How to Export Lead Lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator into a CSV

Here is a tutorial to show you how to export a Lead List from LinkedIn Sales Navigator into a CSV with 3 clicks.

Sometimes, you want to be more accurate in your searches.

So you're not exporting the search directly, but you prefer to build a list from it instead.

Not worries, you still can export this list with Evaboot.


Export your Lead List from Sales Navigator in 3 simple steps

1. Go to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search engine

  • Open the search filters
  • Click "Search" to get on the search engine


2. Open your Lead List in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search Engine

  • Go to "Lead results"
  • Open "Custom Lists"
  • Click on Leads
  • Choose your Lead List (here: "My Lead List")


3. Export your Lead list into a CSV from Sales Navigator with Evaboot

Once your list is displayed in the search engine:

You should see a purple button "Extract with Evaboot"

Click on it to export your lead list.


You're done!

You just need to name your search on launch the extraction.

You will receive you lead list into a CSV with minutes (time depends on the size of your list)

Capture d’écran 2021-05-05 à 12.08.01.png

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