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JB Jezequel

JB Jezequel

Cofounder & Growth @Evaboot
linkedin premium cost

How Much Does LinkedIn Premium Cost? [Pricing Review 2023]

There are 4 different premium plans on Linkedin: In this article, we tell you everything about linkedin premium subscriptions costs and the feature they are offering. Linkedin Premium Pricing Linkedin Premium costs: Linkedin Premium Career: $29.99/month Linkedin Premium Career costs…

linkedin boolean search tutorial

Linkedin Boolean Search: The Ultimate Guide 2023

Mastering Linkedin boolean search is an essential skills to find qualified leads or candidates on Linkedin. Once you master this superpower, the quality of your targeting will dramatically improve. The best part? It’s not that complicated. Let’s dive in. What…

multichannel cold outreach

Multichannel Cold Outreach: The Ultimate Sales Guide [2023]

Multichannel cold outreach is more and more popular among SDRs and sales reps. Why is that? We explain everything in this post. Let’s dive right in. What is multichannel Cold Outreach? Multichannel outreach is the process of using multiple channels…

manage multiple linkedin accounts

How to Manage Multiple Linkedin Accounts? [2023 Tutorial]

LinkedIn recently implemented a new limit of 100 invitations per week. Before that, the limit was 100/day… If you want to know how to keep scaling your outbound campaigns on LinkedIn, prospecting with multiple accounts can be a solution. In…