How to Search Linkedin Groups? [Find & Join Groups 2022]

How to search Linkedin groups to connect with people and generate leads? That what’s we are going to cover in this tutorial.

You are going to learn how to search Linkedin groups, join them and leverage them for your business or your personal career

Let’s dive in

What are LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn Groups are private communities where people can connect, share their expertise and seek advice from other members. There is a Linkedin group for almost every subject.

How to search Linkedin Groups?

If you are looking for Linkedin groups to join, simply enter the subject in the search bar

Here we take the example of “Facebook Ads”

how to search groups on linkedin

Then click on the “Group” Tab

how to search linkedin groups

This will shows all the group with “Facebook Ads” mentioned in their title

how to join groups on Linkedin

How to join Linkedin Groups?

If you want to join a Linkedin Group, simply click on “Request to Join”

how to join a group on linkedin

Before you join the linkedin group you will see several information displayed on the homepage:

  • Group Admins
  • Number of members
  • Your connections in this group
  • Group Description
  • Related groups
  • Linkedin Highlights on this groups

Once you ask to join the Linkedin group, you will need to wait for the admin to accept your request

how to join a closed linkedin group

Once you hit the “Request to Join” button, a success notification will appear and the request to join button will turn into “Withdraw Request

If you request takes too long to be accepted, you can try to message the admins to speed up the process.

How to find my groups on Linkedin?

Once you join severals Linkedin groups, you may want to have an easy shortcut to visit your groups

You can find your groups on your linkedin homepage under the My Pages Tab.

how to find my groups on Linkedin

If you want to see all your groups then click “Show More then “See all”

where are my groups on linkedin

You will get to a new page displaying all the Linkedin groups you have joined

how to see all my linkedin groups

If you click on the Requested tab, you will be able to see all your pending request and you will be able to withdraw your request if necessary.

how to see my pending linkedin group request

Another way to access this page is to click on Work > Groups from your Linkedin homepage

how to find my groups on linkedin method 2

How many groups can you join on Linkedin?

You can join up to 100 groups on Linkedin.

Here are other Linkedin group limitations:

Number of groups a member can be part of100
Number of groups with pending request to join20
Membership limit for one group2.5 million
Number of groups a member can create in one day5
Number of managers a group can have20
Number of owners a group can have10
Number of groups a member can manage30

As you can see, you should carefully select the group you want to join because you can only have 20 pending requests.

How to use Linkedin groups effectively?

Once you’ve been accepted to the Linkedin group, you got several options:

  1. Make a post
  2. Invite your connections to the group
  3. Message group members

1.How to post on linkedin groups?

Posting in a Linkedin group works exactly like posting on your profile

How to post on linkedin groups

If you just been accepted to the group, you make a post to introduce yourself and say you’re grateful to be part of the community.

Introduction Post Example

Hello everybody,

Glad to join this group!

I’m working in Lead Generation for 5 years now and I’m really eager to share, learn and connect with you.

As a welcome gift, here is a super interesting article I found about <subject>: <link>

Wish you all a great day,



2.How to invite my connections to a Linkedin group?

To invite your Linkedin connections to a Linkedin Group, simply click on invite connections

how to invite your connection to a linkedin group

Select the connections you want to invite to the linkedin group and press invite

how to select connections you want to invite to linkedin group

3. How to message Linkedin group members?

If you want to start the conversation with Linkedin group members, start by clicking on See all

how to message linkedin group members

Then you will see all the Linkedin group members.

The thing that is amazing with Linkedin groups is that you don’t need to be connected to the members to send them messages!

send a message to a linkedin group member

This is particularly important since Linkedin reduced the numbers of connections from 100/day to 100/week.

If you’re doing Linkedin sales prospecting, this a goldmine for you as you will be able to contact up to 150 of these people per day.

Plus, the fact that you are part of the same group is a relevant icebreakers that you can use in your prospecting messages.

Prospecting Message Example

Hello Eliot,

I just joined the “Facebook Ads Expert” group. I’m reaching out because I’ve seen you’re a member as well.

I’m currently building a that allow FB ads agencies and freelancers to automate the generation of reports for their clients.

I’d like to know who you perform this task today and if there is still problem to solve in the process.

Is this painful?



How to search Linkedin Groups for prospecting?

If you’re trying to search within Linkedin groups in order to find prospects, you should consider getting Sales Navigator.

This tool is much more powerful than the basic Linkedin search engine in order to find potential customers inside groups.

Here is a tutorial to find linkedin groups members and extract them in a CSV.

The really cool thing is that you’ll be able to apply filters on the group members:

  • Are they decision maker?
  • Are they working in the right industry?
  • Is their company big enough to use my service?

You don’t want to spend your time talking to the wrong people.

These filters will allow you to target precisely your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and get meeting with people that have you the budget to pay you and are willing to buy.

If you want to know more about how you can generate leads with Sales Navigator, here is a complete tutorial:

What groups should I join on LinkedIn?

You should join Linkedin group that provide business, advice and allow you to network in your industry.

They are 3 types of interesting Linkedin groups:

  • Alumni Linkedin groups
  • Industry Linkedin groups
  • Active Linkedin groups

I won’t give you specific Linkedin groups here because there is no magic answer to this question.

Think about what you and your business needs to be successful.

Generally it is 3 things:

  • network
  • advice
  • clients

Others Questions about Linkedin groups

Can you join a LinkedIn group as a company?

No. You can’t join a Linkedin group as a company. You need to communicate with group members with a personal profile.

Members prefer to connect with people rather than impersonal company pages. If you don’t want to manage the group alone, no problem. You can add other managers to the group and animate the group together.

How to make an additional admin on linkedin groups?

Click on Manage group

how to add an admin to a linkedin group

Click on Admins and click on the 3 dots new to the person you need to make admin of the group

how to make an additional admin on linkedin groups

How to leave a linkedin group?

If you want to leave a Linkedin group, click on the 3 dots in the group header and then select “Leave this group”

how to leave a linkedin group

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