How Much LinkedIn Sales Navigator Costs? [2024 Pricing Comparison]

If you’re a sales professional or have salespeople on your team looking to maximize LinkedIn prospecting efforts, understanding LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s cost and benefits is critical.

With multiple pricing tiers and features, it can be challenging to determine which plan best suits your needs.

In this article, I’ll talk about:

  1. Sales Navigator Pricing (Annual & Monthly Cost)
  2. Sales Navigator Core Pricing
  3. Sales Navigator Advanced Pricing
  4. Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Pricing
  5. How To Make Sales Navigator Worth The Cost With Evaboot
  6. Why Be Aware Of Sales Navigator Flaws

Let’s see why this tool is worth the investment and why you should know how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Let’s dive into the different Sales Navigator prices.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing (Annual & Monthly Cost)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the paid version of the B2B sales tool LinkedIn.

It’s designed especially for sales professionals, effectively facilitating lead generation and outreach strategies by leveraging LinkedIn’s expansive network.

There are 3 LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans:

  • Sales Navigator Core (Professional): $99/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced (Team): $169.99/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus (Enterprise): starts at $1600/year
lilnkedin sales navigator pricing plans

If you decide to pay Sales Navigator annually, prices drop by 25%.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core (Professional): $79.99/month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced (Team): $135/month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus (Enterprise): starts a $1600 /year

Sales Navigator Core Pricing

The pricing of Sales Navigator Core (Professional) is:

  • $79.99 per month
  • $959.88 per year

The Core plan is the most cost-effective program the Sales Navigator app offers.

It’s an ideal plan for those new to marketing or Sales.

sales navigator professional pricing

By paying this price, you’ll get access to the core features of Sales Navigator:

  1. Advanced filters for lead and account search
  2. Alerts on lead and account activities
  3. Possibility to create custom lead and account list
  4. Saved Searches
Export Sales Navigator leads with Evaboot

Check the demo of all these features in this video.

Sales Navigator Advanced Pricing

The pricing of the Sales Navigator Team (Advanced) is:

  • $135 per month.
  • $1620 per year.

Due to its additional features, the Sales Navigator Advanced Plan is slightly more expensive than the Core (Professional) Plan.

Additional features Of Sales Navigator Advanced

You’ll get 3 additional features on Sales Navigator Advanced for this price:

  1. Smart Links that allow you to share content and track your prospect engagement
  2. TeamLinks that allow you to access 2nd and 3rd network of your teammates
  3. CSV upload allows you to create an account list from the file upload.
sales navigator team or advanced features

The Sales Navigator Team plan is probably the best option if your sales team has more than 5 people.

It offers you:

Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Pricing

There is no fixed price for Sales Navigator Enterprise

A web page will appear asking you to book a demo.

However, pricing costs approximately $1,600/seat per year.

The price depends on your needs, and you will have a custom Account Manager to discuss this with you.

Additional features on Sales Navigator Advanced Plus for this cost

You’ll get 3 additional features on Sales Navigator Enterprise for this price:

  1. You have 50 InMail messages
  2. TeamLink Extend: access 2nd and 3rd-degree connections of all your colleagues
  3. Real-Time Contact Update: get notified when a lead in your CRM changes job
  4. Advanced CRM integration: get all LinkedIn Data in your CRM
sales navigator enterprise pricing

Now that you know these different LinkedIn plans, let’s see how combining Sales Navigator and Evaboot can provide even more value.

How To Make Sales Navigator Worth The Cost With Evaboot

No matter what Sales Navigator pricing plan you pick, you won’t be able to export lead lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator into a CSV.

It’s simply not a Sales Navigator native feature. To do this, you will need to use a Chrome Extension.

Export Sales Navigator leads with Evaboot

You can easily export your leads in just one click with the Evaboot Chrome Extension.

