How to Create a Linkedin Group For Business? [2022 Tutorial]

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to create a linkedin group for business lead generation.

How to create a Linkedin Group?

To create a Linkedin group start by, clicking on Work > Group

how to create a linkedin group

Then click on Create group

how to create linkedin group

You will now be asked to fill some information about your linkedin group:

  • Banner (1776px x 444px)
  • Profile Picture (at least  92 x 92)
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Group Rules
  • Group discoverability
  • Permissions
  • Group Name
  • Description

For you banner, you can use Canva (really easy to use) .

For group name and group description, try add the keywords you want to target.

For example, if you want to attract people interested in Lead Generation, you can name your group: <Company Name> – Lead Generation Community

Fill linkedin group information

This way you will appear in the first results when users will look for Linkedin groups. Here is an example with “lead generation”:

optimize linkedin group name for keyword search

I would personally recommend to get your group listed to let people discover your linkedin group with the search engine and to allow members to invite their connections so it can grow your group faster.

How to use Linkedin Groups for Business?

There is several group you can use to generate business opportunities

1. Linkedin Groups with your clients

Create a Linkedin Group gathering all your previous and current clients so you can share news about your company and your content.

Once you’re group reach a certain size, you can even sell it like becoming your clients is also becoming part of an active community.

how to create a client community

Lemlist did it on Facebook and now showcase it group for marketing: “Community you can lean on”

2. Alumni Linkedin Groups

You can create an alumni linkedin group for your company or your school to let your ex-colleagues or school mates share business opportunities.

Alumnis are a goldmine if you want to get introduction with decision makers.

how to create alumni linkedin group

3. Industry Linkedin Groups

If you’re an agency or a product target a specific niche, you can create a group gathering all the experts in your industry.

Here is and example with Facebook Ads.

how to create an industry linkedin group

If you’re selling a product in this niche that’s a perfect way to let new prospects come at you when they are looking for help.

How start a Linkedin Group?

Ok so you just started your Linkedin Group, what should you do?

Three things:

  1. Promote your group with a Linkedin Post
  2. Invite your network
  3. Invite people from similar groups

1. Promote your group with a Linkedin Post

If you copy paste the link of your group, a preview will appear.

You can share a post like this with your network to let them know you’re creating a group.

promote your group with a Linkedin Post

2. Invite your network to your Linkedin group

To invite your network to your Linkedin group, click on “Invite connections” on the top right

You will now be able to search within your connection using filters like:

  • Location
  • Current companies
  • Schools
  • Industries

The annoying thing is that you’ll need to add your connections 1 by 1. No possibilities to select all your connections.

If you are patient you can do it yourself, otherwise you can pay a Data Entry freelance to do it.

3. Invite people from similar Linkedin groups

For this technique we will use the Linkedin Sales Navigator.

The goal is to extract from Linkedin people that are likely to be interested by your group because they are already members of similar ones.

Here is the process:

  • look for similar groups in Sales Navigator
  • Extract Linkedin group members with Evaboot
  • Find their email (optional)
  • Reach out to them to ask to join your group

Here is the process:

Once you have prospect list ready, you can upload your list to Linkedin Helper to contact them only Linkedin only or LaGrowthMachine to contact on Linkedin + Email (Multichannel sequences)

Template for Linkedin Group Invitation

Hello <first_name>,

I’m trying to gather the best Facebook Ads freelancers in a Linkedin group to share knowledge, tools and help each other.

I noticed you were already part <Linkedin Group you scraped> so I thought you might to be interested to join us

We’re already <numbers of members> members right now and people are sharing content everyday !

Let me know if you are interested,



Linkedin Group Marketing Best Practices

1.Welcome new members

Ask every new members to introduce themselves with a post or make a post every week introducing new members and ask them to introduce themselves in the comments.

2. Post daily in the first days

Most of Linkedin groups die after two weeks because the creators do not put enough effort to launch the conversations.

Before you launch your post, prepare a 2 weeks plan of daily post so you’re sure there is activity on your group everyday.

You can’t expect the members to animate the group for you at the beginning. You need to post everyday until your members start posting and asking question on the group.

Answer all comments on your post to create interactions.

3.How to create a poll on Linkedin group?

To create a poll in a Linkedin group, click on poll just under “Start a post in this group”

how to create a poll on Linkedin group

Once you click on it you will be asked to fill:

  • Your questions
  • Available answers
  • Poll duration
poll linkedin group

Polls are a great way to create interactions between linkedin group members and this a quite new feature so Linkedin is pushing it on the notifications.

Linkedin Groups Analytics

To follow the acquisition and the engagement of your linkedin group, you can check the analytics tab

linkedin group analytics

On the Growth section, you can see the new members and active members evolution (i.e the numbers of members that have posted or commented a post)

linkedin group analytics growth

On the Engagement section, you can follow engagement metrics like:

  • post views
  • comments
  • reactions
linkedin group analytics engagement

Linkedin Groups VS Facebook Groups

It is easier to grow a Linkedin group as you can invite more people without being blocked.

However the engagement seems to be higher on Facebook. There is many active Facebook groups but very few active Linkedin group.

I personally still believe that is still worth it to create a Linkedin group as many inactive Linkedin group have 10K+ members.

There is possibility to achieve much higher number if you really commit to the project and publish everyday.

Where are my Linkedin Groups?

You can find your Linkedin Group by clicking on Work > Groups

The group you own will appear with a Owner tag on it

how to find my linkedin groups

How to delete a Linkedin Group?

If you want to delete a linkedin group, click on Edit Group on the left on then Delete this group at the bottom of the pop-up.

how to delete a linkedin group

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