension?

  • Create a Getprospect account
  • Download Linkedin Chrome Extension
  • Go an any Linkedin or Sales Navigator search
  • Export your prospects in on click
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