Here is how to export Sales Navigator lead lists, step-by-step with Evaboot:

  1. Create an Evaboot account
  2. Download the Chrome Extension
  3. Select your Sales Navigator lead lists
  4. Name and launch your export
  5. Download your cleaned list

1. Create an Evaboot account

Step 1 is to go to Evaboot and create an account.

create evaboot account

Once you’ve created your account, click on “Get Chrome Extension” to download it from the Chrome Web Store.

chrome extension export sales navigator leads

2. Download the Chrome Extension

When on the Chrome Store page, click “Add to Chrome” to install the extension.

linkedin sales navigator scraper chrome extension

You’ll be automatically redirected to Sales Navigator. A popup will show you where the button is located.

export sales navigator lead lists

3. Select your Sales Navigator lead list

Once the Chrome extension is installed, go to the list of decision-makers or leads you want to export. It can be:

  1. Lead Searches
  2. Lead Lists
  3. Account Searches
  4. Account Lists
  5. Saved Searches

Evaboot handles all the use cases. You will see the button “Export with Evaboot” on the top of all these LinkedIn Sales Navigator pages.

export sales navigator search

You can export specific tabs in your leads lists, like “Changed jobs in the past 90 days”.

4. Name and launch your export

When you click “Export with Evaboot,” you will be redirected to the Evaboot app.

Select if you want to find emails for these leads or not

export from linkedin sales navigator leads with or without emails x

Give a name to your export and click on “Export leads”.

export sales navigator lead list laucher x

The estimated end date will appear on the left right after the export is launched.

running linkedin sales navigator export x

Evaboot will export all these leads in real-time. That makes your lead generation process GDPR-compliant on opposition to using databases.

5. Download your cleaned list

Once the extraction is finished, you will receive an email notification with a link to download the CSV file containing your lead list.

cleanshot 2022 08 23 at 16.27.42@2x

Evaboot does much more than export your list. It also cleans all the names and company names of your LinkedIn contacts.

The data on LinkedIn is not clean.

Cleaning data from your sales navigator export can take hours if you do it manually.

cleaning sales navigator scraping

Hopefully, the Evaboot cleaning algorithm takes care of all this work for you by automatically cleaning:

  1. First names
  2. Last names
  3. Company names
  4. Job titles

Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning Excel files. Better let robots do this boring job.

Plus, you will often find false-positive in your LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results even if you’re using super precise LinkedIn search operators.

filtered export linkedin sales navigator x

You will frequently find leads that don’t match the search filters you chose in the Sales Navigator search engine.

That’s why many people spend hours double-checking their search results manually. This is a painful task, but it’s no problem.

Evaboot is the smartest Sales Navigator scraper because our algorithm double-checks your leads to ensure they match the advanced search filters you selected.

filtering sales navigator export

In this export, there’s a column named “No Match Reasons.” This column tells you if your leads match your search filters.

And you’re all set!

Why Be Aware of Sales Navigator Flaws?

Sales Navigator is the best tool for prospecting on LinkedIn. It offers many benefits, but you need to be aware of two challenges:

  1. There are many irrelevant in the search results
  2. The data needs to be cleaned
sales navigator filtering troubles

Indeed, the search engine has many flaws, as described in this Sales Navigator tutorial.

Evaboot allows you to automatically detect and eliminate irrelevant leads that don’t match your search filters on Sales Navigator.

We compare your results with the original search filters you entered on Sales Navigator to double-check your leads.

sales navigator double check results

For example, in this screenshot, you can see that Evaboot cleans 342 data in your export.

Among them:

  1. Emojis in the names fields
  2. Names written with capital letters
  3. Legal status of the company names (ex: Evaboot LLC)

Evaboot also double-checks all the leads. It also shows that only 80% of the 463 leads extracted were qualified.

If you want to streamline your LinkedIn prospecting process, consider using Evaboot to save time on data cleaning and lead qualification.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for sales professionals who want to improve their prospecting efforts and drive better sales results.

Knowing how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the key to maximizing your return on investment.

Multiple pricing tiers offer flexibility and scalability to meet different niches.

Whether you’re an individual sales rep or part of a larger organization, you can find a LinkedIn Sales Navigator plan that matches perfectly your business objectives.


Can I Try LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Free Before Subscribing?

You can sign up for a free trial of Sales Navigator using your LinkedIn account. The free trial is only available to members who do not have a paid subscription to LinkedIn and who haven’t used a free LinkedIn trial in the last 365 days.

Once your free trial ends, LinkedIn will automatically charge you the money for your subscription plan. So make sure to cancel your free trial subscription before it expires.

Are There Any Discounts Available for LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Usually, when you choose an annual subscription to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you get significant discounts.

Committing to a yearly plan gives you access to all Sales Navigator features and saves you more than monthly subscriptions.

How Much Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has 3 pricing areas:

  • Sales Navigator Core (Professional): $99/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced (Team): $149/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus (Enterprise): starts at $1600/year

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