How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Saved Searches

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to master the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Saved Searches

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Saved Search to Generation Leads

1. Create your search

Before saving your search, you obviously need to create one.

So define your scrapable personae and use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advances Search Filter to map your potential clients.

Here is a simple search to look for people with "Outbound" in their job title


So the first time you do this search, you extract the results and send your first campaign. Great.

But what happens after that?

This list will not be the same forever, some people will change jobs, and new people will be doing outbound every day!

You need to do some follow up and this list.

2. Save your search

Click on the button Saved Search

Define a name and the alert frequency


➡️ What is the alert frequency?

This is the frequency on which new lead will appear on your Saved Search Dashboards.

Capture d’écran 2021-06-02 à 10.46.29.png

It is mostly defined by the frequency of your outbound campaigns.

You want to contact new prospects every week ➡️ Choose Weekly

You want to contact new prospects every month ➡️ Choose Monthly

3. Extract the new prospects

Great! So you made you search last week or last month, extracted the prospects and sent your first campaign.

What about now?

Let's say you want to fill your campaign with new leads every Monday.

You just need to connect to LinkedIn Sales Navigator > Go to Saved Searches > Click on New Results


You now have access to the newly added leads

When you are on this type of searches, you can see "delta-saved-search" on the URL

Capture d’écran 2021-06-02 à 10.55.21.png

You can now extract this search with Evaboot and add these people into your campaign! 🎉

4. Keep the routine!

Repeat this process every week or every month to keep feeding your outbound campaigns with news leads ;)

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